Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 28.3: My wife……is a bit powerful.

Chapter 28 Part 3

The two of them flagged down a taxi, heading towards the police station in S City’s Qiuhu District.

Along the way, Xi Jia avoided his gaze and looked out the window with all sorts of feelings in his heart. He vaguely felt that something’s not right. Between him and Master Ye, was there something strange? However, after careful thinking, he also felt that nothing was wrong. After all, Master Ye was the Xuanxue world’s famous moral model, the living Lei Feng of the New Century.

……Just where was it strange?

Xi Jia naturally didn’t notice that after Ye Jingzhi had said that snippet loudly, his face suddenly became red, realizing what he himself had just said.

It’s over! He actually blamed his wife. Because he needed to save his wife, he didn’t sign the contract.

At that time, the little paper person that Ye Jingzhi had left behind was suddenly crushed. He felt very worried, fearing Xi Jia was in danger, so he didn’t finish signing the Mt. Lian contract and hurriedly left. He was trying to save his wife! Not to mention whether the wife was in life threatening danger or not, even if wife was just hurt, that was unacceptable!

Master once said, “An injury on wife’s body, the pain is in your heart. As a big man, if you can’t even protect your girl, what are you eating for? You might as well find a piece of tofu and knock yourself dead!”

Although wife wasn’t a woman, although wife……wife seemed to be very powerful, completely unafraid of ghosts, and looked like he didn’t need saving……

But he should still protect his wife. How could he ignore his wife and delay himself by signing the Mt. Lian contract?

The more Master Ye thought, the more distraught he felt. The more he thought, the more he felt like he did something wrong. As soon as they arrived at the gate of the local police station, Xi Jia had just finished paying for the fare and turned around when he heard Ye Jingzhi’s tiny guilt-ridden voice, “I’m sorry.”

Xi Jia, “……?” exm?!1 What happened?

He was shocked by this “sorry.” After a long time had past, Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, what happened to you?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “I forgot to sign the Mt. Lian contract, and it was my responsibility. It doesn’t concern you, and it’s all my fault.”

Xi Jia’s mouth gaped open as he looked at the black clothed Celestial Master in front of him in astonishment. His brain rapidly turned. After a minute, he finally realized what Master Ye had meant.

Master Ye was worried he would blame himself since Master Ye didn’t sign the Mt. Lian contract in order to save him. After realizing this point, Xi Jia slightly smiled, “Master Ye, although you don’t say it, I know it isn’t easy for you guys. Pei Yu said that you all would try hard to hunt ghosts in order to earn points. But I know that after he sent a little boy to reincarnate last month, he secretly gave him a flower. You guys aren’t hunting ghosts for yourself, you are doing it for the peace of the world.”

Ye Jingzhi blankly looked at Xi Jia.

The elegant young man lightly bowed, seriously saying, “Really, thank you all.”

Black eyes trembled slightly. The tiny black mole hidden in the depths of his eye seemed to become somewhat lighter, but it quickly returned to normal. Ye Jingzhi earnestly looked at the young man in front of him. Seeing Xi Jia’s warm smile on his lips, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but raise. In his heart, there was a joy that he had never felt before.

This was his wife, really, especially especially great wife.

When they walked into the police station, Xi Jia already threw “Why is Master Ye always so good to me?” and “Why on earth did Master Ye rush to save me?” these type of questions to the back of his mind. Since he was walking in front and had entered the police station in large strides, he was unaware of Ye Jingzhi following behind him and proudly looking at him, as if showing off to every person in the police station: Look, this is my wife!

How could the staff at the local police station tell Master Ye’s complicated emotions? They could only see:……Who is this dolt smiling like an idiot?

After Xi Jia talked to the staff at the police station, he now knew that couldn’t casually see Wang Ru. Thinking about it, Wang Ru’s case wasn’t a small one. Although he was Wang Ru’s classmate, it was impossible to see her.

The two of them left in defeat.

Xi Jia stood at the station’s gate. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly thought of what that ghost had said, “Master Ye, that ghost just now said that the Xuanxue people have noticed this case. There’s a specialist Celestial Master looking into it. I want to ask, when your Xuanxue world investigates a case, do they investigate as they wish and gather the evidence themselves, or go to the police to find information?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “With a special authorization, you can enter the government to find information.”

Xi Jia’s eyes shined, “Master Ye, you have this kind of special authorization?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “That kind of special authorization is something ‘Ghosts Know’ and the government jointly issues. If you need this kind of special pass, you need to be a disciple of the Four Great Sects: Xi Wei Xing Hall, Shennong Valley, Longhu Mountain, or the Great Wanshou Temple. Because of criminal cases that involves ghosts and monsters, they have established a special criminal investigation department, leaving it to them to handle.”

Master Ye was also a person from a sect, but Master Ye’s sect right now only had himself. It was obvious it didn’t sound like one of the lofty Four Great Sects.

Xi Jia suddenly found things difficult.

He was an ordinary little actor. It’s impossible for him to have connections that extended to the insides of the government and enter the Public Security Network to look for information. Master Ye in the Xuanxue world had a lot of fame, and Hell King Ye, these three words sounded very kickass. But, Master Ye was a one-man team. His strength was formidable, making people tremble upon hearing his name, but he had no background.

It seemed like nowadays, whether it was the Xuanxue world or the mortal world, having a background was quite important.

Xi Jia thought for a very long time. In the end, he decided to find Wang Ru’s parents to see if they could see her through them and at least say a few words. Right when he was about to call Chen Tao and ask him if he knew Wang Ru’s parents’ contact information, Ye Jingzhi’s low voice sounded, “Do you have a problem that you can’t solve?”

Xi Jia blanked and turned his head, saying, “En. I want to see Wang Ru, but her case is quite severe. Normal people can’t meet with her.”

Ye Jingzhi deeply thought for a long time, “Let me try.”

Xi Jia asked in shock, “Master Ye, you know someone in the police station?”

Ye Jingzhi asked back, at a loss, “Someone?”

Xi Jia said, “Is there a friend in the police station that can help?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “I rarely come to S City. This is the first time in two years.”

Xi Jia asked again, “Then……do you know someone in the city police department headquarters?”

Ye Jingzhi, “Don’t know.”

Xi Jia, “……” No matter what, Master Ye was an outstanding and famous figure of the Xuanxue world. Perhaps he would know the city leaders? Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, do you know……the mayor?”

“Don’t know.”

“……The provincial governor?”

“Don’t know.”


Ye Jingzhi looked at Xi Jia in confusion.

Xi Jia casually said, “You wouldn’t happen to know the Chairman would you?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Know.”

“Forget it. Tomorrow, I should go find Wang Ru’s par…ents…” His voice came to a stop. Xi Jia didn’t dare believe as he looked at the black clothed Celestial Master who had an undisturbed face, “What did you just say? You know who?”

Ye Jingzhi opened his phone and pulled out a name from his contacts, passing it to Xi Jia, “Every year, he would come attend the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. But because he is a mortal, he isn’t able to not eat or drink for ten days and ten nights. So he only attends the first day of the meeting. If we look for him, will you be able to go in and meet with the person you want to see?”

Xi Jia, “……”

Reading the three words that were censored on the phone’s screen, Xi Jia eyes widened foolishly like a dog, utterly speechless.

Five minutes later, the Chief of Qiuhu District’s local police station personally came out to welcome Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi inside. Along the way, the Chief was acting mysteriously, whispering, “I know, need to keep it a secret, can’t spread it around. Leaders……Gentlemen, please be at ease. Besides the mayor and I, no one else will know about the matter of you meeting the suspect today.”

Xi Jia, “……Thank you.”

The Chief seriously nodded and responsibly closed the door after the two of them were guided into the visiting room.

Sitting in this spacious visitation room, Xi Jia felt uncomfortable all over. He turned to look at Ye Jingzhi, only to see Master Ye sitting there with a calm expression. Noticing Xi Jia was looking at himself, he also turned to look at Xi Jia. However, since Xi Jia kept looking at him, looking and looking, Master Ye shyly turned his head away, not daring to look again.

Xi Jia simply didn’t take note of Ye Jingzhi’s action.

Tonight, his worldviews were overturned once again.

Who could tell him why a person, who had never eaten a seafood feast since childhood up to now, would actually have the Chairman’s number on their phone?!

This was not scientific at all!!!

If this was posted online, it would get flamed! It was too Jack Sue!2 Nowadays, Qidian male protagonists wouldn’t even dare be written like so!

Xi Jia’s heart was filled with complex feelings. He suddenly felt that Master Ye simply wasn’t without a background, and instead had a background that was too strong! Just ask how many people in this world would have the Chairman’s number? Who would!

Then in correspondence, since Master Ye said that the Chairman would attend the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly every year, could it be that Qishan-daoren, Cengxiu-zhenjun, Master Buxing……and the others all know the Chairman? They wouldn’t also have the Chairman’s phone number in their phones, right?!

Not good, must stop. If these thoughts continue, it’s possible that this novel might get locked.

Xi Jia composed himself, no longer thinking about these random stuff. After he calmed down, he heard a series of light footsteps coming from outside the room. After quite a while, the door on the other side of the glass was being softly opened by someone. A police officer lead a young and thin woman into the visiting room. After the officer turned to leave, the young woman looked at the desk with bowed head, as if she had lost her soul and couldn’t hear the activity outside.

Watching this woman, Xi Jia carefully looked for a long time. Lastly, he looked at those pair of eyes that still showed a strand of gentleness and beauty, finally confirming that the emaciated woman in front of him was once the CS department’s flower, Wang Ru.

There was a long scar on her face, which seemed to have been left a long time ago and had already become a scar. This scar was on her forehead. It didn’t ruin this beautiful face, but made it impossible for people to ignore. She lost so much weight that her former beauty was nowhere to be seen. The pair of limpid eyes that the male students of the CS department were infatuated with now seemed like pools of stagnant water, still and calm.

Xi Jia’s thoughts slightly shook. Looking at this face, he completely couldn’t recall the look that she once had.

After a long time, he showed a smile, “Wang Ru, do you still remember me? I’m your college classmate, I’m……”

“Xi Jia……”

A hoarse female voice quietly sounded, breaking the silence in the visitation room.

Xi Jia’s voice was stuck.

The woman who was as thin as a match slowly raised her head, looking at the young man on the other side of the glass with trembling eyes. She seriously said, “You are……Xi Jia……”

Translator’s Addition:
The Love Saint’s Daily Teachings
Romeo: You must be able to protect your girl! If not, just knock yourself dead on a piece of tofu!
Mirror: *dutifully writes it down on his notebook* But Master, you can’t die from hitting a to–
Romeo: Idiot! It’s a figurative speech! Figurative! *cough*

Translator’s Notes:
1 exm – excuse me. Originally abbv in raws.
2 Jack Sue – Gary Stu, male equiv for Mary Sue.

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