High Energy QR Code

Chapter 26.2- Perfume

Xing Ye suddenly recalled something and sprinted down the stairs. When he saw the school map earlier, he remembered that there was a newly constructed building. That building used to be...

“Xing Ye!” His homeroom English teacher just happened to be going upstairs when he passed by the second floor, and grabbed him, “You sent a text saying you weren’t feeling well to get out of class, but then at noon, you went to the music room and destroyed the public piano! You’re coming with me to my office!”

Xing Ye observed this teacher, whose figure was so good that Wu Yu couldn’t resist copping a feel, and obediently stopped, following the English teacher to her office.

Speaking of which, what was this teacher’s name again? Oh, right, it was Li Hong, an ordinary name that didn’t match with her glamorous looks at all.

After entering her office, Ms. Li started to talk on and on about all the misdeeds Xing Ye had done in year 1 and year 2. From sleeping during class to failing exams, even bringing up the college entrance exams next year, she talked so much that even Xing Ye started to grow annoyed.

Really, how irritating. It made Xing Ye unable to help but remember some unpleasant memories. However, those experiences were in university, not high school.

Xing Ye grew impatient from Miss Li’s fly-like scolding: “Miss, it doesn’t matter if I get into university or not. Can you just stop bothering me?”

“Absolutely not!” Ms. Li slammed her hands on her desk, “Even if your family’s rich, you have to study well. I don’t care about your other subjects, but you have to learn English seriously to communicate with other people. Come to my office for this evening’s independent study and I’ll tutor you. There’s only a year until college entrance exams, so you have to work hard. There’s still time to make up for the courses you’ve fallen behind on!”

“Alright, I’ll come in the evening. Can I go now?” Xing Ye replied casually. In any case, he wasn’t planning to study.

“Are you thinking your teacher’s very annoying?” Ms. Li asked with a sigh.

“Ye-....” Xing Ye suddenly stopped speaking midway and rubbed his pocket. The originally quiet mirror had abruptly started trembling in his pocket.

Xing Ye suddenly sobered up. Why was he this stirred up? It was just a few scoldings from a teacher. In business, he had run into countless people even more difficult than Ms. Li and was still able to always keep his calm. Now, even the unpleasant memories he had always kept suppressed were coming out- how?

It was almost like, if Ms. Li could stop bothering him, he was willing to say anything.

Xing Ye patted the mirror, showing he understood. He gave Ms. Li an audacious grin and found a chair in the office to sit on, even resting his feet on the desk.”Teacher, go on, I’m listening. It’s not annoying at all.”

Ms. Li’s beautiful face warped as she gritted her teeth, “Get your feet off my desk! Where are your manners!”

“Teacher, add me on Wechat. I’ll show you a picture.”

“What?” Ms. Li looked a little nervous as she took out her cell phone.

“Even if you don’t want to see it, since you want to help tutor me in English, we should at least exchange contact information. That way, if I run into a problem I don’t know how to solve, I can ask you.”

Xing Ye was still very irritated, so irritated that he wanted to wreck everything in the room. However, he resisted, acting like he didn’t care at all in front of Ms. Li.

He put a hand in his pocket, where he had hidden a small, folding knife for self defense earlier. He opened the knife, pressing the edge against his palm and using the pain to block his anxiety.

His other hand tapped around his phone. “Are we adding each other or not?”

“Of course we’re adding.” Ms. Li revealed a stiff smile and said her Wechat ID.

Xing Ye entered her ID, “Accept my invite.”

Ms. Li accepted the friend invite and Xing Ye immediately sent over the picture the spy sent of Wu Yu molesting her. He also forwarded her the whole video.

Ms. Li’s face changed after watching it. Her hand clutching the phone couldn’t help but tremble as she spoke furiously, “How could he… how… I’m going to call him to the office.”

Xing Ye spoke, “Ms. Li, you can’t be lenient with him. You should probably call the police. If my friend didn’t stop him in time, you would’ve been injured. At 16, he already possesses full responsibility for his actions. A person like Wu Yu needs to be sentenced.”

“N-no, we can’t do that.” Ms. Li forced a smile, “He’s just a student and he has a long future in front of him. He didn’t actually cause substantial harm, so we can still sway him to the right path.”

“Teacher sure is magnanimous.” Xing Ye took his hand out of his pocket, revealing the knife in his hands.

He pressed the knife against her neck, preventing her struggles. “Then even if I do this, as long as it isn’t substantial harm, you wouldn’t mind?”

“W-What are you doing?” Ms. Li’s body trembled.

“Don’t underestimate this knife just because it’s small. With force, it can still slice through arteries and kill somebody. Are you still not going to call the police?” Xing Ye asked.

“Don’t joke around…” Ms. Li kept retreating backward, only to find out, when her back hit the wall, that the door was locked.

“When I entered your office, you locked it yourself. Did you forget?” Xing Ye said, “Ms. Li, you’re young and beautiful. If word gets out that you called a young and vigorous high school student to talk in your office alone, then even locked the door, wouldn’t that be bad?”

“I-I didn’t remember, it’s a habit.” Ms. Li stuttered.

“Then call the police,” Xing Ye pointed at Ms. Li’s phone, “If you don’t call, I’ll kill you right now.”

“No!” Ms. Li screamed, “Let, let go of me…”

But she was completely helpless. Furthermore, Xing Ye’s attitude really scared Ms. Li; he looked like a psychopath who would really kill her without another thought, slicing through her artery and watching her with blank eyes as she bled out on the floor.

“Your acting’s really good,” Xing Ye sighed, “At noon, I really did think that Wu Yu was recklessly using his special abilities to harm normal people and that you were just an innocent victim.

“Yesterday, you called me out for sleeping in class, just like a real high school teacher. At that time, I had suspected quite a few people in the class, but never you.

“At the start, I wasn’t sure about all the other students’ names. That’s why when you called my name, I subconsciously believed you were an ordinary teacher.

“But now when I think about it carefully, if the teacher on the podium was suddenly switched with somebody else, what would they do if they didn’t know how far into the lesson they were? The natural choice is to call a student up to answer a question. If they answered right, you could find at what stage of the lesson you’re at. If they answered wrong, you can take advantage of the time you get from scolding the student to adjust to the situation.

“There must’ve been a name roster in front of you. People from the following fate camp really have good luck- you just randomly said a name and got me. Not only did you get by the lesson smoothly, you even successfully dispelled my doubts about you.”

Speaking up to here, Xing Ye had no choice but to admit that luck could really influence a fight.

If it wasn’t for the scolding he received right when he entered the world, Xing Ye wouldn’t have immediately assumed Ms. Li was an ordinary person. If it wasn’t for the mirror’s reminder, he would have completely fallen under her control.

The anxiety left Xing Ye’s mental state close to crumbling apart. Forcefully repressing it and acting calm made him appear even more frightening. If Xing Ye looked in the mirror, he would’ve discovered that he looked just like a crazy, psychopathic homicidal maniac right now, the kind that was perverted enough to disember corpses. It’s no wonder that Ms. Li’s face had gone completely white with fear.

“You used a delayed mood influencing special QR code to magnify a certain emotion with the aim of manipulating me. If I hadn’t realized it, I would’ve been so irritated by you that I’d have answered everything you asked. After the first ‘yes’, I would’ve told you everything I knew and you would’ve easily gotten the intel about the piano. Am I right?” Xing Ye asked.

Ms. Li hastily nodded, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

She was a player and intentionally played along with Wu Yu’s obscene actions for Xing Ye’s snitch to see. When Wu Yu met with Di Kuang, Di Kuang must’ve noticed the other students shadowing them. Thus, he directed Wu Yu to do that to Ms. Li in order to confuse the person behind the people following them, causing Xing Ye to lower his guard against Ms. Li.

Ruthless and decisive. Before this, Xing Ye hadn’t suspected Ms. Li at all. Di Kuang absolutely could not be underestimated.

The mirror had once said that only one special QR code could be used at once. Although the delayed mood influence was a very strong ability, it left her unable to use her other abilities.

The jittery feeling was still there, so the delayed effect hasn’t dissipated yet. Furthermore, Ms. Li still hasn’t used her starting skills, so she shouldn’t be this afraid.

While Xing Ye pondered, he suddenly felt a burst of dizziness. At some unknown point in time, Ms. Li managed to get her hands on a bottle of perfume.

It shouldn’t be a special QR code. When he had just entered her office, he noticed a bottle of perfume on her desk, so it should be ordinary perfume.

She had an ability to turn normal perfume into a dizzying mist… so that’s why she had locked the door and closed the windows.

“So you were actually just stalling for time.” Xing Ye said, enduring the dizziness.

Ms. Li, who had just been crying from fear, crawled up. “What else? Did you think I’d really be scared into tears by you? Just be good and faint already. When you awaken, you’ll be back in the system space. My delayed special QR code ability can even make a human vegetable talk. When you lose consciousness, you’ll be even easier to deal with.”

The pain could no longer keep Xing Ye awake. He clutched the mirror, “Teacher, what a coincidence. I’ve also been waiting for you to use all your skills before revealing my plan. It looks like we’ve thought of the same thing.”

The author has something to say:

Mirror: Everybody says I’m useless, but look at how amazing I am! Just try me!

TL's Note: Changing prolonged QR codes -> Delay type/delayed QR codes. Just note that for future chapters that I missed and forgot to change.

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