Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2554: Side story: I’m willing to protect all your dreams (Part 3)

I remember when she got off the plane and called me.

I had been on the phone with my father, dealing with a tricky international contract.

The people responsible for this international trade from the various countries were also connected on the screen and when she called, it was my turn to talk.

I saw that the weather was bad, so I picked up since I was worried.

But as soon as I answered, my heart sank to the rock bottom.

I heard the rough man’s voice on the other end and I knew that she was in danger.

I suddenly felt like my life was over.  What international conference, what international contract, nothing was important.

I turned off the international call and moved all the forces in A City to accurately pinpoint her location.

The other side had already hung up.  When I sat in the car, my eyes turned red and there was an indescribable fear in my heart.

I was afraid that this heavy rain was a sign that I would lose her, I was afraid that I couldn’t save her.

I thought about many things along the way.  I never told her in the years that we were married, but I can say them here.

I had already prepared for the worst.  Perhaps it might have sounded unbelievable or a bit like a fairy tale.

But ‘sacrifice’ was a very serious and solemn thing for me.

A world without her didn’t have any meaning.  I didn’t want to wait for another person because without her, there was no need to wait.

When I arrived at the alley entrance, I saw a group of men with bruised faces.  I was surprised, but my heart was much more assured.

But that didn’t mean that my anger was gone.  The ones that wanted to bully her shouldn’t live in this world.

I put a silencer on my pistol and planned on dealing with these people.

They begged on the ground, but it couldn’t draw any bit of pity from me.

Until she stood in front of me and had me let them go.

At that moment, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, I could feel my fingers trembling.

She stood there with a pure and unharmed face, with her eyes as clear as the first time I saw her.

I was even a bit angry.  I was so worried and afraid, but she stood there completely fine.

But I felt that she was cute and couldn’t reproach her at all.

I asked her to come over in a commanding tone and then used all my strength to hug her.

I still didn’t know how she escaped this danger, I just knew that from that day forth, I had sent someone to follow her twenty four hours of the day to make sure that she was safe.

Many years later, when we watched a Taekwondo exhibition.

There was an interaction between the champion and the audience with a bear doll being presented as a gift.

I saw her go on stage and curl her lips in the spotlight before knocking out the champion in ten moves.

I was stunned seeing this, but I gave an understanding smile.

It turned out that she really was the hero who saved me in the apocalypse in her past life!

I don’t know if I’ll meet her in my next life, but she was the hero that saved my life in this life, saving me with a redemption of love.

Maybe no one understood or could understand, but I liked her, loved her, more than even myself.

In my opinion, I loved her even more than the me in the dream!

The falling leaves are the never ending words of a season, you are the one that I can’t love enough and I will guard your dreams through the years.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 39/100]

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