Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2603: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 49)

Chen Yao Yao said with a cold smile, “I, Chen Yao Yao put my words down here today.  If there is a despicable villain like this crown prince in your Mo Country, then there’s no need for cooperation between our two countries!  But if there isn’t, even if I don’t marry to the Mo Country, we’ll give you the gift of the Chen Country and we will retreat from the Dragon Gate Pass.”

It was probably because Chen Yao Yao’s words were too sharp that the empress’ face turned red.  She quickly bowed and said, “Emperor, you shouldn’t listen to the nonsense of people from another country!  You should know what kind of personality Chao’er has best!”

“Humph!”  The emperor gave a cold snort, “This one naturally knows and this one will investigate this matter.  As for your son, this one naturally knows whether he wants to marry princess Chen or not!”

As soon as his voice fell, the emperor was about to leave.  But then Du Jiu Sheng called out to stop him.

He had been waiting, waiting for a chance.

It was the best chance right now.

“Royal father, please give your son an hour and everything will come to light!

“No!  Royal father, he wants to……”

“Alright!”  The emperor cut off Du Qi Chao, “Everyone will come to the Supreme Hall with this one.  The Mo Country definitely will not wrong princess Chen.”

“Thank you, emperor.”  Chen Yao Yao gave a bow, “My Chen Country is sincere about allying our two countries and I hope that the Mo Country can give us a response.”


In the Supreme Hall, all the high ranking officials were present.

All the spies that Du Jiu Sheng had sent were used at this moment, one or two of them were even close confidants of Du Qi Chao.

But what surprised him the most was eunuch Shen.

It turned out that eunuch Shen was someone that Du Jiu Sheng had planted.  But because of how special the plan was, he didn’t tell Luo Qing Chen everything and only told her a part of the information he knew.

Du Jiu Sheng didn’t want Luo Qing Chen to get involved in this matter, but he almost lost everything like this.

That day, the letter that Du Qi Chao had Luo Qing Chen give eunuch Shen was a letter of betraying the country.

He had planned to completely frame Du Jiu Sheng after the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion matter.

But this letter had been stopped by eunuch Shen.  Although the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion was involved, he didn’t know what Du Qi Chao was planning for Du Jiu Sheng and Chen Yao Yao.

But he did find a lot of aphrodisiac after inspecting the incoming goods of the Eastern Palace.

Due to the uncertainty of this matter, even if he told Du Jiu Sheng, he wouldn’t let Luo Qing Chen take this risk.

So he chose to use the secret letter to contact Luo Qing Chen, using another method to avoid danger.

After all, even if Du Jiu Sheng knew what Du Qi Chao was doing, he would still have to go to the Elegant Phoenix Pavilion.

Only by letting the other side let down their guard could they be completely defeated.

An hour later in the Supreme Hall, all the evidence pointed at Du Qi Chao.  The emperor’s expression became more and more ugly as Du Qi Chao’s defense became weaker and weaker.

“Finally, there is the matter of the treason of my wife’s Luo Family……”  Du Jiu Sheng coldly looked up and said, “If Xu Yue’s investigations are correct, it should be plotted by the crown prince.”

In the hall, everyone took a cold breath.  Du Jiu Sheng had used the words ‘wife’, ‘treason’, and ‘Xu Yue’.

Everyone knew that Xu Yue was the biggest hero in the Mo Country.  It could even be said that he didn’t need a military command to move the troops.

Everyone believed in him, obeyed him, and worshipped ‘strategist’ behind him!

“Do you have proof?”

“Of course there’s proof!”  Du Jiu Sheng gave a cold snort.  He looked at Du Qi Chao with a stern look and said, “You were very careful and your highness plotted this for over half a year, but you couldn’t cover up everything.”

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