Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2553: Side story: I’m willing to protect all your dreams (Part 2)

That was why I felt that I had the potential to be black bellied.  Ye Shi Liang was considered the most suited for playing the role of Li Si Han.

But……that didn’t mean that he was qualified to play a couple with her.

After all, I didn’t agree.

Then again, Li Yuan used to be a butler for our house before he was a director.  Although it was for another villa, he always respected me and kept calling me young master, young master.

After I talked to Li Yuan, she was the absolute female lead and there was no reason to overturn this.

I didn’t know what it started, but I started treating her matters as my matters.

I even started paying attention to the people who didn’t like her……

Li Yuan going to Star Group to choose supporting roles for “Time” was also my suggestion.

I knew that there were many people who she didn’t like and there were many people who didn’t like her.

It was good chance to let everyone know that the person that I, Gong Yu Bai like could never be bullied.

They fought over the supporting role and she was the absolute protagonist.

It was at that time that I decided that I would play the male lead of “Time”, Li Si Han.

After all, since it was my girl, how could I let others film with her?

As expected, everything went according to the script that I wrote.

Everyone’s look of disbelief and Jin Yi Xuan’s jealous look.

Not to mention anything else, it felt very refreshing.

Actually, I wasn’t a kind person so when I knew that she hated Gu Meng, I played some tricks on him.

It could even be said that I wanted him to die.

Perhaps this was black bellied, but bad things should be done by me alone.

Even if thunder fell down, it should strike me and not her.

If there was something that made me serious, it was when I knew that the crew of “Youth” had changed our broadcast time.  I knew that I had to do something.

This wasn’t something that I could let them turn around.  The entertainment industry was a very complicated place, it could make you famous overnight and could ruin your reputation in an instant.

I didn’t wrong them, but they had to take responsibility for their actions.

Daring to interfere with my Gong Yu Bai matters, it never ended well.

I bought all the stations and used a high price to do so!  Although it spent quite a bit of money, it was all done before their press conference.

I declared bankruptcy on Lychee TV that took bribes and the son of their chairman Chen Fang approached me several times.

When he knelt on the ground and said that he would kill himself, I told him: Die then!

Then he walked away with an ashen face.

There were some people that one could tell from a single look that they were greedy and afraid of death.  Those people wouldn’t die at ninety nine if they could live to be a hundred.

Their faces showed that they were afraid of death!

The days with her, from meeting to falling in love, every bit of progress made my heart throb.

What finally confirmed my heart was a rainy night.  The heavy rain seemed like it cleansed my heart and made every cell in my body tremble.

It was the first time I felt fear in my life and it was true fear!

Even on our fiftieth anniversary, when we mentioned what happened then, I could feel my heart suddenly start pounding.

My heart wasn’t good as I became older and I almost had a heart attack.

But it reminded me of the scene and the feelings of back then.  I could clearly remember it, I couldn’t forget that feeling.

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