In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 29 - Cremation and Vision

Near 100 corpses were lined up on the sport’s ground.

It was a harsh and magnificent scene , and this was still only a eighth.

By thinking that, the scope of this school felt big once again.

“It’s similar, huh…”

Tooru muttered unconsciously.

He started thinking of the time he had bought a watermelon in the past.

When his mother had cut the water melon in half in front of him, the seeds had been lined up in a row despite it not being manufactured.

At the time, had had merrily said that the seeds were line up, but it was corpses on a row, and it was too inappropriate to be merry.

As for how inappropriate it would be, it would be like he had stood up saying “Bravo!”at a film festival or “Heave-ho” in an assembly hall with his voice echoing throughout the venue .

The liquid pouring out of the plastic container moistened the clothing on the corpses.

The odor was cloying, and told him that it was kerosene.

They would burn the corpses now.

“Ryou. It’s better if you pour more. I’d rather not have them rare or medium cooked.”

“I get it. I want my meat to be rare, but as for zombies, they should be charcoal.”

He said, inclining the plastic container forward and poured more kerosene.

It was a pity, but it was much better for them to be half-roasted.

Wasn’t it said that half-roasted was the most dangeroud for meat?

It was irrelevant though.

He checked the lighter he took from a drawer in the staff room by igniting it, and confirmed that there was kerosene on most of it before putting it on fire.

As he observed it, the lined up seeds were engulfed in flames.

It was like a red tongue of a monster licked the people all over, and the first small flame gradually grew into a bigger one, burning the corpses.

“Hail Amitabha Buddha…”

Ryou said as he made the sign of the cross in front of his chest.

… What was important wasn’t to be part of the sect, but the feeling.

The sparks popped and flew.

Knowing it’s the burning residue of people, he didn’t feel like touching it.

Human bodies had a lot of liquid.

Therefore, a certain amount of firepower was necesarry to burn them completely.

However, this facility didn’t have that firepower, so they had spend time to burn them slowly.

Meaning, it was really importnant to obtain gasoline or kerosene.

Cutting the branches of the trees growing in the school yard into rods, they put them in the fire of the corpses and turned them over.

They had already become charred, but the bones were still far off.

It would take long time to burn all of the hundred bodies.

Tooru supported his chin on his hand, and started thinking about what to do from now on.

Where would the safest place to procure supplies be?

Shopping malls had too many zombies, and there might already be people robbing them.

Even if they went to other safe shelters, they would naturalky not be given supplies, and even if they lived there, they’d probably soon become infected.

Then, how about the shopping district he had passed by on his way to school?

There were scarcely any zombies loitering around, and he hadn’t seen any particular traces of robbery.

They had supplies. However, the shopping district was practically a straight path.

If they got caught, there’d be no garantee that they’d return alive.

He might have to hear everyone’s opinion about this first.

And what else interested him was the red monster.

How had it been born, and what abilites did it have?

There might be a hidden orb somewhere.

It was tied up, but it would regenerate eventually, and might begin to act violently.

It was easy to burn it now, but because it would be important to experiment on, he didn’t want to choose to kill it.

Dealing with monsters were also a big problem.

Other than that was the zombies not reacting to sound.

He didn’t understand why they didn’t. Maybe they had mutated like the monster and become deaf.

Lastly, a stable supply of food.

First, a field was necesarry.

The stone mortar might be in the warehouse, so they might be able to grow wheat and bake bread.

They could probably self support to a certain extent with vegetables too.

However, the problem was meat.

Only meat couldn’t be procured through the field.

They might have to provide the meals with soybeans for now.

Still, how long could they do that…

He was half-considering bringing pigs and cows somewhere and raise them here.

If they did that, this sports ground would become a stock farm.

Thinking that, he laughed a little.

The place where the students exercised would become a place where animals did, what a funny story that would be.

But, in the worst case, there might not be any.

Digging up some sand from the sports ground, and taking the soil from the flower beds inside the school and from a hardware store somewhere and covering the sports ground with it to make a farm and ranch would be a pretty amusing story too.

As he was thinking that, the smell of green grass entered his nose.

The remaining problem was water.

The infection from zombies was probably from the body fluid.

It would be better to rely on the river for a stable supply of water, but if the water was submerged with zombies, they would all become infected the moment they drank it.

There was no other way than putting up a barricade by the water’s edge.

It was also unresonable to keep making loud noises to draw zombies in other directions.

The electricity would probaly soon be cut too.

If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to play any sound.

And therefore not being able to draw the zombies.

…Now that he thought about it, he had heard of hospitals having private power generators.

No, weren’t solar panels good power generators in the first place?

If they attached panels and a brought a power generator, shouldn’t they be able to at least get light?

There were a lot of problems, but he was still in high spirits.

As if they were laughing at Tooru, the sparks made a popping sound and flew.

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