In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 28 - Giving Orders

Scrub, scrub.

Each time she scrubbed the hallway with the brush, the red returned to the original white.

Rub, rub.

She slid a cloth with water on the glass, and washed away fragments of spinal fluids that had stuck to it.

However, no matter how many times she did it, it was still red.

She didn’t know when they would finish.

“Somehow, it feels like a fight against myself?”

Hazuki laughed at the feeling of self-deprecation, but no one could muster up any will to respond.

Since the boys transported the zombies, the girls were in charge of cleaning everything.

As a result of students running around the school to avoid being eaten, there were no clean spots left, so it was necessary to clean the entire inside of the school.

Moreover, there were a lot of pieces of meat, internal organs, and in some bad cases, eyeballs rolling around, which significantly chipped away at their will and working efficiency, and they had already lost the motivation to talk.

“It’s a necessary job in order to live comfortably from now on.”

Miu said with an exhausted expression, her words giving off the feeling of weariness.

Rather than that, her eyes were blank.

It was then she noticed the truth.

“U-um, Senior Shimizu…”

“What is it?”

“You have been brushing the air for some time now…”

It seemed like even her sense of distance had become poor.

“Oh! Stop, stop! Let’s take a break! Break!”

Hazuki threw the brush, and Sayo raised her face as well.

“Right. Let’s rest a little. Everyone is tired, and Saejima should probably approve of resting for a short time too.”

They thrust the bloodstained cloths into a bucket and took off the rubber gloves.

Their hands smelled of rubber.

As each of them headed back to the conference room, only Sakura walked in the opposite direction.

It was in order to confirm.

After she opened the door to the rooftop, she found the inclining sun shining on her.

Since it was too dazzling, she put her hands in front of her face.

She had come to the rooftop to properly check on the matter with the zombies.

To see the zombies on the other side of the wall, a place higher up was better.

Sakura breathed in deeply and sent air into her lungs.

Could she really give orders just as she had thought?

No, she should be able to.

There was nothing she couldn’t do.

“Zombies, kneel,”

Sakura muttered, and all the zombies on the other side of the wall prostrated themselves before her at once.

Sakura’s excitement reached the top at the bizarre scene.

(How wonderful… This is the power of a queen! Only my power!)

Her breathing grew rough.

She was unmistakably a queen.

The scene in front of her told her that.


The zombies moved slowly, and their posture returned to before.

It was perfect.

It was a surprise that the zombies listened to her mutter from here, but above all else, the fact that she had this power surprised her the most.

In Sakura’s conviction, there was no mistaking that she had been granted favor from God.

The zombies started scratching the wall with their nails again.

She heard the sound of scraping.

“Hehe, hehehe, ahahaha!”

How could she not laugh at this?

The people here were foolish to worry about the world now filled with zombies, because she could even rule the world.

Exaltation enveloped her body.

There was nothing more joyful than this.

Those guys who had bullied her until now, her parents, her friends, the politicians, the soldiers, boys and girls, childrens and elderly, beggars and wealthy people, just about everything.

She could rule over everything here.

However, Sakura understood that it wasn’t time to kill the people here yet.

When they had eaten a short while ago, her hunger she had felt had disappeared.

Apparently, it was fine to not eat people.

There was nothing she wanted to eat instead, but even then, this was convenient.

Therefore, it was meaningless until she had deepened their friendships and obtained something to defend herself with to some extent.

Sakura turned around swiftly and left the rooftop.

Her retreating figure was starting to show an imposing appearance.

“Daiki. Try saying the Three Sacred Treasures.”

“Cat ears, tail, maid uniform.”

“Very good. But what is that?”

“It’s restricted to two dimensions.”


The two shook each other’s hands firmly.

It was Kazuma and Daiki.

Since their senses were similar to each other, their relationship had already become that of brothers.

Who knows whether that was a wonderful thing, since, regrettably, their mutual senses were unique.

“Idiots. Do your jobs.”

The both of them shrugged their shoulders at the same time at Takumi’s words.

The door opened with a clatter, and Rei entered.

He had been taking a break a short while ago, and was now back.

However, his expression had become slightly bitter, and he showed an anxious face.

“Rei, what happened?”

Rei feebly said “nothing” and smiled at Daiki's question.

Although it definitely seemed like there was something going on, since the person in question refused to say anything, they couldn’t continue questioning him.

Daiki felt vexed at his evasiveness as he sent a corpse down the chute.

(I wonder what that was about…)

Rei could still not forget what he had seen as he had taken his break.

“Not forget” might be unreasonable though.

As he had looked outside, the zombies outside the gates had all simultaneously kneeled.

At the same time, there had been nothing different.

He had kept silent because he thought that no one would believe him no matter what, and he would just be laughed at instead, but he couldn’t resist the strangeness.

Was it possible for zombies who didn’t have any feelings to move as if they had arranged it beforehand?

Or maybe it was a hallucination from exhaustion.

However, if…

If there was a person who could freely control zombies…

He shook his head and drove away those thoughts.

It was impossible for that to happen.

It shouldn’t be possible.

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