Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2556: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 2)

When receiving the memories, Luo Qing Chen was very nervous.  Even her fingers were slightly trembling.

The saying went: Happiness came late, but it will never be missing.

But even now, she didn’t know when her and Du Jiu Sheng’s happiness would come.

On the path of rebirth, monarch of nine lives.

She didn’t know why this phrase sounded so terrifying to her.


His and her story this time was in the ancient era.  The imperial court was divided into the north and south factions and the division of power was very serious.

The previous host was the daughter of a prefecture governor, a member of the northern faction.  She had an engagement with the crown prince since she was young.  She would marry the crown prince when she grew up and become the crown princess that everyone was envious of.

This wedding was set by the current empress because the prefecture governor had saved her life once.

It was a pity that the crown prince didn’t care.

The crown prince was stubborn by nature, so the emperor had sent him to the famous Three Emotions Mountain to cultivate.

He had met his true love there, his senior sister Leng Qing.

He called her senior sister and she called him by his nickname.

Yue Leng Qing was the most powerful woman at the Three Emotions Mountain other than the masters.

She always wore cold white clothes and held her Autumn Frost Sword as she taught the crown prince swordsmanship in the heavy snow.

The always rambunctious crown prince was never late to her class.

It wasn’t because he loved swordsmanship, but because he loved this woman with extraordinary swordsmanship.

Just like a glass of water in the morning, Yue Leng Qing was like a sugar cube that sweetened his life.

It was a pity that while some men loved, the women didn’t reciprocate.

Yue Leng Qing had lost both her parents when she was young and she had a deep hatred of blood on her.  She wanted to take revenge and didn’t have time for love.

Because when the master who saved her, Yuan Mo asked her what name she wanted.

She said, “I want to be called Leng Qing.”

Yue Leng Qing, that was the name she gave herself.

The love of this world came from ‘addiction’, so the more one couldn’t get something, the more they wanted it.

Like the crown prince Du Qi Chao.

Like the previous host Luo Qing Chen.

She had liked the crown prince since she was young and when she wasn’t even ten years old, she knew about all the makeup on Peaceful Ink City.

She liked putting on fine makeup whenever she went to find Du Qi Chao at the crown prince’s eastern palace.

It was a pity that the crown prince wouldn’t even greet her.

Unless the daughter’s family asked, only then would he invite her to the palace.

The previous host was simple in nature and she believed that Du Qi Chao would be her future husband, so she never thought that he would fall in love with someone else.

And this woman was five years older than him……

In the twentieth year of the dynasty.

The previous host had turned sixteen and she was looking forward to when Du Qi Chao would come to marry her.

He brought Yue Leng Qing from the Three Emotions Mountain to Peaceful Ink City, bringing her to the eastern palace.

He told the outside world that his senior sister Leng Qing with her powerful martial arts skills was just a bodyguard, but everyone in the interior knew that this was the new love of the crown prince!

It was because of these rumours that the previous host finally noticed Yue Leng Qing.

She had never done anything wrong in her life, the only thing that she did wrong got her whole family slaughtered.

But when you think carefully, it was a large mistake. It was because of a few disrespectful words to Yue Leng Qing in the eastern palace that created the tragedy in her life.

In the memories, it was a snowy afternoon.

Yue Leng Qing was in her sword dance and because she was too focused, the sword dance lifted some snow that accidentally fell onto the previous host’s head.

“Who?  Didn’t you see that someone is here?”

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