Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2541: God! Mary Sue world (Part 83)

Everyone’s eyes turned to Jin Yi Xuan and Gu Fan Fan as the atmosphere felt very awkward.

The reporters didn’t hold back with their questions, rather they became even sharper and more direct.

But it was right if you think about it, most people were just having fun and didn’t think too much of it.

Gu Fan Fan bit her lip and looked at Jin Yi Xuan with a look asking for help.

Jin Yi Xuan didn’t want to accept this look from her.  When he turned back, he coldly said, “I ask everyone to keep the topic on the script.”

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Xiao An added, “Yes, yes!  This is the press conference for “Youth”, so we want everyone to know more about the characters and plot of “Youth”.”

“Then can we ask the director if it’s true that you used special methods to adjust the broadcast schedule of “Youth” and “Time”?”

Xiao An’s face immediately sank.  He looked at this reporter with a serious look and said, “Those rumours are all nonsense.  Wise people don’t believe in rumours, please don’t be a stupid person.”

After all, he was a director that had been through many things, so he still could scold these rude reporters.

The reporter was surprised as the host interjected, “This is the end of the question and answer session.  We ask everyone to take a look at the long preview for “Youth”, please turn your attention to the screen.”

The host was also very embarrassed.  It was the first time that they had experienced something this embarrassing and felt that it wasn’t a press conference for a new drama, but rather a crusade.

He was considered half an insider in the industry.  “Youth” had indeed used some tricks and although everyone pretended not to know, they did secretly know some things.

This situation would definitely be considered immoral in other industries, but in the entertainment industry…..it wouldn’t hurt them at all.

Only it was a pity for a good series like “Time”.  It had such high fame and it even had god Yu, but Lychee TV had suppressed it.

The screen opened up.  There was a beautiful campus in spring that appeared and with the relaxed music, it brought everyone back to their youths.


This peaceful atmosphere only lasted five seconds before it was followed by a scene in an office.

The one that appeared was no other than Chen Fang, the son of Lychee TV’s shareholder.

It was a conversation between two men.

“Did you take care of the matter director Xiao asked me for?”

“Yes, young master!  It’s already been taken care of.”

“They gave me quite a bit this time, so do it well!”


“Also, arrange for the debut of “Time” to be at the climax of “Youth”.  Even if there is a god Yu, the debut won’t be that impressive.”

“Doesn’t this need to pass through the board?”

“No need!  My dad owns 30% of the shares, so I can make this decision.”

The lens didn’t move, it should be a hidden camera that filmed all of this and then a part of it was cut out.

Although not much was said, this amount of information was enough to make everyone stir.

The expressions of all the people on stage looked very ugly and Gu Fan Fan’s smile had completely frozen.

At the same time, Luo Qing Chen on the second level looked at Gong Yu Bai and said, “You……You are too amazing!  God Yu really is god Yu!”

“I’m very happy to receive a praise from our little girl.”  Gong Yu Bai gave a chuckle with a doting look in his eyes.

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