Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 299 - Male Concubines and Mistresses(15)

Hearing Su Man’s words, Yue Qing froze in shock. Lu Changge even resigned from his position in order to get married to Bi Lou?

People had to know that men had lower statuses than women in Luanfeng Countries. He was an important general so he reluctantly had the right to marry Bi Lou. However, if he lost everything now, would Bi Lou still be willing to lower her status to marry him? Even if she was willing, will the princess royal let her?

Yue Qing was in a daze thinking of Su Wan. If it was Su Wan, then she might...

“Your Majesty, will the princess royal really be willing to do that?” Yue Qing suddenly asked.

“No way!”

Su Man blurted without thinking. “How could Su Wan allow her trusted aide to marry a lowly person like him? Even though General Lu has outstanding martial arts skills, without a status, he is just a useless person!”

Outstanding martial arts?

Women within Luanfeng Country usually practiced martial arts and there were countless people with powerful martial arts. Lu Changge was a genius in leading soldiers but the moment he leaves the military camp, he’s no different from an ordinary man.

Su Man believed that only she could give Lu Changge the life he desires. He’d regret his decision to resign and would come back to beg her in the future.

He will.

A useless person...

Yue Qing’s gaze darkened.

People always schemed one another within the imperial palace. The moment one lost their value, they’d be kicked to the curb.

Then...what was he in Her Majesty’s heart?

The spoils of war she stole from the princess royal?

Su Man had people spread the news of Lu Changge resigning from his position and for a moment, the entire capital found out.

Lu Family wasn’t a noble family and the entire family depended on Lu Changge to fight on the battlefield to get by barely. Now that he resigned from his position, Lu Family had returned to its former state.

Thankfully, Lu Changge’s parents and his sister, Lu Yuqing, didn’t care about fame and fortune. Lu Family accepted the situation and adapted to it quickly. They were just afraid that the people from princess royal residence might regret it.

“No, Her Highness isn’t that sort of person.”

Although he opposed Su Wan in the past, Lu Changge had a lot of faith in her this time.

“That’s right.”

Lu Yuqing couldn’t help but add as well. “Princess royal is a sensible person. Everyone in the capital knows about this. She’s not the type of person to back out on her words!”

The common people’s impression of Su Wan became better and better. However, the officials in court didn’t view Lu Changge and Bi Lou’s marriage positively.

It was hard to make progress without a sinister heart in court.

“Prime minister Liu, what do you think?”

Liu Xuan had sharp eyes and could calculate. He had pretty good relationships with others on court too, especially male officials. He was clearly a leader.

Seeing the male officials’ eager but nervous gazes, Liu Xuan smiled. “News will come from the princess royal residence soon. What are you guys worrying about? You’re not the one getting married!”

Men who were able to enter the palace and become officials all had ambitions and goals. It made sense why they were concerned and nervous after what happened to Lu Changge.

As everyone was intensely waiting, news finally came from the princess royal residence.

Lu Changge was going to marry Bi Lou and there wasn’t going to be any changes in date. The princess royal arranged the entire wedding and her only request was for Lu Changge to treat Bi Lou well no matter his future.

Two lovers growing old together!

The common people within the capital all applauded. They knew that the princess royal was a genuine and sensible person. No one could find someone else better fitting of these traits!

The officials were all flabbergasted.

This didn’t make sense! Their faces hurt. Could it be that the princess royal really changed her personality and stopped pursuing fame and profit?

May 15th. It was an auspicious day and suitable for weddings.

This was the second time there was a happy occasion within the princess royal residence. It was much grander and magnificent compared to last time. Bi Lou had been by Su Wan’s side since she was a child. Su Wan naturally placed importance on Bi Lou’s wedding. She had arranged her wedding according to the highest standards for noble ladies within the capital.

After Bi Lou left the princess royal residence, Su Wan even helped her onto the sedan chair personally. At that moment, she couldn’t help but cry. “Your Highness, this maid can’t serve you anymore. This maid doesn’t want to leave Your Highness.”

“Silly girl, stop crying. You can come back and visit me frequently in the future.”

Su Wan couldn’t resist the urge to wipe away Bi Lou’s tears. Just as the two were bidding farewell, countless sharp arrows suddenly descended from the sky!

Large quantities of assassins actually appeared in front of the princess royal residence in broad daylight!

“Your Highness, be careful!”

Bi Lou was the first to react. She pulled Su Wan behind her and subconsciously reached for her sword...

Nani! She didn’t bring her sword with her because it was her wedding today!

At this time, the assassins quickly surrounded the place. Everyone cried out in shock and fear at the sudden change. They were all originally crowding around to watch the show but many innocent people had died under the sharp arrows as a result. Fresh blood immediately splattered the princess royal residence.

They’ve...gone too far!

There was a cold glint in Su Wan’s eyes. Then she reached for her precious sword and got into a fierce battle with the assassins along with the guards’ assistance in the residence.

News of large quantities of assassins assassinating the princess royal had spread. Lu Changge was originally waiting at home to receive his bride when he found out about this. He mounted his horse and rushed over to the princess royal residence...

The streets were chaotic.

“Master, master!”

Lou Ning followed Lou Xiaoxiao and exclaimed loudly while panting, “Master, are you crazy? You don’t even know martial arts. Why are you going there?”

“Get off my back! This going to collect the princess royal’s corpse, okay?”

Lou Ning was speechless.

No wonder no one loves you. If I was the princess royal, I wouldn’t want a tsundere either.

By the time Lou Xiaoxiao squeezed himself close to the crowd, he saw a group of assassins attacking Su Wan.

So dangerous!

Lou Xiaoxiao immediately became concerned. He looked around and was about to search for a weapon in case of an emergency when a spark of silver light. Everyone subconsciously squinted their eyes. By the time they opened their eyes again, they saw Feng Wuchen wearing a black robe and his sword dyed in blood. He carried Su Wan in one hand as they were high up in the sky.

“Your Highness, are you okay?”

His stern voice rang in Su Wan’s ears.

“I’m fine.”

Su Wan shook her head. At this time, two figures charged at Su Wan with their sharp swords.

“Su Wan, be careful!”

Lou Xiaoxiao couldn’t resist the urge to call out her name. Then he grabbed a wooden board and charged over. By the time he stumbled over, fresh blood splattered everywhere. Feng Wuchen used his body to protect Su Wan and his back was dyed in red.

Although she had no idea where the assassins came from, they unexpectedly granted General Su’s wish of saving a damsel in distress. Everyone was shocked at the scene as Su Rui could’ve easily dodged the attack, yet he suffered two hits.

How could he return home with a beauty if he didn’t pay a price?

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