Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2555: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 1)

d the two fought before never seeing each other again.

Gu Meng thought that she would come see him again, but when Ye Si Yao saw Luo Xiao walking out of the company with another woman, she regretted it……

She felt that she still had a chance as long as she had a clean break with Gu Meng.

After all, this man had been her ‘spare tire’ and they had a daughter together.

But some love would be gone once it was missed.  Luo Xiao rejected Ye Si Yao and married Yan Man.

A forty year old man and a flower.  Luo Xiao was very handsome at the wedding and Luo Qing Chen was happy because her father had found true love.

As for Gu Fan Fan.

It was said that she married a man who was ten years older than her who had a daughter with an ex-wife, so she had become the daughter’s step mother.

As for how she was doing, Luo Qing Chen didn’t care.

But Jin Yi Xuan’s life wasn’t good.  He kept thinking of his past childhood sweetheart and was never able to get married.

It was because he couldn’t get past the barrier in his heart and he felt that he gave up the person he loved the most.

There was nothing sad about this world.

A hundred years later, she died without a single regret.


The dim chaotic sound rang out.

Remembering everything that happened in the past world, she felt a sweetness in her heart that didn’t fade for a long time.

[Welcome back host.]

[The following is a summary of the previous mission.  Host, please properly look over it.]

Name: Luo Qing Chen

World: «God!  Mary Sue world»

Mission completion rate: 100%

Experience: 5500/10000

There are currently four items in the spatial storage (4/5): [Exquisite Ring], [Nine Section Moon Whip], [Phoenix Dance Sword], [Universal Medicine Box].

Permanent abilities: Space and time freeze level 5

Permanent abilities: Teleportation level 3

Exchange points: 6000

Base points: 40

[The host’s fortieth mission panel is below.]

Appearance: 100/100

Strength: 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Figure: 100/100

After that, the image in the bronze mirror changed.

[Mission Grade: A]

[Experience gained: 500]

Female lead: Luo Qing Chen

Male lead: Du Jiu Sheng

Supporting female lead: Yue Leng Qing

Supporting male lead: Du Qi Chao

Mission content: [Return to ten months before the female lead died and obtain the love of the male lead.]

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