Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 27 Lazuli (NPC)

Lou Fan didn't know that someone has noted them down in his little black book. They are currently taking Lin Man Man and Gong Yi to register themselves and choose a place to live.

Wen Lang asked, a little worried, "Will Black Scorpion comes to make trouble for us?"

Chen Shuyang who doesn’t have complicated thoughts on the matter patted Wen Lang on the shoulder to comfort him, "Don't be afraid. Aren't Brother Qin and Brother Lou here with us? Besides, there are nearly 5,000 people in Lazuli. It won’t be so easy to bump into them."

With a domineering aura, Qin Tan said, "If Black Scorpion came looking for you, just say what I said earlier. If they still have questions, let them come to me."

Wen Lang nodded hesitantly, and Chen Shuyang laughed loudly, "Wen Lang, you see, I lived alone but my room is next to Brother Qin’s, so I'm not afraid at all."

Wen Lang rolled his eyes at Chen Shuyang and ignored him. Back when the time he chose a place to live, he didn’t have any seniors that he is familiar with. It was his mid-level teammate who reminded him to choose a room to stay. He simply pointed to a spot randomly, and his room is decided permanently. Right now, he can't change it even if he wanted to.

Lin Man Man and Gong Yi are like someone from a village going into a city for the first time, looking around and exclaiming from time to time.

Taking the two into Lazuli’s trading hall, Lou Fan said with a smile, "Go and choose a place to live. After that, go back and take a good rest. I'm exhausted."

The two agreed and nodded. Gong Yi let Lin Man Man pick first. Lin Man Man looked at the map for a long time and asked Lou Fan, "Brother Lou, where do you live?"

Lou Fan pointed his finger at the screen at one of the buildings, "Here, and Shuyang lives next door."

Lin Man Man's eyes lit up, and she selected the room at the other side where Lou Fan lived, "I’ll choose here then."

Gong Yi chose the room below Lin Man Man’s room. Hence, the 5 of them are staying next to each other.

Lin Man Man turned her head and asked Zhang Xue, "Sister Xue, where do you live?"

Zhang Xue lives further, to the north. Lou Fan and the other 4 live in the south’s 2nd ring, while Wen Lang lives in the southeast area, which is closer. After the room is selected, the group went on their separate ways for today.

Lou Fan said to Wen Lang, "If Black Scorpion comes to find you, remember to direct them to us. Qin Tan and I can deal with them." He waved his bow after saying that.

Wen Lang pursed his lips but didn't reply. He just says, "I'll take my leave first."

The other 5 people searched for bicycles and rode back to their rooms. Lou Fan asked Chen Shuyang to take the newcomers to their new house while he returned to his room. After a quick shower, Lou Fan soon fell asleep. He didn't eat dinner and slept until 10.00 the next morning. When he woke up, Lou Fan felt refreshed and felt that he could kill 10 more fish monsters.

His watch beeped. It is a message from Qin Tan saying that after he woke up, he should come over for breakfast. Lou Fan grinned and quickly washed up. Changing his clothes, he rushed upstairs. Chen Shuyang is drinking porridge when he saw Lou Fan come up. He put down his spoon and swallowed the mouthful of seafood porridge with a big gulp. Then, he said with a smile, "Brother Lou, come and have a taste. Brother Qin made a delicious seafood porridge, and the shrimps were still alive when he exchanged it."

Lou Fan: "..." The exchange machine seemed a little bit too user-friendly.

Hearing Chen Shuyang's voice, Qin Tan brought out another bowl of porridge and greeted Lou Fan, "Come and eat while it's hot."

Lou Fan stared at Qin Tan who is wearing an apron. Qin Tan is a tall and strong person, so the apron is stretched out of shape on his body. Lou Fan held back his smile and gave a thumbs-up, "The apron suits you very well, I give full marks." After speaking, he lowered his head to hide his laughter.

Qin Tan said helplessly, "Eat properly and don't choke."

Lou Fan made a sound of acknowledgment and ate his porridge obediently.

Chen Shuyang felt that there is something strange between the two, but he couldn't tell what is wrong, so he could only continue to drink his porridge.

"Shuyang, later go out and inform Wen Lang and Zhang Xue to come over. There are still many small pearls to be sorted. I will sort them out later and divide the pearls." Chen Shuyang changed contact information with the two yesterday. Managing logistics is suitable to be handled by Shuyang in the future.

Lou Fan didn't think to keep everything, but Wen Lang and Zhang Xue felt a little surprised when they knew Lou Fan wanted to share the small pearls with them. Their 1st and 2nd mission world are probably a bit unpleasant. Lou Fan could even see that they distrusted them as teammates at the beginning. But after that, Qin Tan, Lou Fan, and Chen Shuyang are more reliable than expected so they got along fairly harmoniously. Qin Tan has never been interested in other people's thoughts while Chen Shuyang's focus is not on the people. Lou Fan is more sensitive, so he could guess what people are thinking by looking at their expressions.

In addition to the pearls they used, Lou Fan has 32 small pearls in his hand. He and Qin Tan contributed the most, so they received 10 pearls per person. As for Chen Shuyang, Wen Lang, and Zhang Xue, they each received 4 pearls. No one had any opinion on this arrangement. Zhang Xue blushed more than usual, though she only pursed her lips and thanked him. But Lou Fan could see that she is happy. In the small fishing village, the trio only got these pearls, as well as the jewelry from the ship. Lou Fan didn't take out the fish scale suit and kept it for himself, only Qin Tan knew about it.

After the things are divided, everyone sat together to drink tea. Lou Fan supported his head in his hand, coughed lightly, and glanced over Wen Lang and Zhang Xue. Then he asked, "Not sure what you guys going to do for your next world. Do you want to come with us and team up?"

Lou Fan discussed it with Qin Tan just now and thought that adding Wen Lang and Zhang Xue is fine. Both of them worked hard and they are not lazy. Although Wen Lang cheated them before, he also tried his best to show his worth in the small fishing village. Zhang Xue speaks less but works hard and is not hypocritical. Lou Fan likes this kind of girl.

Both stayed silent as if they didn't expect Lou Fan to say this.

Zhang Xue only hesitated and said, "I'll go back and think about it. I'll give you an answer in 3 days."

Her attitude is very clear and open so Lou Fan doesn’t feel unhappy. It is normal that people need time to think about it, and of course, he didn't ask why she would want to think more about it. Zhang Xue left after speaking but Wen Lang is still sitting there, thinking. The others didn't press him to decide immediately and went to do their own thing. Chen Shuyang got his book out and put one of the beads in it.

When Wen Lang regained his senses and raised his head to speak, he found that there is no one in front of him. He coughed lightly, which caught Lou Fan’s attention, who was lying on the sofa.

Lou Fan sat up and looked at Wen Lang, "So, what is your decision?" He is about to fall asleep.

Wen Lang: "I have thought about it, I want to join you guys."

Wen Lang has carefully analyzed everyone in the team. Not to mention Qin Tan whose fighting skill is indisputable, Lou Fan is a sharpshooter and each shot is accurate. Also, he found that Lou Fan is very lucky somehow. As for Chen Shuyang, although his fighting skill is not very good, his knowledge is extensive, and his honesty and courage are commendable. Overall, it's a team worth joining, and would even be better if they add him who is a good talker. This is what Wen Lang thought in his heart, but he still felt a little uneasy. After saying his decision, he looked at Lou Fan and even felt a little nervous.

Lou Fan nodded, "Oh, alright then. Remember to come over for training tomorrow."

Wen Lang: "..." That’s it?

No, wait. Training?

Just as Wen Lang is about to ask, Lou Fan turned his head back to him and said with a smile, "Oh, by the way, before this, someone tricked away a radish flower from us. I think as a condition for joining us, you should beat him up."

Wen Lang: "!!!" So the trap is waiting here for him? He admits his wrong, a’ight?

Chen Shuyang, who is beside Wen Lang only shook his shoulders, trying to contain his laughter but didn't make a sound.

Wen Lang took a deep breath and showed a smile, "Brother Lou, I was wrong. Can I return the radish flower? Also, I don't want these 4 beads anymore." Then he put the beads on the table, with his hands spread out, his face looked innocent.

Lou Fan snorted, "Forget it. For your poor sake, the radish flower is a gift to you."

And so, their team added 1 more team member.

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