Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2530: God! Mary Sue world (Part 72)

At the same time, at the Jin Manor.

Jin Yi Xuan, Xiao An, Chen Fang, the son of Lychee TV’s shareholder, as well as Gu Fan Fan, and Ye Su were all there.

“Brother Chen Fang, this really is troubling you!”  Xiao An handed him a large bag, “If there’s some time, I will definitely treat you to a meal.”

Chen Fang weighed the bag in his hand before saying with a smile, “Director Xiao is too polite!  Your drama deserves this fame!  It should be placed in the golden period of summer vacation!”

“Right, right!”  Xiao An said with a proud look, “I still have confidence in my drama!”

“Un!”  Chen Fang looked at his watch and said, “It’s getting late, I should leave first!”

“Brother Chen Fang, take care!”

When Chen Fang left, director Xiao An’s face sank and the atmosphere in the room became very heavy.

“Director, is this considered a bribe?”  Gu Fan Fan who had always been upright came out at this time and said while biting her lip, “Isn’t this bad?”

She wanted to win against Luo Qing Chen, but she wanted to win against her in an open manner.  However, she knew that she couldn’t win, so when the director bribed Chen Fan, she agreed in her heart.

But she knew that this was an opportunity, an excellent opportunity to win over Jin Yi Xuan.

She wanted Jin Yi Xuan to know that she was an upright person, only then could she get his attention.

“Bad?”  Xiao An’s expression clearly wasn’t good.  Now that the drama had finished filming, he didn’t need to endure this Gu Fan Fan anymore.

If his eyes hadn’t been wrong in the beginning, how could he have reached this level!

“I……”  Gu Fan Fan wanted to say something, but she was blocked by Xiao An’s words.

“What qualifications do you have to say this?  Let me tell you, Gu Fan Fan, even if you stripped naked, there’s no chance for “Youth” to win one tenth of “Time’s” fame.  Do you know why?”

Gu Fan Fan heard this and her tears came out.  She was afraid of people yelling at her the most.  When people yelled at her, she would feel wronged, no matter what the reason was.

Jin Yi Xuan knitted his brows.  He should have said something to protect Gu Fan Fan, but his heart favoured Xiao An.

This feeling made him silent for two seconds and when he planned to speak, Ye Su spoke first, “Director, you can’t blame our Fan Fan for this.  She did all that she could do, you are just bullying people now.”

As Gu Fan Fan’s friend, Ye Su would stand by her side no matter what happened.

That’s right!  The Mary Sue would always have one or two friends who would die for her.  Otherwise they couldn’t rely on ‘courage’ and ‘luck’ to reach the end.

“Humph!”  Xiao An gave a cold snort before not saying anything else.

Ye Su was still considered a veteran in the circle, so he had to give her some face.

But for some unknown reason, the more he saw Gu Fan Fan, the more irritated he became.

“If you really think I’m not good enough, then you can replace me!”  Gu Fan Fan pursed her lips and looked at Jin Yi Xuan with a look of despair before running out of the Jin Manor.

Ye Su was a bit anxious and wanted to grab her hand, but she found that she just grabbed thin air.

Seeing that Jin Yi Xuan still stood there, she angrily said, “Jin Yi Xuan, your girlfriend has run off.  It’s this late, what would you do if she met paparazzi or bad people?”

Jin Yi Xuan closed his eyes and said with a deep sigh, “It’s only eight, our villa’s neighbourhood is very safe, so there won’t be any bad people.”

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