Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2602: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 48)

At that moment, it wasn’t just the crown prince Du Qi Chao standing outside of the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion, but also the emperor and the envoys of the Chen Country.

The Eastern Palace had received a secret report that the Chen Country’s princess and the Mo Country’s ninth prince were having a private meeting in the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion, going against all morals and ethics.”

“Your majesty, this person from the cold palace isn’t safe.”  The empress added oil to the flames from the side, “His mother was also like this and it made people disgusted to watch.”

“Humph.”  The emperor gave a cold snort and said nothing else.

His eyes turned to Du Qi Chao and Du Qi Chao said, “Mother is right.  Your son has been to the Peace Palace during these days, but I never thought that princess Chen would be such a person.”

He had to force Chen Yao Yao down, so he could only try to convince the emperor.

But he was the ruler of the Mo Country.  Although there were times where he turned a blind eye, he wasn’t a fool.

The door opened with a ‘bang’.

It was opened quite easily.  When the emperor came, the crown prince already sent someone to open the doors and windows.

“Your son greets royal father and the empress.”

Du Jiu Sheng came out first.  He was wearing a large red wedding robe that surprised everyone.

Standing beside him was the peerlessly beautiful Luo Qing Chen with a calm look on her face.

She and Chen Yao Yao bowed at the same time, “Greetings to the emperor and the empress.”

Du Qi Chao immediately became unsettled when he saw this.  He had believed that his plan was flawless and there were no accidents.

Why?  Why was there a sudden Luo Qing Chen?!

“Ke, ke.”  The emperor cleared his throat, “This is what you call moral corruption?”

“Emperor……”  The empress panicked a bit as she said, “This matter definitely isn’t simple……”

“Of course this matter isn’t simple.”  Chen Yao Yao coldly looked at them, “I’ve always wondered why the crown prince had me come to the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion?  It turned out that he wanted to harm someone while tarnishing my innocence.”

“Nonsense!”  Du Qi Chao had a cold look as he said each word like ice, “Why did this highness invite you to the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion?”

“You know in your heart whether your highness invited me or not.”  Chen Yao Yao looked at the emperor, “I am the princess of another country and if no one had invited me here, how could I have come to this place?  Other than the empress, I only know the crown prince in this palace.”

Chen Yao Yao naturally could argue with reason because what they saw was not her and Du Jiu Sheng being in the same room.

As long as you didn’t stand in the spotlight, everything became much easier.

“Royal father.”  Du Jiu Sheng cupped his hands and said, “You must believe your son, your son definitely wouldn’t do this!  The Chen Country’s princess is naturally unwilling to make peace with us, so she deliberately set this trap.  She is waiting for our civil strife and then trying to benefit from that!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Chen Yao Yao laughed into the sky when she heard this, “Crown prince, ah crown prince!  My Chen Country has already sent five thousand horses as a betrothal gift and you’re saying that this is a trap.  This really is laughable!”

“How can you prove what you’re saying?”  Du Qi Chao coldly replied, but his heart was already filled with nervousness.

This sudden change had caught him off guard and he couldn’t make the best decision!

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