Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2605: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 51)

The hall was silent for several dozen seconds.  If the emperor didn’t speak, no one dared to speak.

After all, if the emperor didn’t speak, there wasn’t anyone who could speak.

Of course, other than Du Qi Chao.  Once a person became nervous, their entire mind would collapse.

“Royal father…..they are framing me, your son——“

“Crown prince, oh crown prince!  You’ve really disappointed this one.”  The emperor threw the letters in Du Qi Chao’s face, “Someone, seal up the crown prince’s Eastern Palace and have the Law Palace investigate this matter.  If the crown prince really framed this one’s loyal minister……”

The emperor paused before continuing, “Deal with it according to the Mo Country’s laws!”

Luo Qing Chen could hear the trembling in the emperor’s voice and see the emperor’s bloodshot eyes.  However, in front of the evidence, in front of sixty six lives, he couldn’t be partial.

Luo Qing Chen never said a word from beginning to end, she had handed everything to Du Jiu Sheng.

She believed that he would be able to get justice for the Luo Family.

Three days later, the Law Palace had investigated everything.  Du Qi Chao was imprisoned in the Law Palace.  Yue Leng Qing wanted to see him, but she was blocked by the guards at the gate.

Yue Leng Qing bit her lip and said, “Just let me see him for a quarter of an hour, I just want to give him something!”

“Go, go, go, go quickly!  I told you that you can’t enter, are you deaf?”

“Right!  If you don’t go, then don’t blame these brothers for not being polite!”

Now that the crown prince has lost his position, people in the palace were naturally harsh to the people of the Eastern Palace.

Luo Qing Chen and Yue Leng Qing’s positions had swapped.  Du Jiu Sheng had been called to the royal study for three day’s straight.

That included the generals led by Xu Yue and the people of the court.

Du Jiu Sheng’s preparations over the years had suddenly surfaced after this fuse was lit.

Even the empress in her high position never would have imagined this.

But whether it was the court or the harem, it had……already all changed.

“Greetings to miss Luo.”

Standing at the entrance of the Law Palace, the guards bowed to her.  They treated her completely differently to how they treated Yue Leng Qing.

In the palace, only those with power were respected.

Whether it was Du Jiu Sheng or Luo QIng Chen, they were very clear on this.  But Yue Leng Qing who had been led along couldn’t understand this.

“I’ll also be going in, so there’s no need to block miss Yue.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said, “Come find me if there’s any trouble.”

“We don’t dare, we don’t dare.”  They looked at each other before saying, “The former crown prince was sent in by the ninth highness, so nothing will happen with miss Luo here.”

As soon as their voices fell, two of them opened the door.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t say anything to Yue Leng Qing as she walked right in.

Yue Leng Qing never would have thought that Luo Qing Chen would have something in her sleeve.

The broken jade bell.

The sixty six lives of the Luo Family were taken while Luo Feng had been a loyal minister that served the court.

He never killed Yue Leng Qing’s family and never collaborated with the Liao People.

There had to be an ending to these false charges.

Du Qi Chao should indeed die, but that didn’t mean that he was qualified to take this secret to the Yellows Springs.

It wasn’t because Luo Qing Chen was cruel, but what was right was right and what was wrong was wrong.

She was responsible for the previous host and the sixty six lives of the Luo Family.

Yue Leng Qing followed behind Luo Qing Chen and coldly said, “I won’t thank you because……”

“I don’t need you to thank me.”  Before she could finish, Luo Qing Chen cut her off, “What you owe me isn’t as simple as the two words thank you.”

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