Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2540: God! Mary Sue world (Part 82)

Actually, she didn’t feel that she had endured too much.  The first step in playing a female lead was with someone that she loved, so this was already a blessing for her.

Although Luo Qing Chen had cut in, it couldn’t affect her ending.

In her world, she never forgot her intention or her path.  She felt that she had never changed and this role was based on her abilities.  She could stand here at the press conference today because she had walked this path step by step.

She worked hard and was motivated, so she felt that she was good enough, but she didn’t keep working hard.

“It sounds like it’s very hard……”  The little girl revealed a smile before not saying anything else.

After introducing all the leading actors, it became a question and answer session.

A male reporter sitting in the front row was the first to stand up and asked, “Miss Gu Fan Fan, did you steal this role of Xia Qi Qi from Luo Qing Chen in the past?”

“Si!”  Everyone took a cold breath, but the more experienced reporters regretted this.

Not being the first to ask such a question, it would have a certain impact on whether they could publish it or not.

Gu Fan Fan’s face was a bit pale, but she firmly took the microphone and looked at the male reporter to say, “I’ve already answered this question many times.  Luo Qing Chen didn’t want to play this role in the beginning, so I got to audition.  There were many people there who saw her leaving first.”

Xiao An knitted his brows, clearly looking not satisfied with Gu Fan Fan’s answer.

Now that the “Youth” crew was in the spotlight, no one could suppress public opinion in the short run.

The smartest answer at this time would be: Sorry!  I won’t answer any questions unrelated to the drama series.

But she had to forcefully explain and brought in Luo Qing Chen.  He really didn’t know if she was naive or foolish.

“Then miss Gu Fan Fan, I heard that you are the third party that cut in between Luo Qing Chen and Jin Yi Xuan, using despicable methods to get between them.  May I ask if this is true?”

This time it was a female reporter who looked elegant and dignified, but her words were sharp and precise.

Gu Fan Fan’s expression became even uglier as she instantly replied, “We were all single and only after meeting did we build our relationship, it’s not related to her at all.  If there are any other questions about this, I will not be answering them.”

Gong Yu Bai who was sitting on the second level took a sip of his coffee and said, “I don’t really like this question either.”

“Does mister Jin Yi Xuan want to add something?”  The reporter saw that Gu Fan Fan wouldn’t answer, so she pointed the finger at Jin Yi Xuan.

It was very awkward, but Jin Yi Xuan did have some experience.  He took the mic and said with a smile, “We’re all friends here.  To shoot a better film, we chose the most suitable person and there is no such thing as personal problems.”

“Si!”  There was another cold breath.

Jin Yi Xuan’s words completely distanced him and Gu Fan Fan.  Then was their love over the past four months just for show?

Thinking that the audience is blind and wanting to pierce their hearts with a ship!

Gu Fan Fan also looked at Jin Yi Xuan in shock.  This scene had been captured by countless cameras.

One of the reporters then said, “It seems like miss Gu Fan Fan is also very surprised by mister Jin Yi Xuan’s answer!  Is this not the case?”

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