Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2529: God! Mary Sue world (Part 71)

Luo Qing Chen looked around and saw Li Yuan sitting on the sofa with a serious look.

But when he saw her, he said with a teasing smile, “Young master, you’re bringing family members to official business!  This really isn’t like you!”

Gong Yu Bai came out of the kitchen with a cup of warm water and said with a faint smile, “These family members really make me worry!”


Luo Qing Chen’s face turned a bit red when she heard this and she refuted, “When you two insult people, say it to their face!  It’s rude!”

“This isn’t insulting anyone.  I’ve never seen the young master recognize anyone as family before, so naturally I have to comment on how strange it is.”

“Ke, ke.”  Gong Yu Bai cleared his throat and returned back to the main topic, “You were worried just now, but now you seem like you’re full of life.  It seems like there’s no need to solve this problem!”

Actually he liked to hear people tease him and Luo Qing Chen, but he was worried that she would be embarrassed.

“I……”  Li Yuan revealed a helpless smile when he heard this, “Wife loving demon, I give up, I give up!”

“Although I’m not satisfied with the following words, I’ll forgive you for the first few words.”  Gong Yu Bai sat on the sofa and took a sip of his coffee, “Speak!  Just what happened?”

“Un.”  When they got to business, Li Yuan’s expression became serious again.  He put a stack of documents on the table and said, “Previously our drama series was planning on being exclusively released on Lychee TV and everything was set, but the person in charge told me that it needed to be delayed.”

Gong Yu Bai raised his brows when he heard this.  He tapped the table with his right hand and said without even thinking, “Because we’re clashing with “Youth”?”

Li Yuan was a bit surprised.  He naturally knew that Gong Yu Bai was smart, but he never thought that he would think of “Youth”, a drama series set to broadcast during the summer vacation like them this quickly.

“Yes!”  Li Yuan knitted his brows and said, “I didn’t know that you would star in this drama at the time.  You know that with my personality, I don’t care about fame at all.  So when I signed this contract with Lychee TV, the liquidation amount was very low.”

“I understand.”  Gong Yu Bai’s deep eyes turned sharp as he looked at Li Yuan, “You mean that if you’re not willing, you can choose to pay to break the contract, but the script of “Time” would still belong to them?”

“Yes!”  Li Yuan gave a deep sigh, “There were two contracts signed at the time and even if they breach the contract, they would still own the script.”

Li Yuan was very aware of Gong Yu Bai’s status, but since his status was too special, there were many things that couldn’t be solved completely.

But no one expected that Gong Yu Bai would reveal a cold glow in his deep eyes as his lips curled into a cold curve, “I disdained bothering with this matter, but……”

His eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen sitting beside him, “Anyone that dares to bully our little girl, ‘generally’ letting them go isn’t my style.”

Before meeting her, he would have been indifferent to this matter.  Even if they stepped on his bottom line, he wouldn’t bother dealing with them.

After all, it really was bringing his status down to care about these normal people.

But this time was different.  If he didn’t properly ‘plan’ this out, how could he let his little girl know how correct her decision back then was?

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