Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2539: God! Mary Sue world (Part 81)

After all, this was a hotel.  If it was someone brought in by Gong Yu Bai, why did they have to put on such formal clothes?

“Because my family owns this hotel.”  Gong Yu Bai casually leaned on the sofa with a sparkle in his deep eyes.  It looked that beautiful.


“What?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with a stunned look before lowering her voice, “So it turns out that your house is a hotel!”

A five star hotel, he really was worthy of being a rich person.

But then Gong Yu Bai looked over and said with a proud look in his eyes, “Of course not.”

He didn’t want to hide it, but there were some things that were spoken in deliberate words.

Luo Qing Chen wanted to keep asking, but the press conference for “Youth” on the first level had started.

“Thank you everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to the press conference for “Youth”.  The circle is very small and everyone who came here today is friends.  I hope that you will be lenient and merciful with your questions later!”  The host gave a simple opening to the show as he revealed a smile.

This was the normal opening.  Some questions could be asked and some couldn’t, everyone knew about this.

But “Youth” had been caught in public drama, so they were pushed into the spotlight.

Then adding in the rumours, it was impossible for the reporters not to ask sharp questions.

“Next we would like to invite our four main actors and director Xiao An to appear.”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa.”  The applause rang out.  It wasn’t thunderous, but it also wasn’t lacking.

Gu Fan Fan was the first to introduce herself.  She was wearing a pink sweater and a white pleated skirt, looking very girly.

But even with this fine makeup on, it didn’t feel like she was a beauty.

At best, she could be considered a common beauty.

“Hello everyone, I am Gu Fan Fan.  I'm very excited to meet you in “Youth” during this cold winter.  I hope that everyone will support me and I believe that I will bring everyone even better works.”  She had a full smile, but her fingers holding the mic were already a bit pale.

Luo Qing Chen sitting on the second level couldn’t help muttering, “Saying things that she can’t say in a public speech, what is she so nervous for?”

“How much does our family’s little girl dislike Gu Fan Fan!”  Gong Yu Bai gave a sigh before saying in a somewhat sour tone, “It can’t be because of a certain someone, right!”

“Stop teasing me!”  Luo Qing Chen pretended to check her wrist, “I’m not willing to have any relations with that man!”

In her eyes, if Jin Yi Xuan’s name was put together with hers, she would feel very ashamed!

“Fool, I believe you.”  Gong Yu Bai watched the scene on the first level, “After all, some people will soon be reaching the end of the world.”

There were some things coming for them that slowly came without them knowing.

At this moment, Gu Fan Fan’s heart was filled with pride.  Although Xiao An’s attitude towards her later on had always been bad, since she was the female lead, she got the exposure that she deserves.

The number of people who followed her on Weibo had increased at this time and she gradually felt that she could compare to Luo Qing Chen.

“Big sister Fan Fan, you really are amazing.”  The young girl who played the second female lead said with a smile after seeing her come back, “You aren’t even nervous in front of this large crowd.  I would be very nervous.”

Because of Luo Qing Chen, the second female lead wasn’t a first class or second class star, but rather a very unknown actress, so she was very humble.

Gu Fan Fan raised her head as if she was a popular actress and she looked at her to say, “You think you understand.  There are many things that you have to bear in my position.”

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