Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2537: God! Mary Sue world (Part 79)

She was telling the truth.  The previous host was the previous host, she was her.

The people you met were different and the ending was also different.

Not every story had an end and some people left halfway, whether it was voluntary or forced.  It was all the same.

At the same time, in a Maserati.

Jin Yi Xuan's expression as he sat in the passenger seat wasn’t good and Xiao An who was driving the car was very nervous.

When they crossed the traffic lights, the brake and accelerator were mixed up and the brake became the accelerator.

“Be careful!”

“Ah!”  An old woman screamed as she fell to the ground.

With the screeching sound of the brakes, the old woman stood up while cursing them.

Xiao An quickly rolled down the window to apologize, but the old woman was already gone.

“Director Xian, what’s wrong?”  Jin Yi Xuan knitted his brows and finally asked this question after being silent all night, “Why are you panicking so much!”

He didn’t understand why Xiao An wouldn’t let him go out in that situation!  He still could have been the hero that saved the beauty!

Although Luo Qing Chen didn’t seem to need him saving her……

“When I was driving out of the alley, I saw a few Lincoln cars from a royal family.”  Xiao An knitted his brows, “I feel like we’ve offended the wrong person!”

“Qing Chen?”  Jin Yi Xuan thought with a confused look before saying, “It shouldn’t be!  Although I’m not with Qing Chen right now, I do have a clear understanding of her family.”

After all, they had been family friends and he could be considered childhood friends with Luo Qing Chen.  He had some understanding of the Luo Family’s businesses.

“I don’t know, let’s talk after heading back!”  Xiao An gave a sigh, “I didn’t let you go out because there was no longer a need for a hero.  I also never thought that Luo Qing Chen had such skills.”

When he recalled her gaze from that time, he could still feel a bit of fear.

It was a look filled with killing intent.  If they had been in ancient times, he would have been killed by this ‘female hero’ in an instant.


Three days later, “Youth is a Simple Thing” had decided on their broadcast time and held a press conference.

This press conference gathered reporters from half the entertainment industry.  After all, “Youth” had been set for the summer vacation half a year later, but then the time changed and it was set for the winter vacation.

At the same time, “You Are More Shocking Than Time” which was released exclusively on Lychee TV was also set for winter vacation.  It was said that their finale was just finished three to four days ago, so it was quite rushed.

But in order to not conflict between the two, “Time” and “Youth” would be released with a month in between them.  Moreover, it was when “Youth” was its peak that “Time” would be released, so it was without a doubt unfavourable for “Time”.

After this incident spread across the industry, no one from the “Time” crew gave any explanations.

Rather, it was Xiao An, Jin Yi Xuan, and the others from “Youth” that came to explain.  They said that everything was normal and it wasn’t like the rumours said.

The two youth films that were already competing were suddenly pushed into the spotlight.

“Youth” that had gradually faded away once again regained exposure because of this time change.

Luo Qing Chen stood in front of the door of the press conference for “Youth”.  She was wearing a dark black coat, the standard large sunglasses, and had 999 Dior red lipstick on, fully releasing her aura.

She came into the hotel from the side entrance and took the elevator to the VIP suite on the thirtieth floor.

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