Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 26.3: Being your wife really is fortunate.

Chapter 26 Part 3

Since Master Ye had already fixed this small problem, Xi Jia continued to read the article. He read halfway through when he felt his head swell again. He couldn’t understand how the Xuanxue world could have a Celestial Master who could talk so big!

Zhao Gao was only an eunuch?

Bullcrap! Of course he was originally an eunuch!

Zhao Gao had the fate of dominating the Qin Dynasty?

Do you dare say this sentence again in front of the First Emperor? Not to mention the First Emperor, if you said it in front of Ziying, maybe Ziying would be angry enough to come out of the Mausoleum and dismember your body into ten thousand pieces.

Ever since “Ghosts Know” had uploaded that article the day before about the love square of the First Emperor, Fusu, Huhai, and Ziying……Pei! It’s not a love square. After they had uploaded the novel probing into the relationship between father and sons, it had caused a sensation. That writing received more than 30,000 comments, 50,000 likes, and exceeded 100,000 views within an hour.

“Ghosts Know” seemed to have tasted the sweet taste of success, and the next day, they uploaded 《 The Love Affairs of those Years in the Great Qin Dynasty, Chapter 2 》. The enthusiasm didn’t die down. A group of Celestial Masters loudly cried underneath the article, expressing that they wanted to read gossip and secrets, requesting “Ghosts Know” to continue to peel their skins, and need to even peel the Qin Dynasty’s underwear down!

Thus, there’s a third chapter today.

This group of old hoodlums of the Xuanxue world were constantly refreshing Xi Jia’s lower limit of acknowledgement towards them.

After he finished reading the nonsensical work about Zhao Gao, Xi Jia thought for a bit before deciding to continue maintaining secrecy for the Xuanxue world, and not tell Ziying about this article. After all, he still wanted to live in this world. If Ziying were to know about these articles, he might be angry to the point of losing his reason and shout for Qin Shi Huang to wake. The First Emperor could really rush out of the Mausoleum in a rage and exterminate the Xuanxue world with a slap……

Xi Jia still wanted to live a few more years.

Ye Jingzhi saw that Xi Jia was reading this article all along and thought that he was interested in it. Thus, he said, “If you want, you can also give ‘Ghosts Know’ contributions. ‘Ghosts Know’ will collect readers’ scoops and rough drafts. According to the article’s specific data, they will give you the appropriate points as remuneration.”

Hearing these words, Xi Jia asked in shock, “This article isn’t written by ‘Ghosts Know’’s own editor?”

Ye Jingzhi extended his finger, swiped the screen to the very top, and pointed to the author’s name underneath the title, “It should be this person who wrote it.”

Xi Jia, “……Lanling Kuku Sheng?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “I remember that he often gives ‘Ghosts Know’ drafts.” Master Ye was always noble and unsullied, and he very rarely read these kind of useless gossip articles from “Ghosts Know.” After thinking for a long time, he racked his brains to explain to Xi Jia, “They seem to be a fellow daoist from Lanling. I do not know if they’re male or female, but they gave ‘Ghosts Know’ a lot of drafts.”

“They’re the Xuanxue world’s great god of writing?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “En, indeed there’s many fellow daoists who really like the works that they wrote.”

Xi Jia swiped to the very bottom of the page on his phone. Sure enough, there were many people commenting like so.

【 Lan Lan, quickly write a new chapter! Wanna see First Emperor x Fusu! Wanna see Eldest Prince Fusu appear! 】

【 Kuku, I want to read Ziying’s story. I like Ziying the most. Kuku, quickly write, I’ll send you landmine points~ 】1

Xi Jia read for a good half day when he just noticed that this “Kuku” was referring to Lanling Kuku Sheng.



Be reasonable, Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng’s pseudonym had such elegance and finesse, but you changed it to Kuku……just what’re you playing at!2

After parting ways with Ye Jingzhi at the doorway, Xi Jia returned to his room. He read articles for a bit and also talked to Ziying a while, helping him solve a few questions with his study.

The next day, the two of them took a plane back to S City together.

After returning to S City, Xi Jia soon received his payment from the crew. Acting in this sort of big movie, even if he was a small supporting role, the pay was equal to five of the domestic ghost movies that Xi Jia had guest appearances in. After receiving the money, Xi Jia especially invited Master Ye for a meal at an expensive seafood buffet.

Knowing Master Ye for more than a month, Xi Jia knew he received a lot of care from the other person. Although Master Ye was a living Lei Feng of the 21st Century and did good deeds without leaving his name, Master Ye not wanting his appreciation was one thing, he himself wanting to to express his gratitude was another thing.

When Xi Jia mentioned the invitation, Ye Jingzhi was dumbfounded and ardently stared at him.

Xi Jia didn’t think too much. It was only inviting Master Ye for a meal to convey these days of care. Yet, Ye Jingzhi’s cheeks were slightly red. The afternoon of that day, he stayed in the bedroom for a long time. When he came out, he surprisingly changed into a black suit that Xi Jia had never seen before.

The black, well-pressed suit perfectly hugged Master Ye’s tall and straight figure. Before, Master Ye never paid attention to these worldly possessions and always wore black trench coats of the same style. Now that he suddenly put on this suit, Xi Jia couldn’t help but take several glances and suddenly thought: If Master Ye entered the army entertainment circle, he must be the extremely cold and reserved type. He definitely can become popular with the women!

When eating at the buffet, Ye Jingzhi ate very slowly. Each time he saw Xi Jia eat something, he would then grab a bit.

Ye Jingzhi’s way of holding the knife and fork was a bit strange. He also didn’t really know how to peel the shrimp or eat king crab. His actions were extremely unproficient. After eating for half an hour, Xi Jia just noticed his abnormality. Ye Jingzhi immediately put down his knife and fork and remorsefully said, “I’ve never really ate seafood before. Master said I need to bear more hardships and can’t be too extravagant. When I was little, he also didn’t teach me how to make these things. If you like to eat, I……I can go learn how to make these things.”

Xi Jia’s hand holding the king crab suddenly stopped.

After a minute, he pulled Master Ye’s hand to leave. After paying the bill, they left this high-end restaurant that they didn’t fit in. Xi Jia took Ye Jingzhi to a small restaurant by the roadside and ordered a few home-cooked dishes.

It was all simple home-style dishes. The price added together wasn’t even a fraction of the price of the seafood buffet.

Xi Jia ate rice as he ate the food and even put food in Ye Jingzhi’s bowl. Each time he gave Ye Jingzhi food, Ye Jingzhi would raise his head to look at him. Xi Jia smiled as he said, “I also don’t like to eat those kind of things. Both expensive and not that delicious. It won’t even make you full. Master Ye, it’s not good for always making you cook. Tomorrow, I’ll also cook a meal for you to try, how about it? My cooking may not be as good as yours, but it’s not too bad. It’ll be great if you don’t dislike it.”

Master Ye was so moved that he didn’t stop eating the dishes, thinking in his mind: How could my wife be so great! He is the best wife in the world!

After eating to the fullest, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi walked home together. As they chatted, Xi Jia curiously asked, “Master Ye, I heard Pei Yu say before that you ghost hunting Celestial Masters are very lacking in points and lacking the least in money.”

Ye Jingzhi thought for a moment and said, “En. Because a lot of people will ask us to help arrange Fengshui arrays and exorcise evil. They will give payment.”

The unreliable Zhuzhao-zhenren once directly transferred a million to compensate for the door. From this, the Xuanxue world was all nouveau riche.

Xi Jia asked in a jokingly manner, “After getting a lot of money, money should just be a number to you guys, right?”

Ye Jingzhi, “I don’t have a lot money.”

Xi Jia was stunned, “Pei Yu showed off to me yesterday. His account balance broke seven figures a few years ago.” Master Ye’s money is definitely much more than Charlatan Pei’s. Could it be that his scope was so high to the point that seven figures could be called not a lot of money?

Ye Jingzhi said in a serious tone, “Master said that ghost hunting Celestial Masters need to be hardworking and endure hardships, cannot live in indulgence. Each time Master helped people hunt ghosts, he would donate the majority, keep the remainder, and then lose it by gambling.”


Ye Jingzhi nodded, “En, Master likes to gamble with Senior Buxing, Senior Qishan, and the others. I don’t like gambling, so I’ve kept a fraction, but all the other money has already been donated.”

Xi Jia looked at the Master Ye beside him and couldn’t help but respect him.

The Xuanxue world’s moral model, not only in name but also in reality, sending one brocade banner was already not enough, need to send two!3

The two of them chatted as they walked. When they reached the neighborhood’s entrance, Xi Jia spoke without thinking, “Then Master Ye, you should keep the one million that Zhuzhao-zhenren transferred to you so you can donate. My door has already been fixed and it didn’t require that much money. The amount left over should still be a lot.”

Ye Jingzhi blurted out, “That’s the change, no need to donate.”

Xi Jia suddenly halted in his steps. He widened his eyes and stared intently at Ye Jingzhi.

Ye Jingzhi, “?”

The corner of Xi Jia’s lips twitched. After a good while, he gritted his teeth and asked, “Master Ye, may I presumptuously ask a question? To request you to hunt a ghost, how much payment do you require?”

Ye Jingzhi pondered for a moment, “I never said that I wanted payment, but after I finish each time, they would always slip me a card. It seems like at the very least, there are 3,000,000 inside.”

Xi Jia, “……”

He finally understood Pei Yu’s feelings. I’m envious beyond recognition! I’m envious beyond recognition!!!

If Pei Yu was here, perhaps he and Xi Jia would cry on each other’s shoulders. However, for Pei Yu, three million could be earned. However, the points in Hell King Ye’s account was something he had no hopes of catching up to in this lifetime.

Just how wealthy was Hell King Ye?

“Ghosts Know” monthly service automatically deducted a point per month. To be able to let Xi Jia read “Ghosts Know” for a full 500,000 years……

It would be better to not say the amount of points. Saying it would cause a group of Celestial Masters to change beyond recognition.

When they reached to the entrance of his home, Xi Jia sighed. He couldn’t help but ruefully say, “Master Ye, when I read that article on ‘Ghosts Know’ before, I thought nothing of it. Now that I think about it, being your fiancée really is very fortunate.”

Ye Jingzhi suddenly turned around, earnestly looking at Xi Jia.

Xi Jia was completely unaware. Smiling at him, he said, “It really is very fortunate.”

A strong, reliable, honest, warmhearted, handsome, and very rich fiancé. A golden turtle husband that’s hard to find even with a lit lantern!4

Ye Jingzhi’s cheeks became somewhat red. He asked softly, “You really think it’s fortunate?”

Xi Jia nodded, “En, you can say it’s extremely fortunate.”

Ye Jingzhi opened the door with his head lowered. The corner of his lips involuntarily curved up.

The front door quietly opened and was quietly shut by its owner. The moonlight was dense and the night was still very long. A mahogany door obstructed the laughter and chatter within the room. Until the moon reached its peak, Xi Jia quietly said a “good night,” and Ye Jingzhi seriously replied with a “good night.” The two of them returned to their respective rooms.

At this time, they both didn’t know that at the other end of S City, an ear-piercing siren startled countless people awake from their deep sleep.

The policemen wearing their uniformed stepped out of their cop cars and hurried into a residential building. Half an hour later, they lifted a dead body from the stairs. The blood on the corpse had yet to dry. The scarlet color blood pervaded the white cloth. On the surface, there’s an outline of a terrifying ghastly face. It was as if it was both laughing and staring at the onlooking neighbors.

The night in S City was still very long.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: My wife is the best wife in the whole world! (*´∇ `*)!
C+: 【in the middle of changing beyond recognition】

Translator’s Notes:
1 积分地雷 Landmine points – A JJWXC (online publisher for this novel) thing where readers can send “gifts” to the author/novel to up their rating/points/score. Basically sending them voting tickets. A “landmine” is one of them, and it’s worth 100 points. The higher the score, the more “explosive” it is.
2 Changed from 兰陵笑笑生 Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng (The Scoffing/Laughing Scholar of Lanling) to 兰陵哭哭声 Lanling Kuku Sheng (The Crying Sounds of Lanling). Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng is the author of The Golden Lotus.
3 锦旗 brocade banner – a banner usually used to commemorate an achievement or something. An extravagant certificate.

4 金龟婿 golden turtle husband – a rich husband.

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