Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2584: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 30)

She couldn’t tell anyone about this feeling.

Whether it was Du Qi Chao or Du Jiu Sheng, she couldn’t say anything.

Yue Leng Qing closed her eyes, letting that cold figure linger in her mind.

But even when she fell into her dreams, that figure never faded.


Since Du Jiu Sheng was injured, there were many ‘guests’ that came to the Cold North Palace over the next few days.  Some were maids and some were harem girls.

Sending food, sending medicine, and even sending quilts.

Luo Qing Chen thought that even if the Cold North Palace was a cold palace, it was still the palace of a prince!

How!  Could!  It!  Lack!  Quilts!

“Miss Luo, please help me pass this quilt to young master Jiu.  He shouldn’t catch a cold in this cold weather.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the large quilt and a difficult smile appeared on her face, “Alright……”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen didn’t hesitate to close the door.  Holding this quilt, she walked in without any expressions.

Du Jiu Sheng who was about to head into the study saw the quilt Luo Qing Chen was holding and didn’t forget to say something, “Why is it another quilt?  You’ve bought many quilts over the past two days.”

“Bought?”  Luo Qing Chen laughed at this before revealing a cold smile, “Young master Jiu, these were all given to you by your fangirls.  There are many ginseng supplements in the warehouse as well!  I’m afraid that your life is even better than the crown prince!”

“......”  Du Jiu Sheng was surprised before he couldn’t help saying with a smile, “You won’t even call me big brother Jiu Sheng and now you’re calling me young master Jiu!”

Du Jiu Sheng strangely felt happy seeing her being jealous.

These days had been truly blissful.

It would be great if it could continue like this.  How good if he didn’t need to care about the world or power.

“Isn’t it because big brother Jiu Sheng has too many fangirls that I’m angered to death!”  Luo Qing Chen hugged the quilt and stomped her foot, “Although I have a bad temper, these girls are coming here in the snow and I can’t just reject them!”

“I had Ya Nu reject them before and he would be embarrassed so he would accept some.”  Du Jiu Sheng said with a smile, “If Qing’er has objections, then you don’t need to accept them.”

“Wa.”  Luo Qing Chen revealed an indignant look, “You say it so easily!  Slapping smiling people’s faces, don’t you know!  They are here to give you free stuff, why wouldn’t you want it!”

“It turns out that our Qing’er is very diligent and thrifty!”  Du Jiu Sheng patted her head, “Very good.”

“Kou, kou, kou.”  There was a familiar knock that rang out.

The corners of Luo Qing Chen’s mouth that were about to reveal a smile instantly stiffened at this knocking.

“Good your head!”  Luo Qing Chen forcefully put the quilt in Du Jiu Sheng’s hand, “I have to ask young master Jiu to put this large quilt in the warehouse!  In another few days, our Cold North Palace might become rich!”

“Ah?”  Du Jiu Sheng was surprised, “Qing’er, where are you going?”

“Me?”  Luo Qing Chen gave him a look that said you know and you’re still asking, “I’m going to store more quilts.”

As her voice fell, she headed to the south gate.  Du Jiu Sheng watched her leave and he couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

Everything was so warming.

“Which maid is it this time!”  Luo Qing Chen said as she opened the door, but it wasn’t a maid that was outside, rather it was a eunuch.

Based on the markings on his uniform, he should be of high rank.

“Miss Luo, this servant is the eunuch of the crown prince’s Eastern Palace.”  Eunuch Sheng gave a bow, “His highness invites miss Luo to the Eastern Palace and requires the miss to come alone.”

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