Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 26.2: Being your wife really is fortunate.

Chapter 26 Part 2

Soon after Xi Jia returned to the hotel, someone knocked on the door. He opened the door to take a look, and Ye Jingzhi was standing before the door, avoiding eye contact. But barely three seconds had past when Ye Jingzhi’s expression suddenly became colder, asking, “There’s a presence of a ghost on you?”

Xi Jia was slightly stunned and then recalled the female ghost that he had ran into at the bus stop. He spoke about what he had seen including the scenes of the female ghost madly rubbing against and kissing the poster as if the female ghost was possessed, nearly pushing other people off of the platform.

Ye Jingzhi said, “It should be a wandering soul and has become a ghost for only a few days. It’ll reincarnate in a few days.”

Xi Jia asked, “After someone dies, can they still remember what they liked when they’re alive?”

“They can. That wandering soul should be very fond of the male star on the poster. So after death, she remembers the other person and refuses to move away from the poster.”

Xi Jia nodded in understanding. He suddenly remembered something, “That’s right, Master Ye. You came looking for me today, do you need something?”

The tips of Ye Jingzhi’s ears suddenly became red. He started to evade his gaze once again, and Xi Jia looked at him in confusion. After a long time, Ye Jingzhi lowered his head, and said in a small voice, “I remember……remember you said that today’s your last scene. In order to celebrate your completion……do you want to go out for a walk?”

Since he came to Chang’an for half a month, it was Xi Jia’s first time visiting the millennium ancient city.

Chang’an in April wasn’t as cold. The wind blew against their faces, carrying a touch of spring.

In Chang’an, there’s a nationally famous food street. In fact, many foods in this city were famous in the country.

As an authentic southerner, Xi Jia and his father had moved to S City to live since he was small. He rarely ate lamb and had never had paomo before.

Lamb paomo, “cold-skin” noodles, noodles with minced meat, meat “burger”……1

Two handsome and tall men walked side by side through the food street, attracting many eyes. Ye Jingzhi suggested to “take a walk.” After leaving the hotel, he even took out his phone and looked at the public transit roadmap for a very long time. In the end, he bumpily took Xi Jia to the food street.

However, upon entering the food street, Ye Jingzhi was stunned silly.

Master Ye had never seen so many people before.

Master Ye had lived alone since childhood unlike other ordinary children. Their parents would take them traveling or shopping. Master Ye’s leisure activities only included ghost hunting, occasionally refining magic treasures, and drawing charms. It could be considered as filling in the gap. Arriving at the jam-packed food street, the plan that Master Ye had prepared became waste paper, causing Xi Jia to lead him. They ate and drank along the way. Until finally, they walked from the beginning to the end of the street.

On both sides of the food street, there were many small shops selling specialty souvenirs. Many tourist would enter and buy some specialties to take back as presents for their friends and family. Xi Jia subconsciously asked, “Master Ye, do you want to buy some jujubes and walnuts?2 I heard Chang’an’s jujubes and walnuts are really famous. You can take some back to give to someone.”

Ye Jingzhi’s hand held a half-eaten meat burger. After listening to this, he replied, “I don’t have anyone to send to.”

Hearing what was said, Xi Jia suddenly stopped mid-bite into his meat burger.

The elegant, black-haired young man took a bite of his meat burger, turned his head, and blankly stared at the man in front. Because he was eating the burger, those rosy lips had a layer of shining oil. It didn’t feel greasy, but instead it gave off an attractive color and luster. Xi Jia’s eyes were very large. When he blankly looked at Ye Jingzhi, beautiful colors had settled in those eyes. The neon lights of the bustling and dazzling food street were completely reflected off them.

Ye Jingzhi couldn’t help but stare in rapture.

Xi Jia immediately snapped back to his senses. He actually forgot that Master Ye had lost his close relatives when he was small!

Xi Jia quickly lowered his burger and said remorsefully, “Sorry, I accidentally forgot……”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t say anything, and Xi Jia started to become nervous.

Ye Jingzhi’s lack of experience in interacting with other people also held true for Xi Jia. He didn’t know what he should say to comfort the other person. After all, it was he who had said something wrong and stabbed at someone else’s grieving matter.

With a turn of his head, Xi Jia saw a small vendor selling mirror cakes on the side of the road.3 He didn’t even think and pulled Ye Jingzhi’s hand towards the vendor. He gave the owner 10 yuan for two painted white sugar mirror cakes. One for himself and one for Ye Jingzhi.

Underneath the dazzling and bright lights of the food street, Xi Jia smiled as he said, “I don’t have anyone to send things to, and you also don’t. Master Ye, then we won’t send anything, we’ll eat them ourselves and won’t care about others, okay?”

Seeing that Ye Jingzhi still hadn’t responded, Xi Jia asked again, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi returned to his senses, and he removed his line of sight away from Xi Jia’s lips. With reddened cheeks, he said in a small voice, “Okay.”

The colorful neon lights of the food street camouflaged the shy blush on Master Ye’s face. Originally, Xi Jia only bought the white sugar mirror cake to make up to Ye Jingzhi. He didn’t expect that after a few bites, the mirror cake was soft, sticky, fragrant, and sweet. It was actually very delicious.

Xi Jia closed his eyes as he ate to the fullest. Seeing his satisfied expression, Ye Jingzhi also looked down and took a bite of the white glutinous mirror cake. The white sugar and glutinous rice entered his mouth, a sweetness that could make people feel happiness.

Sweet food, sweet mood, sweet people……

Master Ye had lived for 25 years. For the first time, he thought that sugar was also so delicious.

The first date (in Ye Jingzhi’s mind) was a complete success. The two returned to the hotel when it struck midnight. When they got on the elevator, Ye Jingzhi was still immersed in the joy of his wife buying him sweets when he suddenly heard Xi Jia let out a baffled sound of surprise.

Ye Jingzhi turned his head to look over.

Xi Jia was holding his phone and endlessly pressed on the screen. After pressing several times, he slightly wrinkled his brows, “How come I can’t open the article? Did WeChat freeze?”

Ye Jingzhi obediently stood to the side, carefully following the “if wife doesn’t let you see, don’t look at anything” rule.

After trying for a while, Xi Jia helplessly looked up and asked, “Master Ye, can I borrow your phone? I want to look at your WeChat, my phone seems to be broken.”

Ye Jingzhi took out his phone and handed it over, remember to unlock the screen.

Xi Jia took the phone and tapped open the WeChat official account. After clicking on “Ghosts Know What I Experienced,” four articles immediate jumped out. He didn’t even hesitate to open the headline titled 《 The Love Affairs of those Years in the Great Qin Dynasty, Chapter 3: Naive! Zhao Gao was only an eunuch? Then why did he have the fate of dominating the dynasty!? 》

He lightly tapped with his finger and a short story of 10,000 words appeared before Xi Jia’s eyes. He perplexedly swiped through the article and then tried to look at his own phone. He could only still see the title and a few rows of the summary.

Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, can you help me take a look and see what’s wrong with my phone?”

Ye Jingzhi took Xi Jia’s phone. After looking at it for a while, with his index and middle fingers pressed together, he drew a golden rune on Xi Jia’s phone screen.

The rune hovered above the phone. After drawing the last stroke, a golden light erupted. A lot of densely packed tiny gold characters flew out from somewhere unknown. In the air, they formed a small article. Underneath the article, there were two buttons: Confirm or Cancel.

In the hotel’s monitoring room, a security personnel widened his eyes, firmly staring at one of the screens.

“Holy shit! Fatty, fatty, wake up quickly! There’s a ghost, there’s a ghost! Words are floating in the air. A lot of words suddenly appeared in the air!”

The plump security guard who was currently dozing off woke up in a daze. He followed where his partner’s finger pointed: within a running elevator, two men with their heads lowered and playing on their phones, nothing in particular.

“Old Wang, you’re blind ah, what ghost? Where’s the ghost? Don’t disturb my sleep.”

Old Wang didn’t dare believe as he stared at the screen. No matter what, he couldn’t see another word again. He rubbed his eyes. In the end, he muttered in doubt, “Did I really see wrong?”

In the elevator, Ye Jingzhi raised his hand and laid down a barrier, obstructing the surveillance of the security cameras.

With the experience of seeing the Modou Rankings, Xi Jia was completely calm while seeing these mystical words that were floating in the air again. He carefully read the article. He had only read the beginning when Ye Jingzhi asked, “When did you follow ‘Ghosts Know?’ Has it been a month?”

Xi Jia thought back for a bit, “It has been a month. I think it was exactly a month ago when I met Pei Yu in Pinghu. He made me follow ‘Ghosts Know.’”

Ye Jingzhi lightly nodded. His fingers flew at lightning-speed in the air as he drew golden runes. Following his movements, the characters hovering in the air constantly fluctuated. Xi Jia was dazzled and couldn’t clearly see what these words said. Waiting for Ye Jingzhi to stop, a gigantic number floated in the air——

『Balance: 0』

Ye Jingzhi looked at this number in a daze. Xi Jia was even more at a loss, completely not understanding what this meant.

Very quickly, Ye Jingzhi drew another two runes before returning the phone to Xi Jia, “Now you can read.”

Xi Jia opened “Ghosts Know” official account. Sure enough, the article that had only showed a few lines suddenly displayed the full text. He looked over his phone in confusion. At a loss, Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, why couldn’t I read the article just now? Could it be that ‘Ghosts Know’ didn’t allow me to read the article anymore?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “En, there was a small problem. I fixed it just now so you can continue reading.”

Xi Jia didn’t expect that there would be an official account in this world that could evade 10cent and have a despicable monopoly of paying extra money to read articles. He asked, “Will there be a problem in the future?”

Ye Jingzhi recalled what he just did. The tips of his ears couldn’t help but redden as he said quietly, “There won’t be any problems in the future. You can continue reading the articles on ‘Ghosts Know.’ You should be able to read for another……500,000 years.”

Xi Jia didn’t hear it clearly, “Ah?”


Translator’s Addition:
C+: Here, have some candy~


Mirror: My wife is so sweet (๑•́ω•̀๑)

Translator’s Notes: The notes are all about food *laughs*
1 羊肉泡馍 Lamb Paomo、凉皮 “Cold-skin” noodles、臊子面 Saozi noodles (noodles with minced meat)、肉夹馍 Meat “burger” – Chang’an aka modern day Xi’an local specialty dishes. Also Shaanxi (Province) cuisine. I couldn’t find a wiki page for the saozi noodles. I took the English names for these from Xi’an Famous Foods’ menu, you can also find a description and pictures for them on there too.
2 红枣核桃 Jujubes/Red dates and walnuts – can be combined together or separate. If together, the walnuts are usually stuffed into the jujubes. Often sold as souvenirs and gifts.

3 镜糕 Mirror Cakes – (sorry no English wiki page) A sweet candy/snack made from glutinous rice flour and (colored) sugar. They’re round and shaped like a “mirror”.

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