Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2552: Side story: I’m willing to protect all your dreams (Part 1)

Don’t ask why I love you, don’t ask what is good about you, I love you because there isn’t another you in this world.  ——Gong Yu Bai.

I am direct and decisive, I am cold and black bellied.

The things I cared about could never be changed by anyone, not a single person.

The Gusi Kingdom was the richest country in the world because 90% of the stones in our country were diamonds.

My father was a person who was busy, but deeply loved my father.  After marrying into the Gusi Kingdom, my mother missed her homeland very much, so I learned Chinese since I was young.  My Chinese was actually better than my English.

With this kind of status, although there were disadvantages, the advantages still weighed them out.

There wasn’t a lack of people who wanted to kill me.  Some had grudges and some didn’t.

Those people without grudges just wanted me to die, but how could I give them what they wanted?

Since I was young, other than eating and sleeping, I had to learn the skills to survive.

Movement skills, firearms, martial arts, etc……

These weren’t natural and it took me a long time to develop these skills.

My father told me that I could leave Gusi when I learned everything.  No one had seen me and I gave myself another identity.

Gong Yu Bai, that was my identity.

When I first came to China, I lived at the hotel for three months.  That familiar dream kept bothering me and made me decide on something shocking.

To become an actor and act out the dreams in my heart.

That “Apocalypse 2150” was the only throb in my heart.  I wanted to know if that dream was my past life and I wanted to know who that girl was.

Did I……love her very much?

Is it because I loved her that……no one in this fleeting world could catch my eyes?

This doubt lingered in my heart for a long time, becoming a large stone that I couldn’t put down.

Until I met a strange girl on the plane whose pen fell by my foot.

When I met her eyes, the dream that haunted me since I was young filled my mind.

At that moment, my heart started beating fast, uncontrollably so.

There was an accident on the plane and I watched her calmly attracting everyone’s attention.

I admit that I am dazzling, but I felt that she was even more dazzling than me.

But what really made my heart tremble wasn’t this, but rather at the Santiago villa.

She said my dream, like she had experienced it.  It was that kind of real.

I knew that she was the one I was searching for in this life.  Perhaps it wasn’t love at first sight, but I was sure that I only liked her and didn’t love her, so I would definitely let go in the end.

Perhaps I was that kind of person.  I was calm on the surface, but I had some wild ideas deep down.

After coming back, I investigated everything about her.  Other than knowing that she was a slightly popular actress, I also learned that she had a fiance named Jin Yi Xuan.

When I learned this, there was a depressed feeling that filled my heart which lingered for a long time without dissipating.

But it was a good thing that she broke this engagement.  Although the world didn’t know, it was easy for me to learn of this.

I gave her three popular scripts to choose from and I wanted her to pick the sci fi or the disaster film.

But she had to choose the youth film!

Actually, I was already thinking that perhaps the male lead role needed to be reconsidered.

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