Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2620: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 66)

Xiao Shen coldly lowered his bow as he watched Chen Yao Yao fall halfway to Dragon Gate Pass.

With the yellow sands blowing, there was a killing intent that filled the entire Dragon Gate Pass.

Other than the wind, there was a man’s heartrending cry……

“Chen Yao Yao!”

Xu Yue clenched his fists before roaring out like a madman, “Fire the arrows!”

“Yes!  General!”

The soldiers of the Chen and Mo Country felt the flames of rage burning in their hearts as countless arrows flew out in the direction of the Liao People army.

Xiao Shen immediately gave the order, “Retreat!  Retreat!”

Their location was indeed a bit dangerous and if it wasn’t for Chen Yao Yao as a hostage, they wouldn’t have come so close to Dragon Gate Pass without a plan.

This was a place that was easy to defend and difficult to attack.  Now that the hostage was dead, if they didn’t retreat, their entire army might be wiped out.

“Chase for me!”  Xu Yue’s eyes were completely bloodshot.

Tears came from the corners of his eyes.

This was the most painful moment in his life.  Seeing his beloved being pierced by the arrow, seeing her fail to run to him and falling in front of him.

He understood Chen Yao Yao, how strong of a woman she was.

If she had a chance to resist, she wouldn’t give up……

“Yes!  General!”

The soldiers poured out of the nest and chased the Liao People army.

This time, Xu Yue didn’t take the lead, but came out last.

He kneeled down in front of Chen Yao Yao and gently picked her up, feeling the last bit of warmth in her body.

At that moment, the woman in his arms moved.

“Yao Yao……”  Xu Yue’s expression changed as he said in a trembling voice, “I’ll take you to the military doctor.”

She tightly held his armour and shook her head as she spat out her final words with great difficulty.

“I only had……a single breath left……to see you……”

Stalling before the gates of hell was ten thousand times more painful than dying.

But Chen Yao Yao kept telling herself that she had to wait……she had to wait for Xu Yue……

“Yao Yao……Yao Yao……”  Seeing the one in his heart being tortured to the point of not being human anymore, Xu Yue felt as if his heart was suffocating.

“Qing……Little sister Qing said that you……liked me……”  Chen Yao Yao spoke each word with difficulty, “It’s a pity……that I……couldn’t love you……”

At that moment, the scene outside the palace gates played in front of her eyes.

Luo Qing Chen with her big belly sent her off and she said that she wanted to be the prince’s godmother.

She said that she would teach him to sword dance and play the zither.

She also said that……she would be honest with herself when she came back……

It was a pity that none of that had happened……

As her vision faded, she couldn’t hear anything else.

She just felt the arms of the man holding her shaking, shaking endlessly……

“Yao Yao, Chen Yao Yao, don’t die!  Brother Jiu said that he would let us marry when we got back, don’t die……I’m begging you, I’m begging you!”

He roared out to the heavens, praying and begging to them.  It was a pity that the girl in his arms didn’t give him a single response.

She died with her beautiful eyes wide open, holding on to the very last second.

She didn’t want to die, she desperately tried to live, even to the point where she was unwilling to close her eyes.

But there was no way, she couldn’t do it……

“Hong long!”  With a boom of thunder, a heavy rain fell from the sky.

Xu Yue hugged Chen Yao Yao as he cried into the sky.

There was some pain that only you knew and some people that couldn’t be forgotten your entire life.

He wasn’t in time to love a person and was helpless when they separated.

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