Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2545: God! Mary Sue world (Part 87)

Three days later in the morning.

Inside the Panamera, Luo Qing Chen sat in the passenger seat as Gong Yu Bai drove her back to her villa.

Actually, she didn’t go home often after coming to this world, it was her kind father who came to see her.

Although he was addicted to work, he was still a good person.

He desperately called her to come home during this time.  A daughter was always the love of a father’s heart, so getting married like this, he would feel strangely uncomfortable no matter who it was.

“Ding dong.”

“The young miss is back!”

“Un!  Where’s dad?”

“The master is in his study.”  The butler was a bit excited as he looked at her, “The young miss has finally come back.”

The previous host’s father was called Luo Xiao and her mother was Ye Si Yao.

All of this information had been added when she accepted the previous host’s memories.  She and Gu Fan Fan were half sisters of the same mother.

Of course, Gu Fan Fan didn’t know this and neither did Ye Si Yao.

“It turned out that I married a young miss.”  On the way, Gong Yu Bai didn’t forget to tease her.  He knew about Luo Xiao a few years ago, but he never thought that he would fall in love with his daughter.

“Who is!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a smile, “Our god Yu wouldn’t be nervous, right?”

“Un!  A bit.”  Gong Yu Bai said with a faint smile, “But I’m still confident.”

When they came to the second floor, she knocked on the study.  There was a ‘who is it’ that came from inside and after hearing Luo Qing Chen’s voice, they ran out to open the door.

“Aiyo, who is the most beautiful daughter!

“Aiyo, who is the most handsome father!”

Luo Qing Chen smoothly followed up on Luo Xiao’s words.

“No, no, no, in front of someone’s god Yu, your dad is old.  I’m not handsome, I’m not handsome.”

“Hello uncle, you can just call me Xiao Yu.”

As the son of the richest man in the world, his humble appearance made Luo Xiao very satisfied.

Luo Qing Chen also thought that Gong Yu Bai was really good at winning over adults.  He had never said ‘just call me Xiao Yu’ to anyone else before.

“Good, good, good!  Dad is really happy like this.”  Luo Xiao looked at the time and said, “Your mom is about to get off the plane.  I wanted to pick her up, but she said that she had somewhere to go.  I didn’t know when you would come back, but now we can have a meal together.”

Speaking of this mother Ye Si Yao, the previous host had some indescribable feelings and it was the same with Luo Qing Chen.

If it wasn’t bad for her, she would never not give her anything she wanted.

But that was only money and nothing else.  Adding in the previous host’s memories, Ye Si Yao treated Gu Fan Fan 200% well after meeting her.

She didn’t even hesitate to take her home to make it up to her, forgetting that she had another biological daughter, not giving her any love.

This kind of mother chilled Luo Qing Chen’s heart.  Even when she was pushed into the spotlight because of the drama series, she had never even called her or sent her a text.

“Where did she go?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips as a faint sparkle appeared in her eyes.

Luo Xiao was surprised before his eyes that were very similar to hers dimmed a bit.  Then he immediately came back to his senses and said with a smile, “It’s not like you don’t know your mother.  She must have gone to the duty free stores after coming back and bought some things to make herself happy.”

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