Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2531: God! Mary Sue world (Part 73)

“Then what about paparazzi?”  Ye Su angrily said, “What if she encounters paparazzi?  Fan Fan is currently being besieged by everyone, can you bear to see her making the headlines tomorrow!”

As her good friend, she had to stand up for her.

“Paparazzi?”  Jin Yi Xuan shook his head with a bitter smile, “It’s been a long time since there have been paparazzi by my house!  There would be some that would come when I was still single and I would make the hot searches from time to time, but now……”

The two hot names on the trending searches, one was Gong Yu Bai and the other was Luo Qing Chen.

To Jin Yi Xuan, those two names were so dazzling that he didn’t dare look at them.

“What’s wrong with you!”  Ye Su stomped her foot before running off to look for Gu Fan Fan.

There was only him and Xiao An left in the room.  Xiao An gave a deep sigh before patting his shoulder, “Is it regret?”


“Don’t say anything.”  Xiao An saw his complicated look, “Brother understands you.  How about we use a special method to get Luo Qing Chen back!”

Xiao An and Jin Yi Xuan had known each other for many years.  Jin Yi Xuan was able to debut because of Xiao An.

At this point, the advice of a brother was the most moving!

“But that Gong Yu Bai also likes her, I’m afraid that I don’t have a chance……”  Jin Yi Xuan was very sad, like he regretted that he made the wrong choice back then.

He really thought that Luo Qing Chen was only a match that his parents forced on him, he never thought that she would be that dazzling.

Whenever he saw her picture in the headlines, she would feel that she was dazzling.

He had thought that Luo Qing Chen was just playing hard to get and would reveal her true nature.

But as time passed, he found that he lost all methods to contact her.  Whether it was by phone, WeChat, QQ, or even MSN, she had blocked him.

Just like a gust of wind, she disappeared from his world.

“But she’s a woman!  She will always miss the one she loved first and the one she loves the most has to be you.”  Xiao An said in a firm voice, “I feel that you definitely have a chance, but it just depends on if you’re willing or not.”

“What should I do?”  Jin Yi Xuan scratched his head in an irritated manner, “I can’t even get close to her now.  When I came home last night, I wanted to have my family reach out, but my parents told me that the Luo Family had already decisively cut off all contact with them……”

Because the engagement between them was broken, the relationship between the two families had become very strained.  Not only was it tense, it had reached the point where they longer contacted each other.

His parents blamed him because Luo Qing Chen had always liked him when they met.  Always trying to make him happy, always trying to follow him.

He always ignored her and didn’t put her in his heart at all.

The two families understood this kind of interaction.

So when Luo Qing Chen wanted to break the engagement with him, the elders of the Luo Family almost instantly agreed.

His parents felt they had wronged Luo Qing Chen and didn’t refute it.

His heart had been on Gu Fan Fan back then, but now he felt that his heart had become this irritated after a few months.

It was like eating a fly and being unable to spit it out, he could only swallow it……

Xiao An saw his sad expression and directly gave him advice, “Girls always like heroes who save beauties the most.  I know a few people on the road, so how about you put on a show and then save her?”

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