Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2611: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 57)

Since the emperor was sick, Du Qi Chao and the empress’ funeral was planned by Du Jiu Sheng.

The emperor’s meaning was that if you wanted to inherit everything, then you have to end it all yourself.

Luo Qing Chen was the prospective princess.  Although Du Jiu Sheng was the only candidate for crown prince, the ministers didn’t dare say anything before the emperor gave an order.

“I don’t want you to attend their funerals at all.”  Du Jiu Sheng gently held her hand as a faint sparkle appeared in his deep eyes, “They should be buried with uncle Luo, why do you still need to pay respects to them?”

Without knowing when, when Du Jiu Sheng said these words, her heart felt very warm.

Yes!  Why should she mourn them?

Who mourned the Luo Family’s sixty six lives when they were wiped out?

“It’s fine.”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath.  She said not just to Du Jiu Sheng, but herself, “Yue Leng Qing’s matter, I only feel a bit of sadness.  Then again, the empress saved my life, so it’s fine to mourn her.”

They had died, that was the biggest tribute to the Luo Family.

The rain fell as Luo Qing Chen watched everything in front of her.  Her heart strangely felt uncomfortable.

Until the lightning boomed and her eyes lit up before falling into darkness.

She felt a warm embrace holding her and an anxious voice ringing in her ears.

She didn’t really hear it, but she heard it shouting: Qing’er, Qing’er.

She didn’t sleep well and that dream in the Cold North Palace appeared again.

This time it was more real compared to last time.

She didn’t know why it happened.  Everything had clearly been settled and all the threats had been eliminated.

But why……did she still have this dream?

Rather than saying that the dream was real, it was better to say……the scene was real.

“Ah!”  Waking up panting again, she was covered in sweat.

Du Jiu Sheng sat beside her wiping the sweat off her face as he said with a concerned look, “Why didn’t you tell me……”

“Tell you what?”  Luo Qing Chen said, “I’ve probably just been too tired lately!”

Perhaps it wasn’t just physical exhaustion, but also mental exhaustion.

Although her grudge had been settled, there was also a bit of sadness in her joy.

She rathered the empress be evil, she rathered Yue Leng Qing be a little white flower.


At least she wouldn’t feel regret when the two of them died.

“Congratulations to the ninth princess, you’re already a month pregnant.”  A doctor on the side said, “This fetus is the most vulnerable in the first three months, so the princess needs to take care.”

“Pregnant?”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised as a blush came over her white face.

Could it be from that day they were forced to sleep in the same room?

No!  It could only be that day.

Since that day, Du Jiu Sheng had become very busy and they didn’t have much time together.

“Our Qing’er will be the oldest child.”  Du Jiu Sheng gently patted her head, “You have to take care of the baby.”

Luo Qing Chen lowered her head out of embarrassment.  She wanted to say something, but she noticed that there were outsiders here.

After being in the palace all these years, the doctor naturally understood.  He immediately packed up and said, “This ministers will not disrupt the ninth prince and princess.  I’ll be leaving first.”

“Un.”  Du Jiu Sheng said with a nod, “Many thanks.”

After a few minutes, there was only Luo Qing Chen and Du Jiu Sheng left in the palace.

She looked up at the splendid furniture and asked, “What palace is this?”

“King’s Landing Palace.”  Du Jiu Sheng looked at her and said, “This will be our place from now on.”

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