Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2527: God! Mary Sue world (Part 69)

She was already working so hard, why did the heavens go against her?

The female lead who worked so hard was being scolded by everyone before the filming was even over.

The man she worked so hard to get was silently changing.

She held back the tears and walked out after getting dressed.  The director was watching the replay and couldn’t help feeling a burning excitement.

On the roof.

Jin Yi Xuan was smoking a cigarette with dark eyes.

Gu Fan Fan came up and hugged him from behind, “Do you really not love me?”

Jin Yi Xuan knitted his brows and broke free of her hug to look at her, “Fan Fan, don’t be like this.”

“What am I then!”  Gu Fan Fan looked at Jin Yi Xuan and roared out in a heart wrenching voice, “You are the one who said that you loved me and you’re the one who threw me away!”

“I’m not throwing you away, I’m just feeling a bit irritated.”  Jin Yi Xuan explained, “Perhaps it’s because there’s too much pressure!  There’s only me gaining popularity for this drama series, it clearly can’t compare……Ai, let’s not talk about this.”

“Right!  My fame can’t compare to your ex-fiancee!  Then why did you choose me back then?”  Gu Fan Fan bit her lips as tears came out drop by drop, “If you didn’t provoke me, I wouldn’t have provoked you!”

Jin Yi Xuan was stunned.  Seeing her crying like this, he couldn’t stop his heart from feeling hurt.

He gave a sigh and came forward to hug her, “Don’t cry!  I really don’t not love you anymore, I’m just a bit irritated.”

“Yi Xuan.”  Gu Fan Fan slowly looked up at him, “Let’s work hard together, alright?  I feel that as long as we work hard, we can beat Luo Qing Chen and the others!”

“Eh……”  He hesitated a bit before slowly saying one word, “Alright.”

Beat Luo Qing Chen?  There was still some hope.

But beating god Yu, it was easier said than done.

Who could shake god Yu’s position in the entertainment industry?  He wasn’t convinced, but he had to admit that Gong Yu Bai had this fame and status.

At the same time, on the cast of “Time”.

Luo Qing Chen was studying the script while eating some fries.  Gong Yu Bai and director Li Yuan were discussing how to film the next episode.

“I feel that there’s no need to hug in this place.”  Director Li Yuan suggested after thinking for a bit.

Gong Yu Bai sitting on the side nodded, “I also think so.”

“Ha, ha!  Young master really is the young master!  How about we change it to holding…..”

Before he could say ‘hands’, Gong Yu Bai said, “Let’s change it to a kiss then!”

Li Yuan, “......”

Luo Qing Chen, “......”

The two looked at Luo Qing Chen at the same time with awkward smiles.

Gong Yu Bai calmly explained, “We are filming a youth film and not some pure film, we need to have some thoughts for the fans.”

“He, he……He, he……”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips twitched as she gave these awkward laughs, “I never thought that god Yu was this considerate to the fans.”

When they filmed the kissing scenes, it didn’t go smoothly.  Their god Yu who had explosive acting skills would often NG!

The supporting female leads could only watch from the side with envious looks because they weren’t qualified to say anything.

The words ‘kissing scene NG’ had become a popular search on Weibo lately.

Many fans with sharp eyes all left the same comments.  God Yu was deliberately NGing the kissing scene and anyone with a sharp eye could see it!

It had to be said, since bits of news from “Time” started coming, there were fewer and fewer people who were dissatisfied with her.

Gong Yu Bai’s ‘strategy’ was very successful.  Since ancient times, ships could enter the hearts of the people!

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