Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2546: God! Mary Sue world (Part 88)

Ye Si Yao wasn’t going to the duty free shops, both Luo Xiao and Luo Qing Chen knew in their hearts.

They knew where she was going……

But the father and daughter chose not to talk about it to not oppose or worry about it.

Today was the day Gu Fan Fan’s biological father Gu Meng was being released from prison.

“Alright!  Then let’s go to the restaurant first, dad!”  Luo Qing Chen rubbed her stomach, “I’m already hungry!”

“Little greedy cat.”  Luo Xiao tapped her nose, “Daring to act this willful in front of others, they might not want you anymore!”

“Uncle, I don’t dare.”  Gong Yu Bai said with a modest smile, “Qing Chen will forever be a little princess, she’ll be cute even if she is willful.”

“You are seeing her through the eyes of a lover.  No matter what, all I can see is that she is filled with problems!”  Although Luo Xiao said this, he still looked at his daughter with a very loving look.

After all, he only had this one daughter and he did all he could to love her.

It was almost noon when they arrived at the restaurant and Ye Si Yao still wasn’t here.  Luo Xiao called her many times, but he didn’t get a response.

Luo Xiao’s expression wasn’t good and when he called the tenth time, it finally connected.

“Why do you keep calling me?  Don’t you know that I’m busy?”  Ye Si Yao’s impatient voice came from the other side.

“It’s not that, Si Yao……”  Luo Xiao explained with a good temper, “Didn’t we agree to have a meal today?  You……”

“When did we agree on this?  I just told you that I was coming back today.”  Ye Si Yao’s voice was ice cold.  It was as if speaking to Luo Xiao was a form of torture.

“Si Yao……”

“Alright, don’t say anything!”  Ye Si Yao coldly said, “We are both adults, so we know some things.  A daughter is one thing and we are another thing.”

Luo Xiao felt that she wanted to say something, so those beautiful eyes turned dull and he didn’t know what to say.

Ye Si Yao said, “Let’s get a divorce!”

Since the room was very quiet, everyone heard it when Ye Si Yao said these words.

Gong Yu Bai looked at Luo Qing Chen with a worried look, but he never thought that she would be so calm.

It was as if she didn’t care about the relationship between her parents.

Luo Xiao wanted to say something, but she had already hung up.

There was only the dial tone and Luo Xiao didn’t say anything.  Luo Qing Chen poured a cup of tea for Luo Xiao, “Dad, drink some tea and calm down.”

“You……daughter!  Did you hear everything just now?”  Luo Xiao’s expression became even more ugly as he felt that he had let down his daughter.

Even after trying so hard, he couldn’t give her a warm family.

“Un!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a nod and said, “There are many good women in the world, why is dad trying so hard to hang to this tree!”

“Qing Chen……”  Gong Yu Bai knitted his brows.  He could clearly feel that her words were intentional, but he didn’t know why she said this.


“Actually, I know even more than dad.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Since it’s like this, let’s go eat.”

Luo Xiao looked at Luo Qing Chen for a long time as the darkness in his eyes gradually turned to love.

He used everything he could to spoil this daughter, hoping that she would be well.

As for her mother, he had also used everything he could to love her.

A pity……A pity……A pity……

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