Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 29 Lazuli (NPC)

He Yong’s mission this time is in a notorious ghost town. Both the mission of the lower-level team and the newcomer team is only to survive for 7 days, while the mission of the higher-level team is to get one thing from the town’s police station. He Yong is a cautious person, but unfortunately, he got careless before the task started and did not make sufficient preparations. Lack of weapons and medicines, and misjudgment have resulted in too many casualties among team members, making it impossible to treat all of them. If it wasn't for a doctor in the lower-level team, neither he nor Li Xin would have survived.

When He Yong talked about the town, there is a slight trembling in his tone, and Li Xin showed fear in her eyes. Lou Fan sighed and filled their cup with hot tea. He comforted, "Team leader He, don't blame yourself too much. I’m sure they won't blame you."

He Yong sighed and shook his head.

This time, the blow to He Yong is great, they are afraid he won't be able to recover for a while. Lou Fan smiled and invited, "Team leader He, Sister Li Xin, stay for lunch. In our mission this time, we are lucky and it went well. Consider this meal as us wishing you all the best in your next mission."

Qin Tan patted He Yong on the shoulder, pulled him to the table, and handed him a bottle of beer. He Yong is probably suffocated with frustration, so he picked up the beer and poured it down his mouth. Li Xin is also pulled to the table by Lou Fan. Lin Man Man tactfully sat beside Li Xin, placing some food and beer for her. At the same time, she talked with her to relieve her emotion.

After drinking for a long time, He Yong's sullen anger is almost dissipated. He pulled Qin Tan and said, "Actually, I have something to discuss with you today."

"Just say it."

Lou Fan listened at the side with pricked ears. He knew that He Yong definitely didn’t come over simply just to see them.

"In the lower-level team who survived with us this time, the doctor is the only one left. Of course, his team is randomly assigned to begin with, so he asked me if I had any recommendations for reliable teams. I thought of you and Lou Fan, so I came to see you about it. If it works between you guys, this can be regarded as redeeming my debt to him." He Yong raised his head and drank a glass of beer. Putting down the glass, he said, "His skills are not bad and he knows about medicinal stuff. I think he’s quite suitable for your team."

Qin Tan: "Then let him come over tomorrow and we’ll have a look at each other. We haven't found all team members yet anyway."

He Yong finally smiled, "Okay, I'll tell him when I go back."

Adding another team member sounds pretty good. As far as the doctor is concerned, at least if someone is injured during the mission, they can be given first aid. As long as they can hold on until they reach the train, everything will be fine. It seems that a doctor should be very popular with all teams. Lou Fan is looking forward to it.

The next day, the doctor arrived at 10.00 am. He’s neither too early nor too late, so it didn't make people feel awkward. The first impression he gave Lou Fan is he doesn’t look like a refined doctor as Lou Fan imagined. The doctor looks about the same age as Lou Fan, quite handsome but gives a very gentle and stable feeling. Across the gate railing, the doctor stretched out his hand to Lou Fan with a gentle smile, "Hello, I'm Jiang Dong. Team leader He should have introduced me."

Lou Fan stretched out his hand and smiled, "My name is Lou Fan. Come in first, I'll call the rest of the team over."

Jiang Dong retracted his hand and nodded politely, "Thank you."

Good-looking, gentle and polite. Also, with a strong body and seemed to have regular exercise, Lou Fan had a good first impression of the man.

In 5 minutes, everyone arrived and they sat around the table. Lou Fan made tea for them. The rest of the team had just finished exercising so there seemed to be body heat left in the air. Jiang Dong took out a piece of tissue from his pocket and wiped off the water stains on the edge of the cup. He clasped his hands together and said with a smile, "Hello everyone, it's the first time we meet. My name is Jiang Dong."

Qin Tan remained calm while Chen Shuyang smiled friendly. Wen Lang rolled his eyes silently but got spotted by Lou Fan. Lou Fan touched his nose awkwardly, what happened to these people? Not welcoming the new guy?

Lou Fan said with a smile, "I'm sorry, they are a little afraid of strangers. This is our team leader Qin Tan, his spirit weapon is a Tang sword and my spirit weapon is a bow. This is Chen Shuyang, his spirit weapon is a book. Over there is Wen Lang, and his spirit weapon is poker cards."

Just after Lou Fan finished speaking, Jiang Dong nodded, "En, my spirit weapon is a bandage and a blade."

Bandage?! Lou Fan felt a little confused, what can a bandage do?

Jiang Dong smiled and stretched out his hand. A white strip of fabric quickly slid across the air, instantly wrapping the chair in front of him a few times. Next, a silver light flashed and a blade swishes out in the air and then swirls back again. The bandages are neatly cut and wrapped tightly around the armrests of the chair. There is no bandage or blade in Jiang Dong's hands at all.

Amazing! Lou Fan sighed in admiration in his heart. Though this action is a bit flashy, it’s clean and neat. Also, it is unexpected that a bandage can be used like this.

On the other than, speaking of offensive weapons, there are too few people whose spirit weapons are swords like Qin Tan. The main reason is most people don't usually touch weapons, so Lou Fan wondered what business does Qin Tan does after he retires? Is it selling knives? But that is regulated by the government.

"Good skill." Qin Tan praised.

Jiang Dong smiled and did not deny the praise; acquiescing to this sentence.

Since this is the first time they met, they are not familiar with each other so Jiang Dong left after a while. Before leaving, they agreed to team up the day before the task is released, and then they will discuss the specifics after the task is released. Lou Fan and Qin Tan sent Jiang Dong outside the door and watched him walk away. Lou Fan squinted, "This doctor is not as simple as he looks."

Qin Tan nodded, "He’s very good at using bandages and surgical blades. It means he should have practiced a lot with it."

"As expected, opportunities are only reserved for those who are prepared. Those are the people who can adapt quickly to the environment,” Lou Fan sighed.

Qin Tan turned to look at Lou Fan and smiled, "You're not too bad."

Being praised inexplicably, Lou Fan raised the corner of his mouth and smiled. Feeling in a good mood, he said, "Let's go and start training."

Wen Lang looked at the bandage wrapped around the chair, and said with a face full of displease, "The hell he comes here to show off? Is it to look down on us? " His expression is ugly, like a kid whose candy got snatched.

"The guy is just showing his strength." Chen Shuyang puzzled said. "Jiang Dong looks pretty good. He is gentle and polite. Also, he looks healthier than the average pale and weak doctor. It's pretty good."

"Humph!" Wen Lang snorted softly, "That’s just made up for you to see. I know this kind of person best. They are two-faced. They are gentle and polite in front of outsiders, but who knows how they are behind other people’s backs."

Chen Shuyang raised his glasses and looked at Wen Lang seriously, "I think you probably have persecution paranoia."

Just as Wen Lang is trying to say something, he saw Lou Fan and Qin Tan coming in. He stopped chatting and asked, "Brother Lou, Brother Qin, what do you think of that Jiang Dong?"

"Very good." Lou Fan replied, "He looks very reliable, Qin Tan also said that we can cooperate."

Wen Lang glanced at Qin Tan's back as he walked towards the kitchen. Pursing his lips, he followed Lou Fan and said, "Actually, I also think he's pretty good, but we don't know what his character is like."

Lou Fan gave Wen Lang a sideways glance. His eyes seemed to ask, are you serious (coming from you, that’s rich)? Wen Lang immediately kept silent and ran into the gym to train.

The training went well, and on the 3rd day, Zhang Xue texted Lou Fan, telling him that she won’t be doing the mission with them this time. Lou Fan replied with an acknowledgment and didn't say anything more.

The phoenix feather arrow steadily hit the bullseye. Lou Fan rolled around on the ground and stood up smoothly. Before he could stand firm, a moving target quickly appeared. He drew his bow but did not aim at all, and the arrow is already fired. With a swoosh, the arrow pierced through the target.

Chen Shuyang ran over and picked the arrow up, "Wow, Brother Lou, you are really a sharpshooter. Every arrow you shot hits the bulls-eye."

Lou Fan smiled and walked over to pick up all the arrows that had been shot. He exchanged a bucket of phoenix feather arrows from the exchange machine earlier. There are 20 of them, and he spent a few hundred points, which is too expensive. However, the weight of the arrow is suitable and the arrow tip is sharp. All and all, it is a good arrow.

Their team harvested 32 small pearls from Lao Ye Temple mission world. Except for the 4 beads that were given to Zhang Xue, the rest are kept at Lou Fan. There are 28 beads in total, plus some jewelry and stuff. Lou Fan himself had a fish scale robe, and also the little Taoist priest’s half-eaten dry pastry. A small pearl can be exchanged for almost 300 points so it adds up to 8400 points. Lou Fan's arrows cost nearly 700 points. Not forgetting Wen Lang's chain whip and Qin Tan's new dagger, their expenses cost more than a third of their points. After the new mission is released, they will have to exchange consumables too. In the last mission world, the medicines they brought are almost used. They need to replenish that as well as food and necessary tools...

Unfortunately, those beautiful jewels don’t worth much so Lou Fan didn't even bother to exchange them, and simply threw them into a plate at the side. After doing some calculations, Lou Fan only felt a headache coming. The points are not enough to be spent! Not only do they have to do the task to survive, but they also need to work hard to make money, this is simply squeezing the labor force to the max. Lou Fan looked up at the sky in melancholy, and at of the corner of his eye, he saw Wen Lang absent-mindedly practicing the chain whip. The whip snapped but missed the target.

"Wen Lang, what's the matter?" One must know that since Wen Lang got the whip, he has been practicing every day like he has been injected chicken blood (stimulant).

Seeing Lou Fan, Wen Lang only pursed his lips and didn't speak. Lou Fan is not in a hurry and waited for him quietly. After a while, Wen Lang seemed to gather up his courage and said, "Brother Lou, it’s like this… you know that my previous behavior is a bit wrong, right? Someone just came to ask me to return their thing, but I have already exchanged it for points a long time ago. At that time, I really have no other way. If I didn’t get some points before entering the mission, I would probably starve to death, so…”

Lou Fan is also one of those people who got cheated by Wen Lang after all. But Wen Lang is not a bad person, he just likes to trick people.

"En, what do they want?" Since the item is already exchanged for points, they can’t be insisting on the original item, right?

Wen Lang whispered, "Something that worth 50 points."

Lou Fan breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "You gave me a scare. So, it's only 50 points, huh? Here, take my jade." The gems Wen Lang brought back were worth less than jade, and even less than 2 radish flowers added together.

Seeing Wen Lang still looking guilty, Lou Fan said, "Alright now, I’ll still say the same thing. As long as you stay in our team, work hard to survive, and collect more things, you will soon become rich too. We don’t have much use of those jades either. Think how much you can exchange for with a small pearl."

Wen Lang nodded and looked more relaxed. He promised, "Don't worry, Brother Lou. I will work hard. I will do whatever you ask me to do in the future."

On the morning of the 3rd day after resolving Wen Lang's problems, the mission’s notification arrived.

Mission: Restore the 250 clocks in the Shimane prefectural office to the correct time. Please get on the train on time at 01:00 on December 7th.

Mission time limit: 7 days

Team members: Lou Fan Level 2, Chen Shuyang Level 2, Jiang Dong Level 2, Qin Tan Level 3, Wen Lang Level 3.

Raw word count: 3097


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