Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2595: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 41)

“No……It’s nothing.”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head, “It’s just a dream.”

“A nightmare?”  Du Jiu Sheng sat down beside her and patted her head, “It’s fine, it’s fine……”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and put her head on his shoulder, “I don’t know if it’s a nightmare, but my heart is very flustered right now.  It’s like the world is about to collapse.”

This was a very terrifying feeling and even when she thought of it now, she felt her hairs stand on end.

“You!  You must be too tired lately.”  Du Jiu Sheng patted her back with a gentle look, “Don’t think too much, I’m here.”

He already had his own plans, but the time wasn’t right yet.

There were many things that needed a fuse and he knew that while he was planning, the crown prince was also planning.

He hugged Luo Qing Chen and thought: No matter what happens, the Mo Country will change this time!


Seven days later, the Chen Country sent envoys to befriend the Mo Country.  The Mo Country which had been beaten back agreed to this peace without a single thought after receiving this news.  It was decided that the Mo Country’s crown prince Du Qi Chao would marry the Chen Country’s princess Chen Yao Yao.

Du Qi Chao had immediately rejected the orders of the emperor and had sent the aloof King Mo to his sick bed in rage.

The next day at the Eastern Palace.

Du Qi Chao was drinking in the pavilion by the water feeling a bit irritated.

He had refused a bit too quickly in the main hall as a large part of this was the emotional matter in his heart.

He didn’t think too much about it at the time, even ignoring the looks the empress gave him.

In all these years, he had personally eliminated many obstacles, but he was very likely to lose at the hands of a woman.

Laughable, truly laughable……

“Chao’er, so you were here.”  Yue Leng Qing slowly walked over and sat down beside him, “The empress is waiting for you in the study, you should go!”

“Is she here to try and convince me?”  Du Qi Chao gave a cold laugh, “It seems like senior sister is also trying to convince me?”

Why was it that the things that he cared about all didn’t care about him?

He worked so hard, even going against the emperor’s orders, but he didn’t feel like the other side was moved at all.

Yue Leng Qing never would have known that going against the emperor’s orders would ruin everything he had worked so hard for before.

“Chao’er, the empress isn’t wrong.”  Yue Leng Qing looked at him with a calm look, “I am someone from the Jianghu and the one who should be the crown princess is not me.  The Chen Country’s princess is a great leader and the two countries……”

“I really don’t need senior sister to tell me these truths.”  Du Qi Chao gave a cold laugh, “I just want to know, what is in your heart?  Is it the so-called blood feud, or is it someone I don’t know about?”

Yue Leng Qing was surprised and her expression changed a bit.  Du Qi Chao had seen this change at that moment.

He drank the wine on the table and said, “Senior sister, I know what I should do.”

His words contained a deep meaning that Yue Leng Qing couldn’t understand what he meant.

But those piercing eyes looked so ruthless.

She knew what kind of personality he had when she met him, but he had helped her take her revenge.

No matter what, he was her benefactor.


“If princess Chen is to marry into the Eastern Palace, senior sister can’t call me Chao’er.”  Du Qi Chao turned his back to her and coldly said, “Call me your highness!”

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