Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2544: God! Mary Sue world (Part 86)

“Gong Yu Bai.”

Although god Yu’s words were like flirting, it would be a lie if she said that she wasn’t moved.

“God Yu is equal to Gong Yu Bai, but that doesn’t equal Gumusitu Ye.”  Gong Yu Bai softly said, “But if Gumusitu Ye wants to take a princess, I want the entire world to raise a glass to toast us.”

Was he proposing?

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, host, it’s so romantic.  This is the system’s first time hearing this kind of proposal!  This system’s young girl’s heart!]

The system has a young girl’s heart, are you teasing me?

Luo Qing Chen felt her face turn red to the tip of her ears, but she didn’t forget to reply to the system.

Actually, this was her first time hearing this kind of proposal as well.  It was very special and very warm.

“It turns out that prince Gusi can flirt like this!”  Luo Qing Chen touched her ear and said, “Have you said this to other girls before?”

“Before meeting you, there were no other girls in my world.”  Gong Yu Bai stood in front of her and slowly took her hand when he saw that she was about to get up.  He fell to one knee and said, “Should it be more formal when proposing like this?”

He slowly took out a box of diamonds from his pocket which had the word ‘Qing’ carved on it.

When he opened the box, there was a crown shaped diamond ring.

Each diamond had the small word ‘Qing’ on it, looking very finely made.


“Marry me.”  Gong Yu Bai looked at her with affectionate eyes.  Those starry eyes only had her in them.

He had already thought of proposing.

He was just waiting for the chance.  A chance to reveal his identity to her without hiding anything.

As for Luo Qing Chen, she could completely feel Gong Yu Bai’s love for her.

This identity that had been hidden for twenty years, because he wanted to officially marry her, he didn’t hesitate to face all the dangers that came in the future.

“Alright.”  She didn’t hesitate to give a nod.  The moment that the ring was put on her ring finger, he picked her up like a little baby.

The hug was very warm and his smile was very happy.


The next morning, the headlines were filled with the words ‘Gumusitu Ye’.

The son of the richest man in the world, the prince of the Gusi Kingdom, the young master of the Gusi Group, and the famous god of the entertainment industry, god Yu.

So many identities turned out to be the same person!

This explosive news shocked everyone and of course god Yu’s fans had doubled.

Although he never posted on Weibo, his number of fans was one of the highest on Weibo.

In addition to this, what people cared about the most was the crew of “Youth” giving bribes and operating under the table.

No matter what platform they went to, they were scolded.  Lychee TV was exposed to tampering with the ratings and many other unethical methods.

Being pushed against the wall by everyone, this should be the feeling.

With such a bad situation, the youth drama “Youth” could no longer be released.

Everyone on the crew faced all kinds of problems and became the clowns of the entertainment industry.

Gong Yu Bai solved this problem in an extreme manner.  Although it would be less convenient for him to travel after exposing his identity, he didn’t care at all because he preferred staying with his family’s princess every day.

The wedding was set for three months later, but she had to take care of something first.  It was her mother.

The mother, who was also Gu Fan Fan’s mother, returned three days later.

They hadn’t seen each other in a year since she always worked abroad.  She almost never came back and this was her first time back since she came to this world.

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