Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2559: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 5)

The previous host standing behind the screen felt like she had been struck by lightning.  The Luo Family had been killed, so naturally her heart was filled with hatred.

But contacting enemies had been like this since ancient times.  Even if her heart had hatred, she couldn’t take revenge.

But now……she knew that it really wasn’t like that.

The man she loved the most had destroyed her family because he wanted another woman.

What a dark act this was, it went against all morality.

She charged in and picked up a sword from the side to stage at Du Qi Chao.

But when it was about to reach his throat, she turned her sword and aimed it at Yue Leng Qing.

The previous host didn’t know martial arts and even if Yue Leng Qing was unprepared, she dodged it at the last second.

The sword only stabbed her shoulder.  The previous host wasn’t that lucky…..

When Du Qi Chao came back to his senses, he grabbed the sword from the previous host.

And cut her throat in one slash.

With blood splurting out, she slowly fell with tears filling those moving eyes.

Love was like this.  The deeper you fell, the harder it was to leave.

Anything would just confuse you and it would be enough to destroy you.

Being soft hearted was a disease and being deeply in love was fatal.

The previous host died like that.  At the moment of her death, Du Qi Chao quickly turned to block Yue Leng Qing and covered her eyes as he softly said, “Don’t look.”

This was the previous host’s story, cold, sad, and painful.

The memories ended there.

Du Jiu Sheng had a very low existence in the previous host’s memories.

He was the son of concubine Rou of the cold palace.  She was the daughter of the royal historian and a part of the southern faction.

She had won the love of the emperor, but the empress belonged to the northern faction.

The north and south dispute along with the jealousy of the harem girls, concubine Rou finally died in a sea of blood.

Leaving only a single son, Du Jiu Sheng.

The Cold North Palace, the cold palace that Xia Rou lived in, it was even more depressing after she died.

Other than his zither, his sword, and his wine, there was only a eunuch, Ya Nu who stayed with him.

It was a eunuch who couldn’t speak and had bad feet.  After being disdained for many years, he was transferred to the cold palace by the head eunuch.

But to Ya Nu, this was a blessing.

Although even the food in the cold palace wasn’t good, it was a happy place.

Du Jiu Sheng was very good to him and invited him to share the good dishes and wine.

He was born handsome and often played the zither in the courtyard, so the maids and little mistresses would throw him desserts or silver.

Although this was the cold palace, he didn’t have to worry about food or clothes acting as a ‘showman’.

But in his ice cold eyes, there was a determination that normal people didn’t have.

This was the memory that the previous host didn’t have, it was put in her mind by the system.

Special world, special world, special world.

She repeated this three times in her heart.  She constantly reminded herself that other than her martial arts, she didn’t have any abilities normal people didn’t have.

No system, no powers……

The most terrifying thing was that she didn’t come to this world when the Luo Family was at its peak, but rather……

Right after her family was destroyed and she was brought to the empress as a maid.

“Follow closely.  You have a special status, you can’t make it public.”  The maid Yu’er walking in front of her carefully reminded her.

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a nod before quickly following her.

This identity, this time, really was too difficult for her.

Right now, based on this identity, neither she nor Du Jiu Sheng could save anyone.

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