Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 28.1: My wife……is a bit powerful.

Chapter 28 Part 1

It had been more than half a month since the bloody murder case shocked S City.

Xi Jia walked through this high-end residential area. The expressions on the residents were normal, as if they had forgotten the terrible murder case half a month ago. However, once they were about to reach a certain building in the depths of the neighborhood, each of them sped up, taking large strides to leave with uncomfortable faces.

“Go faster!”

A young mother pulled her daughter and quickly walked past that building.

When Xi Jia reached the foot of the building, an elderly aunt and uncle were sitting in the neighborhood garden, complaining, “Last month, I just bought an apartment for my son when he gets married. Just great, a person has died in the same building and even died so miserably. To live there would be too unlucky.”

“Exactly. We just handed over the house last year. It’s said that this is a high-end residential district with high housing cost. This is just great. The value of our building has fallen by half. To kill someone, pick anywhere else to kill, but why must they choose this building. So unlucky.”

Xi Jia walked past them and stood below the building, raising his head to look up.

After waiting five minutes, it just so happened that an owner went into the building, and Xi Jia followed him through the entrance. When that owner saw that Xi Jia pressed for the 26th floor, he immediately glanced at him in horror and hurriedly pressed to open the elevator door, quickly running out to change elevators.

“You’re actually opposite of that house? Such a thing had happened, and you still haven’t moved out?”

The elevator doors slowly closed, blocking that owner’s voice. After arriving at the 26th floor, Xi Jia saw piles of bouquets filling up the staircase as soon as he got out of the elevator.

This unit had two households. One was 2604 which was Li Xiao and Wang Ru’s house. And the other was 2603.

There were all sorts of yellow talismans stuck on 2603’s front door. Even a Guanyin figurine was placed next to the door, and an incense burner was in the corner, as if these could keep the yin and evil qi away.

More than half a month had passed since the case, and the police had long already inspected the scene. There was no one guarding in front of this apartment. Only a strip of yellow police tape was placed to prevent others from snooping.

Xi Jia definitely couldn’t enter the house. He just stood in the stairs, carefully observing. Countless white bouquets piled up in front of 2604’s door. Xi Jia calmly looked at these flowers and also looked at the front door.

The sun slowly fell in the west, gradually darkening the color of the sky.

Xi Jia stayed in the building for an hour until the the color of the sky completely darkened. Only then did he stand up to walk up to the door with a pile of white flowers in front. He lightly knocked on the door and called out, “Li Xiao?”

The crisp voice echoed in the stairs, and there was no response from anyone inside.

Xi Jia slightly frowned, calling out a few more times. There was still no movement inside. He thought for a bit. Lifting his hand, he took off the relic around his neck and held it in his hand. This time, he looked up at the door. Lowering his head to seriously look through the crack of the door, he only saw that it was completely normal. There was no yin energy leaking out from inside at all.

Xi Jia, “Li Xiao?”

After calling out once more, there was still no answer.

Xi Jia’s eyes sank, and said in a low voice, “I’m your college classmate, my name is Xi Jia. You might still remember me, I’m from Class Three. You know Chen Tao? He’s my roommate. If you’re inside, can you come out to meet me? I want to know the truth.”

When he said this, Xi Jia’s voice was extremely quiet. He was worried about being heard by the people inside the opposite apartment. But it seemed like there was no one in the opposite apartment. Even at night, the windows were pitch-black. Perhaps they really did move. After all, such a horrible murder case happened in the opposite apartment. If they wanted to continue living here, it would require a lot of courage.

Xi Jia knocked on the door again for a while. There was no trace of a response coming from this haunted house. His expression became more serious. In the end, Xi Jia closed his eyes and expanded his body’s yin energy outward as much as possible. In this neighborhood, a few wandering ghosts sensed his yin energy and slowly floated towards his direction. However, there was still not a bit of yin energy coming from this door.

How could there be no ghost?

Even Master Ye said that Li Xiao had died so miserably that it was impossible to reincarnate immediately. Not becoming a malicious ghost and seek life to take revenge was already a good thing. He at least would become a wandering ghost. Moreover, a malicious ghost with a very strong resentment would at least roam in the mortal world for one or two months before leaving.

Xi Jia quite trusted Ye Jingzhi. Since Ye Jingzhi said so, it couldn’t be wrong. Unless, things were not as simple as he imagined.

After standing still in front of the door for five minutes, Xi Jia put the relic back around his neck and turned to walk towards the elevator. He pressed the down button. In his mind, he kept thinking about the news reports that he had searched yesterday, and also recalled his impressions of Li Xiao and Wang Ru during college.

“Ding——,” the elevator doors opened.

The pale white lights in the ceiling of the elevator shined down, and Xi Jia entered the elevator, still pondering about this case. He pressed for the 1st floor, and the elevator doors slowly closed. Just as the doors calmly closed, Xi Jia suddenly looked up, his eyes opening wide. He rapidly moved to the side. A hand dripping with blood grabbed from behind him and brushed past his cheek, leaving a light mark.


The lights in the elevator suddenly shattered!

The strong smell of blood congested the tiny space. It was a sheet of darkness in front of Xi Jia’s eyes. The elevator was still going down, but the smell of blood rushed at him.

The pitter-patter and the sounds of friction between the elevator cables became the only rhythm at this time.

There was blood dripping onto the floor little by little. Xi Jia opened his eyes wide, wanting to see the situation inside the elevator clearly. However, he couldn’t see anything.

In the darkness, Xi Jia’s heart pounded rapidly. The smell of blood was getting closer and closer to him. The dripping sounds of blood would sound from the left side for a moment. Then, it would sound from the right. A sharp ear-piercing laughter echoed in the elevator. The sound was like nails on a chalkboard, unpleasant to hear and made one’s skin crawl.

Suddenly, a damp hand attacked from Xi Jia’s outstretched hand and grabbed his neck.

“Killing you……good or not……”

“Here……killing you……no one will know……hehehe……”

A sharp laughter rang next to his ear. Thick blood dropped onto his neck, ice-cold and bone-chilling.

However at this moment, Xi Jia lightly exhaled a breath, his heartbeat gradually calming down. He lifted a hand to grab the ghost hand that was gripping his neck. The laughter in the elevator stopped abruptly. This ghost didn’t seem to understand why this human would suddenly grab its hand. However, in the next moment……it widened its eyes, not daring to believe that it would get grabbed by the arm and thrown against the wall by this human.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xi Jia gripped the clammy hand with a face of utter disgust, and helplessly threw this ghost against the wall.

“AHHHHHH……” The ghost screeched in horror.

The ghost’s body weight was lighter than normal people. Hitting against the elevator wall wouldn’t cause an accident, making it convenient for Xi Jia to fling it like a sandbag. He only had to grab onto the ghost’s arm, and he could do all sorts of throwing motions.

The ghost was flung until it was dizzy. At first, it wanted to scream and shout. Afterwards, it started to sob. By the time the elevator reached the first floor, the ghost was overjoyed and looked towards the elevator doors. It was about to escape, but who would’ve expected that the human would touch its arm, slowly groping towards its neck, and then——

Kacha, its neck broke off.

Xi Jia, “……?!”

Xi Jia never thought that this ghost’s neck would actually break with a pinch.

At this time, the elevator doors opened and the bright lights shined in from outside. Seeing light all of a sudden, Xi Jia squinted his eyes, concentrating to see the sight in front of him clearly.

There was only a male ghost, short and skinny. There was thick blood on its body, staining Xi Jia’s hand. At present, Xi Jia was gripping its neck, and its head had broken off and fell to the floor. The ghost’s face was completely covered in blood, and its expression couldn’t be seen clearly. However, the head that fell to the floor was frantically trying to run away as if it saw something even more terrifying than itself.

However, the ghost didn’t have the chance to flee. Its head just crawled two centimeters when an anxious and tense voice sounded from outside of the elevator, “Xi Jia! Are you okay? I suddenly sensed a very strong yin energy, is there……”

Upon clearly seeing the scene in the elevator, Ye Jingzhi’s voice abruptly stopped.

Xi Jia turned his head in surprise.

Ye Jingzhi stood outside of the elevator, looking at him in a daze.

Xi Jia gripped the male ghost’s neck with one hand and restrained its arm with the other, “……Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi’s eyes slowly widened. His line of sight inched bit by bit towards Xi Jia’s hand that was grabbing the male ghost’s neck, and then shifted towards Xi Jia’s other hand that was pressing down on the male ghost’s wrist.

After a good while, Ye Jingzhi took one step to the side and returned to the place where he just came from. Three seconds later, he walked out again and still saw Xi Jia grasping that male ghost’s neck. The male ghost cried, resulting in a lot tears and snot. Only the head was on the ground randomly bouncing, trying hard to hop out of the elevator.

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia, “……” After a moment, he couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye, how come you’re here?”

Ye Jingzhi’s line of sight had been lingering between Xi Jia’s hands this whole time. He didn’t know whether he should be looking at his wife’s hand that was clutching the ghost’s neck or his wife’s hand that was restraining the ghost’s arm. Looking back and forth, he then looked down and saw a ghost’s head……This ghost with a face full of blood was noisily crying as it tried to run out. Now matter how you see it, why did it seem like it was being bullied……

Hearing Xi Jia’s words, Ye Jingzhi looked up, and his gaze suddenly landed on the cut on Xi Jia’s cheek.

Master Ye suddenly found the most important person, and he immediately took out a spirit medicine from his Qiankun bag, “You’re injured? Did you get hit by this ghost?”

As the man’s warm fingertip was lightly applying medicine on his wound, Xi Jia just remembered that he was suddenly attacked from behind by this ghost when he had entered the elevator. It had actually cut a bit of skin when it brushed past.

After the ointment was applied onto the light wound, it began to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye. Ye Jingzhi’s dark eyes gradually sank. Suddenly, he lowered his head, coldly looking at the head on the ground.

The head that was about to hop out of the elevator stopped all of a sudden. This little ghost stiffly lifted its head to look at Ye Jingzhi.

Ye Jingzhi pursed his lips and pointed at the head. He silently read a spell and golden rays of light flickered at his fingertips. Just as the rays of light was about to pierce through this ghost’s head, the male ghost immediately yelled in a loud voice, “Mt. Lian in exchange, thus a deed was formed. Jurisprudence as a boundary, thou shalt not pass beyond the dried lake!”1

Ye Jingzhi’s hand suddenly paused.

Upon seeing this, the male ghost emotionally shouted, “Mt. Lian contract, I have the Mt. Lian contract! Sir, do you still remember me? When you and the old ghost were signing the Mt. Lian contract, this little one was to the side. I have seen you before, I have seen you before!”

Ye Jingzhi asked, “It wasn’t you who signed the Mt. Lian contract? You have yet to sign the Mt. Lian contract?”

The male ghost’s head was incessantly tapping on the floor, “This little one hasn’t signed it. This little one’s magic power is inadequate and not at the level to be able to sign a Mt. Lian contract.”

Ye Jingzhi lightly nodded. Then, he kicked the head into a corner of the elevator, and pulled Xi Jia out.

After getting off the elevator, the blood on Xi Jia’s body slowly evaporated, turning into strands of black yin energy and dispersing in the air.

A ghost’s body was made up of yin energy, and yin energy was their foundation.

Suddenly being seen by Master Ye of him tearing a ghost apart with his hands, Xi Jia felt strange in his heart. He somewhat didn’t know how to explain it to Master Ye. Also, it was a bit strange as to why Master Ye would appear here. He hadn’t returned to his senses for a while and was pulled out of the elevator by Ye Jingzhi.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Wife, I’m here to save you!!!
C+ in the middle of tearing a ghost apart with bare hands: ?
Mirror: ……Went the wrong way, let me try again.
One minute later.
Mirror: Wife, I’m here to save you!!!
C+ still in the middle of tearing a ghost apart with bare hands: ……
Mirror: My wife, is a bit powerful QAQ!

Translator’s Notes:
1 Refresher: Chapter 17

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