Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 29.2: Ye Jingzhi: I look this ugly……

Chapter 29 Part 2

After leaving the police station, Xi Jia sent a WeChat to Chen Tao. He very quickly received a reply: 【 Eh? Brother Jia, how’d you know? At that time, it really was Wang Ru who made me take you to see the play. Their drama club’s tickets were hard to get. It just so happened that Wang Ru gave me tickets, and since it was only taking you to see the play, I took you. Don’t get mad, I know Wang Ru likes you, but didn’t she and Li Xiao get together in our junior year, and she didn’t entangle you either, no? 】

Xi Jia sent six dots over.1

Towards Wang Ru, Xi Jia really couldn’t mention liking even a little bit. He really didn’t like Wang Ru. When meeting the other just now, he felt the she was very pitiful. After marriage, Li Xiao very clearly wasn’t a good husband. He was violent and beat her. Wang Ru didn’t get by very well. However, his feelings toward Wang Ru were limited to sympathy at most. In the end, at the very last moment when Wang Ru suddenly firmly left, he felt a trace of admiration.

This department flower wasn’t that weak, at least she hadn’t really died. She still had the opportunity for rebirth.

After thinking about all of this, Xi Jia shook his head and left everything that had happened in the police station to the back of his head. He turned to look at Ye Jingzhi and said, “Master Ye, we pretty much know about the situation. Can you see if you can find that old ghost……”

The voice abruptly stopped.

Underneath the bright street lights, Master Ye slightly lowered his head to quietly look at Xi Jia. Clearly, Master Ye seemed no different from the past, but Xi Jia felt that something’s strange. Felt that Master Ye’s gaze……was somewhat bitter? A bit upset?

Xi Jia hurriedly forgot these sort of unrealistic thoughts. He asked again, “Are we able to find that old ghost?”

Ye Jingzhi distressingly nodded, his voice low, “En, we can. As long as the Mt. Lian contract exists, it will take some effort, but it won’t be difficult.”

Xi Jia, “……” Hesitating for a moment, he couldn’t help but ask, “……Master Ye, is something the matter?”

After hearing this, Master Ye, who felt extremely wronged, especially wanted to ask his family’s wife, What is your relationship with Wang Ru, why……why does it seem like she’s harboring evil thoughts toward you! But after seeing Xi Jia’s sincere eyes, he opened his mouth before closing it again. After a long time, he uttered out a word, “No-nothing……”

Xi Jia, “……” This clearly means that I really have something!

Xi Jia rarely saw Master Ye appear so strangely. They immediately need to do important things and couldn’t continue to be indecisive. This case involved his old classmate, and he wouldn’t look on without lifting a finger. This case was also related to Master Ye because he almost signed the Mt. Lian contract with that old ghost.

After contemplating for quite a while, Xi Jia seriously gazed at Ye Jingzhi and said, “Master Ye, you need to me what happened to you. Although we haven’t known each other for long, but I consider us friends already since the beginning. If there’s something, we shouldn’t hide it from the other and face it together, isn’t that right?”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned, “Friends?”

Xi Jia nodded, “Could it be that we’re not friends?”

Ye Jingzhi subconsciously said, “Aren’t we enga……”

“I always think that, Master Ye, you’re a very good person. I’m really lucky to be able to know you. You don’t still think of me as a stranger, right? Although I continuously hear from Pei Yu that you’re the Xuanxue world’s moral model and would always ardently help solve problems even for strangers, we have known each other for this long and shouldn’t be considered strangers anymore. Is it because of something that just happened? Does it have to do with Wang Ru?”

Master Ye suddenly blushed and quickly explained, “It doesn’t concern her, it doesn’t concern her.”

Xi Jia, “……” Seems like it really is related to Wang Ru.

After thinking a bit, Xi Jia asked a question that was almost impossible to answer, “……Master Ye, did you perhaps find out that Wang Ru used to like me?”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Sighing, Xi Jia confessed, “Yes, she did like me. During freshman year, I received her love letter, but I rejected at that time. Master Ye, don’t misunderstand. I absolutely have no special relationship with her. She got married right after graduation, and I didn’t even attend their wedding.”

Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes, “Why didn’t you attend their wedding?”

Xi Jia said, “Their wedding was in the middle of the seventh month. At that time, my Mt. Tai stone already couldn’t block the yin energy completely. Plus, it was specifically that day in the middle of the seventh month. The ghost gate opened and the yin energy was too strong. I didn’t dare to be in contact with people.”

Ye Jingzhi immediately exhaled a breath: Turns out that it isn’t because he doesn’t want to see the woman get married so he had refused to attend the wedding.

How could Xi Jia be able to think that Master Ye could think of so many random things. He conclusively said, “I really have no special relation with Wang Ru whatsoever. This time, it’s because I sympathize with her. Everyone is a classmate and I want to help. Master Ye, you can rest assured.” Rest assured, Wang Ru was already married. He absolutely wouldn’t be a home-wrecker, absolutely wouldn’t be a home-wrecker.

Ye Jingzhi completely relaxed. Seeing Xi Jia guaranteeing over and over again, his felt upset in his heart, and also felt sweet. He felt upset because that woman just now was so good-looking and even liked his family’s wife. If wife really was moved, what could be done? As for sweet……

Wife was so seriously clearing up the relationship, cared so much about me, so great!

Master Ye, who was immersed in the hole in his brain, also mended his brain quite happily today.

Actually, it couldn’t be blamed on Master Ye for being too worried and thinking of random thoughts all day. In actuality, since the beginning, he thought that Xi Jia might dislike him. If he did anything wrong, Xi Jia wouldn’t want him anymore.

Ye Jingzhi always knew that his reputation in the Xuanxue world wasn’t very good.

Hell King Ye. This nickname seemed like the kind to be revered or worshipped, but underneath the reverence, there was more fear. Those peers of his were all afraid of him. Pei Yu also said that he’s a King of Hell, why should others mind him.

Amongst the younger generation of the Xuanxue world, his friends could be counted on one’s fingers. The majority of them basically didn’t care about him and were afraid of him. Therefore, Xi Jia avoiding him was inevitable. After 19 years, Xi Jia never came to find him. He also could understand, after all, being together with someone with a reputation that bad was indeed very hard to accept.

Moreover, he wasn’t that good-looking either.

Looks weren’t good, reputation was bad, temperament was also not good, and couldn’t even say things that were pleasant to hear.

Xi Jia was so good-looking, so gentle, character was so great, and even especially smart. In contrast, there was not one good point about himself. If needed to be said, his only strong point could only be hunting ghosts.

Mentioning to here, Master Ye felt even more upset and even more uncomfortable.

Before, he always thought his family’s wife’s yin energy was so strong that it was easy to attract ghosts, and he could protect his wife. This was his only strong point. He absolutely wouldn’t let any ghosts get near his wife. Even if his life was on the line, he would properly protect his wife. But after today, he had seen his family’s wife……tearing a ghost apart with bare hands.

Wife didn’t even need to be protected by him, then what else could he do?!

Master Ye felt a strong burst of crisis. He was afraid of Xi Jia turning his back on him one day and didn’t want him.

Xi Jia who learned the truth a long time later, “……” Was there something really wrong with Master Ye’s brain?!

After thinking thoroughly, Ye Jingzhi started to work without delay.

Xi Jia already knew about what the little ghost had heard and saw as an observer from its mouth and also Wang Ru’s relationship with Old Ghost from her mouth. The truth about this matter was clear: When Wang Ru was little, she met Old Ghost, and her relationship with Old Ghost was very good. Over the years, she forgot about Old Ghost’s existence, but Old Ghost clearly didn’t forget about her. Thus, when Old Ghost saw Li Xiao being violent towards Wang Ru and was about to slash Wang Ru with the knife he was holding, Old Ghost seized the knife and killed Li Xiao.

The next thing they needed to do was to find Old Ghost.

Ye Jingzhi brought Xi Jia to the broken temple where Old Ghost once stayed at.

In the rural areas of S City, this kind of broken building could be seen everywhere. This broken temple stood on a hill in the middle of a river. Surrounded by a river on all sides, the temple covered an area of 60 square meters. If someone really wanted to demolish the temple and use it to farm, there really was no need because the land that could be tilled was too little. It was also not cost-effective to demolish the temple.

When Xi Jia entered the broken temple, he saw the male ghost that he tore apart in the distance. A female ghost was currently helping the male ghost press its head back on. Suddenly seeing Xi Jia, the female ghost let go and ran in fright. The male ghost’s head fell to the ground once again.

The male ghost noisily shouted in anger. After it lifted its head and saw Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi, it hurriedly held its own head and asked respectfully and nervously, “Sirs, did you find Old Ghost? Is he okay right now? I’m begging you to save Old Ghost!”

In the broken temple, there were still three or four more wild ghosts. After Xi Jia entered, they all hid behind the house one after another. The moment they heard the male ghost’s words, they floated out one by one, imitated the male ghost kneeling on the ground, and continuously kowtowed to Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi.

Who knew where Old Ghost got such high popularity and actually got so many wild ghosts willingly kowtowing to plead for him.

Ye Jingzhi said, “You all leave here first. Then, I will use the Mt. Lian contract to find Old Ghost’s whereabouts. To avoid affecting you, you should run at least 1 kilometer away and don’t come back until dawn. After finding Old Ghost, I will ask Ling Xiao to judge. Everything will be decided by Ling Xiao.”

After hearing this, these few ghosts emotionally teared up. For Old Ghost, this was considered the best ending.

During Ling Xiao’s judgement, there would absolutely be no injustice.

These ghosts kowtowed to Ye Jingzhi three times before floating away.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: I don’t look that good, temperament not good, don’t know how to talk, reputation is also bad, extremely upset T^T
C+: ……Something seems to be wrong with my family’s Old Gong here 【 points to head 】
T/N: Old Gong also sounds like one way of saying Husband in Chinese. The Gong here is as in gong/shou.

Translator’s Notes:
1 He literally sent “……” over.

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