Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2532: God! Mary Sue world (Part 74)

“Can we really?”  Jin Yi Xuan looked at Xiao An with an excited look, “I remember that Qing Chen is very timid.  I used to use wild dogs to stop her from following me before.”

Thinking of it now, he was strangely filled with regret and his chest felt blocked.

If he could do it over again, he didn’t think that he couldn’t beat Gong Yu Bai.

“That’s it!”  Xiao An waved his hand, “Relax, little girls are afraid of thugs and even a knife will scare them until they faint.”

“But……”  Jin Yi Xuan knitted his brows, “I’m not that good at fighting, what if they……I’m afraid that I can’t fight them off.”

He didn’t want to get hurt chasing a girl.  The person that he loved the most in this world was himself.

“Relax!  Don’t worry about a thing!”  Xiao An laughed as he said, “It’s all a play, so if you just push them, they’ll fall to the ground!  Don’t perry, you just have to wait for a day when your ex-fiancee goes out alone.”

“Alright!”  He said with a nod, “I will definitely work hard!”

“You really have to work hard!”  Xiao An looked at Gu Fan Fan who was slowly being brought back by Ye Su, “Otherwise your future career will be affected!  I really can’t stand your girlfriend.  Big brother will leave first.  Let me know when the time is right and I guarantee that everything will be ok!”

“Thank you, director Xiao.”

“No need, we’re brothers.”

That night, a dirty plan was plotted just like that.

Jin Yi Xuan waited for a long time and sent many people to find Luo Qing Chen’s schedule.  Finally, three days later, he found out that she was going to C City alone.

It wasn’t for business, but for a private matter.  Her cousin was getting married and she was going to the wedding.

It was a good thing that there was this opportunity.  Otherwise with Gong Yu Bai around her all day, there really wasn’t a chance to make a move.

He had even gotten excited a few days ago.  He thought about blocking Gong Yu Bai along with her in an alley and then after saving the beauty, he could make the nation’s male god bow down to him!

But Xiao An reminded him that it was best not to provoke Gong Yu Bai.  Although he didn’t know who he was, he at least had a lot of fans.  It would be bad if something went wrong.

Jin Yi Xuan endured and finally a perfect chance came.

It was raining that night, it was a good time for a hero to save the beauty.

At half past eight, there was a boom in the sky as the thunder roared out.

Luo Qing Chen had gotten off the pane and headed to the garage to get picked up.

But since the rain was very heavy, the main road was blocked and she could only take the alley.

She held a large red umbrella and wore a red white sweater with a brown pleated skirt, along with large sunglasses.  Even if it was night, she was still very conspicuous walking in the rain.

Luo Qing Chen looked at her phone and called Gong Yu Bai to report that she was safe.

As soon as the other side answered, there were eight fierce men with knives that came into the alley.

The leader had a strong accent as he said in a rough voice, “Yo!  Such a beautiful lady can appear in a place like this!  I just wanted to steal some money, but now I want something else!”

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes.  She didn’t hang up and she just heard Gong Yu Bai’s anxious voice from the other side, “Qing Chen, where are you!  Give me your location!”

“I just encountered a bit of trouble.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort before revealing a cold smile, “But it’s just them being unlucky.”

Whether it was stealing money or something else, it would be impossible to leave here unscathed tonight.

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