Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2542: God! Mary Sue world (Part 84)

Gong Yu Bai’s move had without a doubt made everyone on “Youth” unable to stay in this industry, this was forcing them out of the entertainment industry!

She suddenly felt that angering a man with power wasn’t that scary, but angering a black bellied man with power was truly terrifying.

The entire press conference had fallen into silence.  When the video on the screen slowly dimmed and the lights lit up above everyone’s head again, they felt like they were waking up from a nightmare.

It was a pity that they still were in a nightmare after waking up……

The host looked very awkward as the reporters under the stage suddenly burst out with all different kinds of questions.

“Director Xiao An, how much did you give the person in charge at Lychee TV?  Can you give us an exact amount?”

“Does the entire crew know about this matter?  Or is it just the director?”

“Does your conscience not feel anything about suppressing “Time” like this?”

“After this incident is exposed, will “Youth” still be released?  Director Xiao, can you say a few words?”


As the questions came, everyone on stage felt helpless.

The host quickly raised his voice to say into the mic, “Everyone, please calm down.  We will be postponing today’s press conference and after we verify the authenticity of the video, we will make an announcement to everyone.”

Xiao An’s face was already completely black.  He was more nervous than anyone, but he had to stay calm.

His hunch was right, someone wanted to take care of him.

If he guessed correctly, it should be the Lincolns at the alley, but who was it……

Who would stand up for Luo Qing Chen and do something this meticulous?

Without saying a word, he planned on leaving the stage, but a well dressed man stopped him.

“Director Xiao, why are you in a rush to leave?  Stay another few minutes for me to say something.”

Luo Qing Chen who was sitting on the second level looked at Gong Yu Bai.  He had a calm look on his face, but there was a sharp glow in his eyes.

“Was this person arranged by you?”  How much had this mysterious man hidden from her?

Even she was surprised by how shocked the people on stage were.

“A good show is about to start.”  Gong Yu Bai took a sip of his coffee as he revealed a cold smile.

“You……Who are you?”  Xiao An was stopped by this young person, so he was filled with rage.

But with all these reporters here, he couldn’t use violence.

“Who I am is not important, what’s important is what I’m about to say.”  Yin Mu said with a smile, “This is a message from our young master.”

He touched his ear where there was a small diamond stud that had the word ‘Yin’ written on it which looked very dazzling.

Xiao An was surprised.  His hands turned cold as he softly said, “You are……”

“God!  Yin Mu!”

One of the six gentlemen of the Gusi Kingdom!

The world’s richest country.  Not only was the king the richest man, it was the country with the most diamonds.

The Gusi Group.

The prince Gumusitu Ye had a total of six knights and Yin Mu was one of them.

The ancient saying went, the greater the martial force, the deeper the bottom.

“It seems like your eyes aren’t bad.”  Yin Mu revealed a smile.  His silver white hair looked that good.

He brought out twenty three transfer papers while standing on stage.

“I don’t think that everyone knows who I am yet……”

“Yin Mu!  Yin Mu!  Yin Mu!”

A deafening cheer roared out as if Yin Mu was already an international star.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned by this.  How could even the royal family get involved?

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