Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2615: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 61)

Three hours later, they formed a temporary plan to deal with Xiao Shen.  From arranging the troops to breaking out of a siege, Du Jiu Sheng explained in detail how to avoid giving the Liao People an opportunity.

“Tomorrow morning, Yao Yao and I will set off for the border again.”  Xu Yue rolled up the map, “With brother Jiu’s formations and the fact that Dragon Gate Pass is easy to defend, I don’t think that Xiao Shen will grow wings and fly into our great Mo Country!”

“It’s the same for my great Chen Country!”

“Based on what you said, this Xiao Shen really isn’t easy to deal with.”  Du Jiu Sheng slightly knitted his brows, “You have to be careful.  The Mo and Chen Countries are facing a dead end and the Liao People army is too strong, so you have to work together.”

From Du Jiu Sheng’s point of view, the Liao People’s army’s chances of winning by forcefully attacking Dragon Gate Pass were very low.

Xiao Shen was not a reckless person, this was clear.  If he wanted to break through this most difficult pass with the least number of troops, the best way was to use isolation strategies.

If it was him, he would think that this move was the best.

A smart person always knew what a smart person was thinking, so Du Jiu Sheng could guess what Xiao Shen was thinking.


After having dinner, Luo Qing Chen fell asleep again.

She didn’t know when Du Jiu Sheng came back, but when she woke up, he was by her side gently holding her.

“You’re awake.”  Seeing her bright eyes, Du Jiu Sheng raised a hand to brush the strands of hair from her forehead, “Did you sleep well?”

“Ke, ke.”  Luo Qing Chen reached out to tap his red hand that was a bit numb from her lying on it.  She cleared her throat and said, “Speak!  Where did our emperor go last night?”

She knew that he went to the imperial study to take care of matters, so she was just teasing him.

“Four people in a room, three men and one woman.”

“That exciting?”  Luo Qing Chen pretended to raise a brow in surprise, “It turns out that big brother Jiu Sheng had these tastes!”

“This girl……”  Du Jiu Sheng hugged her and said, “I didn’t know Qing’er was this naughty before, but now……”

“What?  Is big brother Jiu Sheng tired of me already?”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips, “You think that I was cuter before?”

“......”  Du Jiu Sheng didn’t say anything in response.  He looked at her gentle smile and said, “The current Qing’er is the cutest.”

“Ah!  Then that means I wasn’t cute before!”  Luo Qing Chen realized that her question for Du Jiu Sheng was a path of death, but it was also quite warm.

“Cute!  Always cute!”  Du Jiu Sheng stroked her little head and said, “Our Qing’er is the cutest girl in the world.”

“That is more like it.”  Luo Qing Chen went back to the main topic, “Was there something urgent in the imperial study last night?  Tell me about it.”

She knew that he didn’t want to let her worry and didn’t discuss many things, but she knew better than anyone that she had to know everything to avoid all problems.

“Xu Yue came back because of some matters at the border.”  Du Jiu Sheng patted her head and said, “There’s someone that you definitely want to see.”


“Chen Country’s princess……”

“What?  Yao Yao is back?”  Luo Qing Chen said with a happy smile, “I really haven’t seen her in a long time!  Where are they?  I’ll go find them now!”

“Why are you looking for them!”  Du Jiu Sheng looked at her large stomach, “They are waiting for you outside.  As long as Qing’er gives the order, they will appear!”

“You, you, you……”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip, “Big brother Jiu Sheng really is trapping me…..it’s rude!”

“It’s fine!  You are everyone’s little princess.”  Du Jiu Sheng raised his hand and said, “Let general Xu and the others in.”

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