Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2622: Loving the prince, but he doesn’t know (Part 68)

It was six days later when they saw Xu Yue again.  In front of the palace gates, he walked forward with red eyes as he held Chen Yao Yao’s coffin.

Every step was heavy and filled with heartache.

Back then, when he stood outside the palace gates, Du Jiu Sheng had told him that when he came back in victory, he would marry them.

The two loved each other, but it didn’t seem like they had a moment of happiness that only belonged to them.

When Luo Qing Chen saw Xu Yue again, he was withered and there were strands of white hair at his temple.

He was only in his twenties and his hair had turned white overnight, looking like a middle aged person in their forties.

If it wasn’t for the extreme heartache, how could a person’s appearance change this much?

Chen Yao Yao’s funeral was very grand.  The king of the Chen Country and the royal family came to Peaceful Ink City.

The king felt sorry towards his daughter because when the two armies met, he had refused to open the gate.

Only Xu Yue……was willing to exchange his life for Chen Yao Yao’s……

Therefore, when Xu Yue wanted to bring her corpse back to the Mo Country, the Chen Country’s king didn’t object.

He felt guilty, so he couldn’t say a thing.

That day, there was only a drizzle.  Xu Yue held Chen Yao Yao as he stepped forward step by step without any emotions on his face.

It was as if if he kept walking like this, they could be together forever and he wouldn’t lose her.

But when the coffin closed, he finally couldn’t hold back the pain.

“Chen Yao Yao, Chen Yao Yao, wait for me, wait for me!  When I get my revenge, I’ll leave with you!”

The heart rending cries along with the rain sounded so sad.  Luo QIng Chen standing on the side couldn’t control her emotions and her tears fell as well.

Even Du Jiu Sheng beside her couldn’t take this sadness.

She loved Yao Yao, Xu Yue, and their love……


Seven days later, Xu Yue volunteered to go to the border.

He was already a general and when there wasn’t a war, he didn’t need to go to the border.

But Du Jiu Sheng and Luo Qing Chen knew why Xu Yue was going.

He wanted to kill Xiao Shen because this wise ‘tactician’ still wasn’t dead yet.

In these seven days, he had been with Chen Yao Yao in her tomb like an infatuated youth being with his dead lover.

But when he stood in front of Luo Qing Chen in his armour, he was still a general that had killed countless enemies.

“Xu Yue, this one knows what you are feeling.”  Du Jiu Sheng gave a sigh, “But now that the Liao People have withdrawn into the dessert, it’ll be too hard to find him.”

“Brother Jiu, you know me!”  Xu Yue’s eyes were filled with determination as he looked at Du Jiu Sheng, “It’s only a matter of time before I find him.  If he doesn’t die, even if I die, my soul won’t be able to rest.”

This was the truth to Xu Yue.  He wanted to kill Xiao Shen no matter the price.

“Yao Yao wouldn’t want you to do something like this.”  Du Jiu Sheng narrowed his eyes and gave a deep sigh, “She would definitely want you to live a good life……even if it’s a dull life……”

“Big brother Jiu Sheng……”  Luo Qing Chen cut Du Jiu Sheng off to say while shaking her head, “Let him go!  I understand him.  If Xiao Shen doesn’t die, he won’t be at peace.”

This time, Luo Qing Chen was completely on Xu Yue’s side.

There were some people that should die that were still alive and some people who were alive, but were dead.

She knew that Du Jiu Sheng wanted Xu Yue to resign and live a carefree life.

But this for Xu Yue……was no different from dying.

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