Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2525: God! Mary Sue world (Part 67)

Gu Fan Fan’s face turned red as her heart filled with nervousness and expectation.  She liked Jin Yi Xuan and this feeling kept surprising her from time to time.

She liked being by his side at all times.  Perhaps she didn’t like Jin Yi Xuan at first.

However, she felt like she was in danger right now and when she felt that he might like Luo Qing Chen, she wanted to be with him more.

That was how people were.

They wanted what they couldn’t have.  Those that were loved had no fear.

Not only Gu Fan Fan, Jin Yi Xuan was also this kind of person.

A large part of his caring about Luo Qing Chen was from her indifference.

It was because of this indifference that he wanted to show off in front of her again and again.

“Bed scene?”  Jin Yi Xuan knitted his brows as a hint of doubt appeared in his voice.

Although he didn’t show it on the surface, his eyes couldn’t fool people.

Xiao An gave a sigh and said, “If you want to gain popularity now, that is the only method.”

“Director, I don’t have a problem.”  Gu Fan Fan pursed her lips and said, “No matter how hard it is, I will stand with everyone and do my best.”

After that, she clenched her fist to show a strong expression.

Very motivated, very strong, very……Mary Sue!

Xiao An could see Jin Yi Xuan’s difficulties, so he patted his shoulder and said, “Just act with confidence and leave the rest to me.”

Although he wasn’t the master of the world, he did have some connections with broadcast stations.

It was said that “Time” was being exclusively broadcasted on “Lychee TV” and he knew the son of one of the shareholders.

As long as he used some money to get some help from him, he could delay the release of “Time” so that it wouldn’t clash with “Youth”.

As long as there was no clash, there was no comparison.  As long as there was no comparison, “Youth” would live.

“Alright!  I got it.”  Jin Yi Xuan gave a reluctant nod, but his mind had already drifted away.

During this time, whether it was on Weibo, the headlines, or in magazines, it was all about Luo Qing Chen and Gong Yu Bai.

He never thought that Luo Qing Chen would be this attractive!

As soon as a Ye Shi Liang left, there was a Gong Yu Bai that appeared!

It was because so many people liked her that he felt that she was that dazzling.

Damn!  Why did he suddenly feel like stealing her back?

“Yi Xuan, Yi Xuan.”

Because he was too lost in his thoughts, when Gu Fan Fan called his name again and again, he didn’t hear it.

“Ah!  What is it?”

Standing at the door to the garage, Gu Fan Fan lowered her head and held her hand at her chest as she said in an aggrieved voice, “Do you not like me anymore?  If you don’t, you can tell me and I will leave!”

She had her self esteem.  In the Mary Sue world, self esteem was the most important thing.

But deep in her heart, she wanted others to reach out for her, she hoped that she could keep the other side’s heart by backing down.

People with this personality were like this, her so-called kindness was like this……

As expected, Jin Yi Xuan was moved by her pitiful appearance.  He couldn’t help patting her head as he said, “Fool, you’re thinking too much.  I was just thinking about how to improve my acting tomorrow.”

Seeing this kind of Gu Fan Fan, Jin Yi Xuan couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty.

Gu Fan Fan reached out to hug him after hearing this.  She buried herself in his arms and said, “Yi Xuan, I can’t live without you.”

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