Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2526: God! Mary Sue world (Part 68)

A confession at the right time would move a man’s heart the most.

Perhaps Gu Fan Fan didn’t mean it like that, but it invoked the feelings of pity in Jin Yi Xuan’s heart.

For a while, he forgot about Luo Qing Chen and reached out to hold Gu Fan Fan.

Until the bed scene the next day.

Xiao An left behind two female assistants and did his best to get rid of ‘idlers’.

Gu Fan Fan was wrapped in a bath towel.  She was feeling a bit nervous, but there was a hard to hide smile on her face.

She had been with Jin Yi Xuan for this long and apart from kissing and hugging, he had almost never tried to take the next ‘step’ with her.

Although it wasn’t good to think like this as a girl, she was looking forward to it deep down!

This ‘bed scene’ gave her a good chance so that she could justifiably do……the next thing with Jin Yi Xuan.

“Fan Fan, don’t be nervous, just follow the script.”  Xiao An explained from the side, “Because we are a youth film, this bed scene was already included in the novel, so it won’t be that explicit.”


“That’s good.”

Gu Fan Fan and Jin Yi Xuan spoke at the same time.  One was a bit disappointed while the other rejoiced a bit.

In Jin Yi Xuan’s eyes, he was definitely a gentleman.

He no longer had that same novel feeling from Gu Fan Fan and he had been thinking about Luo Qing Chen over the past few days.

He wanted to keep distance with Gu Fan Fan, but he couldn’t just say it.

If he said it, wouldn’t he be admitting that he was a scumbag?

“Un!  The two of you can relax!”  Xiao An nodded before looking at his watch, “We’ll start in five minutes.”

“Youth” scene 108, first take!  Action!

The rain fell onto the window and in a square room, there were two people lying on a large bed.

Xia Qi Qi nervously held the blanket.  The young man beside her had a perfect figure and flames in his eyes.

“Can we be together forever?”  Xia Qi Qi nervously raised the blanket as she looked at him, “I’m a bit afraid.”

As soon as her voice fell, the young man came onto her and gave her a deep kiss, “Relax, I will take responsibility.”

The young man unbuttoned her buttons one by one.  When the director was about to yell ‘cut’.

Xia Qi Qi grabbed the young man’s neck and there seemed to be flames in her eyes as she gave the young man a deep kiss.

Xiao An who was prepared to yell ‘cut’ suddenly stopped.

He thought that Gu Fan Fan would be very nervous filming a bed scene since it was her first time, but he never thought that she would be so into it.

He suddenly felt that she didn’t have the potential to make youth films, but rather……A films.

Jin Yi Xuan was scared by Gu Fan Fan’s sudden action and was stunned.  But since the director didn’t yell ‘cut’, he didn’t want to make this a NG, so he could only bite the bullet and keep going.

Gu Fan Fan’s initiative made him a bit disgusted.

Without knowing why, he didn’t like girls that took the initiative.  The private parts of the two were almost sticking together.

When he was prepared to ignore everything and make it a NG, the director yelled ‘cut’.

Jin Yi Xuan almost jumped out of the bed.  He put on his coat and headed out the door without even looking back.

Gu Fan Fan was left in the bed holding the blanket with faint tears in her eyes.

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