Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2524: God! Mary Sue world (Part 66)

“Time” and “Youth” started filming at the same time and they both had famous ships, but the popularity of “Time” wasn’t just simply double that of “Youth”.

Just in terms of searches, “Time” had crossed a billion searches while “Youth” didn’t even have a hundred million.

Gong Yu Bai’s popularity was a large contributing factor, but there were other factors as well.

For example, director Li Yuan’s filming techniques and Luo Qing Chen’s acting.

When the trailers for the two series came out at the same time, the ratings were 9.8 to 6.9.

Although Seven Seven Sleepless’ book was good, many of the passionate scenes in the book were very finely described.  If it was in real life, if the filming techniques weren’t good enough, people would find it annoying.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be a youth film, but rather an urban film.

The searches on the net were one sided for “Time” after the trailers came out.

It was as if everyone stood on Luo Qing Chen’s side, feeling that there must be some trick played when the female lead role of “Youth” was taken from her.

There were even some people in the industry who talked about the relationship between Jin Yi Xuan, Gu Fan Fan, and Luo Qing Chen.

This unsightly thing was called looking down from an upper position in the industry.

Gu Fan Fan naturally couldn’t take what others said about her and she who always acted strongly posted on Weibo.

It went as follows.

Gu Fan Fan V: Please don’t look at people’s hearts on the surface, not everyone is as dirty as you.  The work decides everything.  I don’t want to say too much.

She thought that if she sent this, there would be a lot of people comforting her.

But she never thought that she would get even more hate from it!

Based on what?  She worked so hard and never framed others, never used others, never hurt others.

Just care about your own matters, why was everyone bullying her!

“Di, di.”

The WeChat group of “Youth” started ringing.  It was a scolding from the director.

Xiao An: I told you not to post on Weibo again and again, why didn’t you listen?  Do you really think that you’re the female lead?

He didn’t mention how much he regretted choosing this female lead.  If Luo Qing Chen had taken the role of Xia Qi Qi, then god Yu might have recommended himself as the male lead.

Then Xiao An could become a god of dramas.  But it was a pity……

His head was definitely on wrong back then.  He chose a female lead that didn’t have any fame or popularity at all!

Jin Yi Xuan: Director, don’t be angry.  This is Fan Fan’s first time, she doesn’t understand……

Xiao An: Yi Xuan, it was because of you that I chose her as the female lead back then and you can see what has happened in the past two months.  People that don’t have any foundations playing a role is wasting resources!

Gu Fan Fan: Director!  I admit that I have a lot of flaws, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard!

Xiao An: Yes, yes, yes!  You work hard, but why don’t you listen when I tell you not to post on Weibo?

Gu Fan Fan: But what they are saying isn’t true!  It’s slander!

Xiao An: What they said isn’t true?  Could it be that you didn’t take the role of Xia Qi Qi from Luo Qing Chen?

Gu Fan Fan’s hand tightly holding the phone started to tremble.

Could it be that even the director thought that she stole the role of Xia Qi Qi?

Xiao An felt that he had said too much, so he added something.

Xiao An: The kissing scene tomorrow will be changed into a bed scene to increase our popularity!

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