Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 29.1: Ye Jingzhi: I look this ugly……

Chapter 29 Part 1

During college, Xi Jia was particularly reclusive.

The Mt. Tai stone was unable to block his yin energy which increased with each passing day. In order to avoid harming others, Xi Jia only interacted with Chen Tao. In his third-year, he moved out to live alone. He didn’t understand the matters that happened in school.

Time passed in a flash. He had already graduated for a year, and college had become a memory.

Xi Jia watched the young woman in front through the glass. He carefully looked at the pale and delicate face, wanting to find a trace of the once beautiful self-confidence. However in the end, he could only look at Wang Ru’s calm eyes without any fluctuations and softly sighed.

In regards to Xi Jia’s impression of Wang Ru, besides the love letter during first year and the public proposal during the graduation ceremony, all that remained was the one stage play performance during the second year.

The drama club of S City University was very famous with 100 years of history. Every month, there would be performances on-campus and off-campus. As the pillar of the drama club, Wang Ru acted in The Orphan of Zhao during sophomore year. Xi Jia was dragged by Chen Tao to watch the department flower perform in the name of supporting their CS department’s flower. In the place where the spotlights were focused on, the beautiful and picturesque woman wore a bright and rich red dress, capturing the entire audience.

At that time, even Xi Jia had to admit that this department flower wasn’t just in name only. But now……

Xi Jia looked at the thin woman before him. After being silent for a long time, he softly said, “Yes, I’m Xi Jia.”

Wang Ru looked up, quietly looking at him. After looking at him once though, she suddenly shifted her gaze and looked down, hiding her face behind her hair and refusing to let Xi Jia look at her.

Xi Jia was struck by a thought and suddenly realized something. He looked at Wang Ru and then looked at Ye Jingzhi next to him. Master Ye was sitting upright to the side and seriously listening to them talk. Seeing Xi Jia suddenly looking at him, he looked at Xi Jia in confusion. Xi Jia shook his head and continued to look in front.

En, Master Ye seemed to be quite slow and wasn’t able to tell anything about Wang Ru’s and his matters……

Xi Jia was more sympathetic towards this old classmate, but that definitely didn’t count as liking. If he liked Wang Ru, he wouldn’t reject the other’s love letter at that time or turn a blind eye to that marriage proposal during the commencement ceremony that caused a stir in the entire school.

Some words didn’t need to be said. When he saw Wang Ru, Xi Jia already knew that this former department flower’s life wasn’t well this past year.

The scar on her face couldn’t be covered. Looking at the mark, the cut should have been made by a knife half a year ago. Besides this scar, the corners of Wang Ru’s mouth and eye sockets were somewhat bruised. Last week, she was captured and locked in the police station. Within that week, it’s impossible for her to get injured. These bruises could only be from before being caught.

Li Xiao died more than half a month ago. In between, Wan Ru ran away for a week. Her wounds shouldn’t be from someone hitting her during that one week period. Carefully thinking about it, it could only be from Li Xiao personally hitting her more than half a month ago when Li Xiao hadn’t died yet.

At that time, how heavily she was being beaten that there were still even some light blue that hadn’t faded even now?

Other than this, where the clothes were obstructing, perhaps there were even more wounds that couldn’t be seen.

On the Internet, a lot of people called Wang Ru a “vicious and poisonous woman” because when the medias were reporting and in order to add a gimmick, they had used Li Xiao’s and Wang Ru’s graduation photos. In the media report, Li Xiao’s family provided financial aid for two years of college for Wang Ru, and after Wang Ru’s father fell ill, they even undertook his medical bills.

During the graduation ceremony, this kindhearted and ardent young man confessed to his girlfriend, obtaining the entire school’s blessings. They tied the knot, and they should’ve been a blissful and blessed couple. Yet, ultimately, this young man got such a bitter end.

The blurry graduation photo couldn’t hide the beauty of the CS department’s flower. The Wang Ru of that time was more healthy and sunny than now. She showed a bright smile to the camera. Now, many netizens unanimously cursed in response to this smile: 【 Slut, poisonous woman, death penalty! 】

Many medias would only report a portion of the news. Whatever kind of news that would generate more buzz, they would report that. Underneath their reports, netizens wouldn’t see how thin Wang Ru had become and would only see the former her, how young she was with unbridled beauty.

Xi Jia looked down at the table. After a long time, he spoke, “I know that it wasn’t you who killed the person.”

Wang Ru’s body shook, but her head remained lowered.

Xi Jia’s voice was completely tranquil, “The reason this case still hasn’t reached a verdict is because the police also knows that you, a delicate woman, can’t possibly use that method and kill Li Xiao in such a short amount of time.”

Wang Ru’s expression was blocked by her hair. She didn’t say a word.

Xi Jia turned to face Ye Jingzhi. Their gazes met, and Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Xi Jia once again looked at the Wang Ru on the other side of the glass. He started to talk about the purpose of his visit, “I already used some methods to know the truth about that time and I’m certain that the person wasn’t killed by you. However, Wang Ru, all the evidences are unfavorable to you. There are your fingerprints on that knife, but that isn’t significant. You are the female owner of the house and having your fingerprints on the knife is very normal. However, at the time of the incident, your neighbors were paying attention to your fight. They saw that your home only had you and Li Xiao, and they also heard you fighting. Regardless of whether it was Li Xiao hitting you or it was you hitting Li Xiao, they will testify——the house only had you and Li Xiao. Then, Li Xiao suddenly died and your entire body was covered in blood as you fled.”

Pausing for a moment, Xi Jia seriously asked, “What I want to ask is……do you know who killed Li Xiao?”

Wang Ru’s entire body shook. Her head was buried even lower, and she refused to look at Xi Jia no matter what. Her weak and frail shoulders incessantly trembled. Xi Jia really wanted to seriously inquire again, but seeing this scene, he couldn’t say anything despite being on the verge of speaking his mind.

Muffled sobs echoed in the quiet visiting room. Wang Ru’s body was as thin as a sheet of cardboard. Her tears rolled down along her chin and fell down onto her clothes, creating round tear stains.

Xi Jia didn’t know how he should ask further. His surmised that Wang Ru should know who killed Li Xiao.

That old ghost had been dead for 300 years. What kinds of hardships and trials had he not experienced, what kind of life or death he hadn’t seen before, how could he suddenly attack and kill a person because of a common incident of domestic violence?

Wang Ru should know Old Ghost. Also, it shouldn’t be a simple relationship.

But now, Wang Ru was crying like this. He just couldn’t ask and find out the real truth.

Right when Xi Jia was about to give up and simply ask Master Ye to find Old Ghost, a muffled and hoarse female voice that was unpleasant to hear sounded, “I know……”

Xi Jia’s expression became serious, “You know who killed Li Xiao? Who is it?”

Wang Ru slowly lifted her head. Her eyes were very red due to crying. Because she was too skinny, her eye sockets were somewhat protruding. She looked somewhat frightening and also incomparably miserable. She tried hard to wipe her tears, but her tears continued to fall. In the end, she lowered her head once again, not daring to look at Xi Jia. But a quiet voice muttered, “I know, Grandpa……killed Li Xiao.”

The answer was completely beyond Xi Jia’s expectations, “Grandpa?”

“Yes, he is Grandpa. When I was very little, I saw a grandpa before.”

The normal visiting time was only 15 minutes. Because Ye Jingzhi came through the back door, there were no officers knocking on the door to ask Xi Jia to leave this time. He sat on the chair, listening to this old classmate mention a very unimaginable story.

“When I was little, very little, should be before I was five, there was a once an old grandpa. He was very good to me.” Wang Ru buried her face in her hair. Her voice had no fluctuations as she spoke, “I’m from the rural areas. Grandpa and Grandma died very early. Dad was outside working, and Mom was outside doing farm work. So when I was small, mom would lock me inside the house and wouldn’t let me go out. I remember meeting an old grandpa one day. The door to the house was clearly locked by Mom. That old grandpa was unexpectedly standing before my family’s large table and stealing the steamed buns that were offered to the Bodhisattvas.”

Xi Jia could vaguely tell the signs. He looked at Ye Jingzhi, and Ye Jingzhi explained, “Yin Yang Eyes are very rare. Currently in the Xuanxue world, there is only me. However, some children with comparatively more yin energy are able to see ghosts before the age of seven.”

Wang Ru was silent for a moment before saying with a rough voice, “Yes. I realized later that the grandpa is a ghost.”

This was Xi Jia’s first time hearing about humans and ghosts being close. This human was even a classmate that he knew.

Wang Ru continued to say, “I didn’t understand at that time, but I also didn’t feel scared. I pulled Grandpa, didn’t let him leave, and made him play with me. I can’t remember my childhood clearly anymore. I only remember that Grandpa played with me for one or two years. Every time Mom wasn’t at home, he would come to play with me and didn’t let me tell Mom about him. When I was a bit older, I never saw Grandpa again.”

Xi Jia said, “It should be because your age, and the Yin Yang Eyes are gone so you can’t see ghosts anymore.”

Wang Ru, “I was very young at that time. After I grew up, I always thought that it was an imaginary person that I made up, and I didn’t think too much about this matter again. Xi Jia……”

When she said “Xi Jia,” Wang Ru suddenly became speechless. After a long time had passed, she continued to speak, “Xi Jia, I don’t know how you would know about Grandpa’s matters. But half a month ago, I never really thought that there would really be ghosts in this world.”

Xi Jia affirmatively said, “There really are ghosts in this world.”

Wang Ru painfully laughed once, “Turns out, your world has never been the same as ours.”

Xi Jia didn’t know what he should say. He could only go back to the topic, “Half a month ago, how did you know that it was the old grandpa that killed Li Xiao?”

“Li Xiao died in front of me.”

Xi Jia, “And?”

Wang Ru’s body trembled, tightly hugging herself, “Xi Jia, he died in front of me. I helplessly watched that knife cut open his face, and his head was split into two. At that time, he still hadn’t died yet, and his eyes were still moving! He was staring at me! I wasn’t even holding that knife, but that knife was floating in the air and ruthlessly cutting his face just like how he had once slashed my face, making his face completely sliced open! It was all blood……Xi Jia, it was all blood!!!”

Xi Jia saw the photo that circulated on the Internet, and it was really like flesh had become paste. Not to mention Wang Ru, a woman who had never seen a bloody scene, even Xi Jia also nearly threw up upon seeing that photo.

If Wang Ru helplessly saw Li Xiao die in such a way, maybe she really would fall apart.

“I didn’t know what to do. I held him and wanted to piece his face back together, but he died. He really died……I was really scared and wanted to run away. I hid at Uncle’s place for a while, and then I was arrested by the police. Uncle reported me. He said that he doesn’t dare to hide a murderer.”

Xi Jia, “I know that you’re not the murderer.”

Wang Ru suddenly raised her head, her face was completely covered in tears, “You believe me?”

Xi Jia nodded, “Yes, I believe you.”

The tears were like a broken dam, soaking the once beautiful face. Wang Ru tightly fixed her gaze on Xi Jia, not willing to even blink, as if wanting to burn his image into the depths of her memories and remembering it forever. In the next moment, she suddenly stood up, walking towards the door. She was unwilling to even say a word of goodbye to Xi Jia.

Everything changed too quickly. Xi Jia hadn’t been able to react and Wang Ru had already turned to leave. He hastily uttered, “Wang Ru, don’t worry, I will try my best to prove your innocence.”

Wang Ru reached the door and stopped in her steps. She didn’t turn around, “……Thank you.”

The view of her back was thin and shriveled. The prisoner clothes were spacious on her body, like a large robe, and the body simply couldn’t be seen.

After all, she was a classmate that he knew. Seeing her like this, Xi Jia also somewhat couldn’t bear, “You take care of yourself.”

Wang Ru was about to reach out to open the door. After hearing these words, she slowly turned around. Tears were still endlessly flowing down her face, but the corners of her lips slowly curved. She showed a smile. Ignoring the fierce scar on her forehead, this smile was as beautiful and gentle as before. She quietly said, “Xi Jia, I remembered something that I have never told you. If I don’t say it now, maybe there will never be a chance in the future.”

Xi Jia blanked, “What thing?”

To the side, Master Ye blankly looked at Xi Jia, and then looked at Wang Ru.

Wang Ru smiled, “During our sophomore year, you once saw one of my stage plays. Do you still remember?”

“Xi Jia, “……The one Chen Tao pulled me to see?”

Wang Ru smiled with confidence, “Was I pretty?”

Xi Jia was momentarily speechless.

Tears slid past the corners of Wang Ru’s lips. She was still crying, but the corners of her mouth rose with great effort.

Xi Jia looked at her and earnestly said, “Pretty.”

Wang Ru took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. She smiled like a flower, more magnificent than back then, “I slipped the ticket for that play to Chen Tao and begged him to bring you to see it. Xi Jia, thank you. Wang Ru is already dead. Please remember that play of The Orphan of Zhao from three years ago, she is the very last of Wang Ru. From then on, she has died.”

When the voice fell, the emaciated woman suddenly opened the door and decisively walked away.

Xi Jia was stunned in place.

Ye Jingzhi who was outrageously slow seemed to suddenly realize something, “……”

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