Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2619: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 65)


“If I’m dumb enough to fall for a plan, you mustn’t save me!”

“I won’t, I won’t.  I haven’t even received anything saving you a first time, why would I save you a second time!”


But how could he not save her……

“General, the Chen Country has decided not to save their princess.”  The deputy general came forward and said, “Should we……fight or open the gate?”

The Dragon Gate Pass was the most important defense for the Chen and Mo Countries.  Once it was lost, the Liao People’s troops would directly invade.

One was the one he loved and the other was the country he had to protect.

What would he choose between the two?

“General, we can’t open the pass!”

“Yes!  Once Dragon Gate Pass is opened, the Mo Country……The Mo Country will perish!”

Xu Yue tightly clenched his fists and opened his closed eyes.  He said to the deputy general beside him, “Let the envoy send a message.”

“General, please.”

“We can’t open the pass, but……”  Xu Yue narrowed his eyes to look at the bloody girl tied up in the iron chains, “I can use my life to exchange for princess Chen’s life.”

“General…..General, you can’t do this!”

“No!  No……”

“Are you going against military order?”  Xu Yue’s sharp eyes were bloodshot as he said in a cold voice, “Go!”

“Yes, yes, yes……”

The envoy approached the Liao People army step by step before kneeling down in front of Xiao Shen, “We can’t open Dragon Gate Pass……”

The fingers of the girl tied in chains trembled.  She sensed something, but didn’t have the strength to open her eyes.

But then that person continued, “But general Xu Yue is willing to use his life to exchange for princess Chen’s life.”

Chen Yao Yao suddenly opened her eyes as a mist appeared in them.

She didn’t know where she got the strength to open her eyes.  When she was captured by the Liao People army, she hadn’t been able to eat anything and there wasn’t a single piece of skin on her that wasn’t injured.

She felt that she deserved to die and she should die when all her blood drained……

But when she heard Xiao Shen tell her that she was being used as a hostage to force Xu Yue to open Dragon Gate Pass, she forcefully stopped herself from dying.

It was just to……see him one last time.

Just once was enough to have no more regrets.

“He, he.”  Xiao Shen gave two cold laughs as he looked at Chen Yao Yao whose eyes were open, “Tell me, do you think he’s exchanging his life for public reasons?  Or for private reasons?”

Chen Yao Yao looked at the confident Xiao Shen and curled her pale lips, “Whether it is for a public or private reason, I won’t let you get what you want.”

With a ‘click’ sound, the tightly bound Chen Yao Yao broke free of her chains.

Last night, she had used all her methods to break the chain, but she knew that she couldn’t run away.

She was no longer the female hero who could compare to any man, leading an army.

Even a breeze could blow her over.

“You?”  Xiao Shen looked at her with wide eyes filled with shock.

Chen Yao Yao gave a cold laugh.  Before he could react, she began running towards Dragon Gate Pass with all her strength.

Xiao Shen roared out, “Catch her!”

Xu Yue who was standing high above felt his heart skip a beat when he saw this and then he angrily roared, “Archers, protect the princess!”

“Xiu, xiu, xiu.”  Countless arrows flew past her and hit her pursuers.

She kept running, running with all her strength.  She always felt that this path was much closer when she was on her horse.

But now, with tears in her eyes, she saw the blurry figures on the walls.

Why was it so far, why was it so long, why couldn’t she reach it……

In an instant, an arrow pierced right through her back.

Her feet became as heavy as stones.

She couldn’t……run anymore……

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