Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2593: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 39)

“So did Xu Yue encounter a problem that he needed to write you a letter?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips as she asked this.

Du Jiu Sheng gave a slight nod, “Although the Chen Country’s cavalry are powerful, the Chen Country doesn’t intend to be our enemy.”

When he analyzed this, Du Jiu Sheng became very serious and he looked very good when he was serious.

Luo Qing Chen put her cheek in her hand and never tired of looking at Du Jiu Sheng.

“Since they don’t want to become our enemy, why is the fighting so intense!”

“There is a never ending hatred between the Chen Country and the Liao People.  The former king of the Chen Country was killed by the Liao general Meng Shi.”  Du Jiu Sheng slightly knitted his brows, “The Chen Country fighting us this time seems like it’s for the Dragon Pass, but it’s to probe our forces.”

“Big brother Jiu Sheng’s meaning is……the Chen Country wants to ally with us.”

“Yes.”  Du Jiu Sheng gave a nod, “I heard Xu Yue say that there is a tall and slender deputy general.  If my guesses are correct, she should be the Chen Country’s princess, Chen Yao Yao.”

“Wa!”  Luo Qing Chen said in a surprised voice, “Even women can go to the battlefield, the Chen Country really is quite open minded!”

“It’s not uncommon for girls to join the army for their fathers.”  Du Jiu Sheng replied, “I told Xu Yue to use a luring the tiger away from the mountain method to capture Chen Yao Yao.”

“What?  You want to capture Chen Yao Yao?”  Du Jiu Sheng’s words surprised Luo Qing Chen very much.  After all, capturing princess Chen wasn’t a small matter.

“The Chen Country’s king wants to ally themselves with us, so marriage is the best method.”  Du Jiu Sheng said with a smile, “The emperor already knows about this, so there should be some news over the next few days.”

“Marriage?”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised, “With……the crown prince?”

“Other than the crown prince, there is no one else in the Mo Country worthy of Chen Yao Yao.”  Du Jiu Sheng gave a nod, “After all, Chen Yao Yao is the eldest princess of the Chen Country.”

“He, he, he……”  Luo Qing Chen laughed a few times hearing this, “I suddenly feel like there’s a good play to watch!”

“You, oh you.”  Du Jiu Sheng said with a smile, “You have quite a few bad thoughts!”

“Big brother Jiu Sheng, you don’t understand!”  Luo Qing Chen held her chest and said, “This is called retribution for the wicked!”

At the same time, in the Eastern Palace.

Du Qi Chan naturally also received this news and he learned of it earlier than Du Jiu Sheng.

But after he received this unpleasant news, he heard some more news.

The bodyguard that he sent to protect Yue Leng Qing reported in.  Yue Leng Qing had changed into simple clothes and gone to the Cold North Palace.

After receiving this news, his eyes were covered in a layer of ice and he released a chill that prevented everyone from approaching.

When Yue Leng Qing came back to the palace, the chill still hadn’t dissipated.

“Senior sister, where did you go?”  His voice was very low, but he didn’t dare lose his temper with Yue Leng Qing.

He couldn’t ask for the reason, that wasn’t his style.

“Un?”  Yue Leng Qing looked up at him and said without hiding a thing, “I went to the Cold North Palace.”

It was because of Yue Leng Qing’s honesty that Du Qi Chao wasn’t that angry.

He cleared his throat and said, “Senior sister, why did you go to the cold palace?”

“Chao’er, did you forget what your senior sister and uncle masters have taught you at the Three Emotions Mountain?”  Yue Leng Qing looked at him with a bit of an accusatory tone in her voice, “People who learn the sword must have the sword soul, they can’t have a petty person’s heart……”

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