Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2583: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 29)

Ya Nu’s expression didn’t change when he heard this.

He just gave a nod and used his ‘sign language’ to ask about Du Jiu Sheng’s injuries.

Even when he was heavily injured, what he cared about the most was Du Jiu Sheng’s injuries.

“I’m fine.”  Du Jiu Sheng knitted his brows, “You should rest up and not do any work over the next few days.”

“Eh, eh, eh.”  Ya Nu was about to reject this when Luo Qing Chen tied up the bandage on the side, “Just recuperate properly!  It won’t get better for at least ten days to half a month!”

“Eh……”  Ya Nu stuttered with a choked tone to his voice.

He was grateful to everything in his life.  He had Du Jiu Sheng and Luo Qing Chen.


When evening came, the colourful sunset fell over the Cold North Palace.

Although many things had happened today, there was an inexplicable warmth in everyone’s hearts.

Since there were two patients at home, it was Luo Qing Chen who cooked today.  Although the dishes couldn’t compare to Du Jiu Sheng or Ya Nu’s, it was still not bad.

“Un……”  Du Jiu Sheng took two bits and gave a thoughtful nod.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised, “What?  Does it taste bad?”

“Eh, eh, eh.”  Ya Nu who was covered in bandages didn’t forget to shake his head.  Then he thought that something was off, so he gave a nod.

“Shaking your head and then nodding, what does that mean?”  Luo Qing Chen picked up a spoon with a frustrated expression.  When she was about to eat, Du Jiu Sheng said, “It’s that our Qing’er cooks too deliciously.”

“Wa!  You two are teaming up to bully me!”  Luo Qing Chen opened her eyes wide as she acted angry and glared at them.

“No, no, no.”  Du Jiu Sheng shook his head, “Don’t misunderstand Ya Nu.  Ya Nu’s meaning is that your cooking is too delicious, so you don’t misunderstand.”

“Then what do you mean!”

“My meaning is that Qing’er’s dishes are delicious too!”

“This is more like it.”  Luo Qing Chen proudly raised her head, “You two disabled people have to please me during this time since it’s related to whether you can eat fish or meat or……

“Or what?”


As soon as her voice fell, Du Jiu Sheng smiled for the first time since noon.

Ya Nu also laughed along……

A dinner filled with laughter.  Even if they had their own thoughts, it didn’t disturb their harmony.

But what they didn’t know was that two other people in the Eastern Palace also had their own thoughts.

Du Qi Chao sat in front of his desk as he kept thinking about Luo Qing Chen and Yue Leng Qing’s match in the afternoon.

She used a branch to fight and each move was so fast that he couldn’t even see them clearly.  By then, she had already defeated Yue Leng Qing.


He couldn’t be more familiar with Luo Qing Chen, it was impossible that her martial arts was that good.

Even if she had changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly, it couldn’t go that fast.

Martial arts took several years or several decades to train, it was impossible to change the tide that quickly.

Why, so why?

At the same time, in the Dreaming Moon Pavilion.

This was the pavilion that Du Qi Chao specially built for Yue Leng Qing.  It was covered in cold and resplendent decorations.

Yue leng Qing couldn’t stop the throbbing in her heart.  Everything that happened at the gates of the Eastern Palace played again and again in her mind.

She had thought that it was because Luo Qing Chen’s strength had left a deep impression on her, but what was imprinted on her mind was Du Jiu Sheng’s expression.

This was her first time seeing Du Jiu Sheng.  Those indifferent and proud eyes had made her feel like she was seeing herself.

So familiar……

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