Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 3.02 The Gentle And Tolerant White Lotus Part 2

At the same time, on the other side.


After returning home, Wenren Ling saw the person sitting in the living room drinking coffee comfortably, and strong killing intent flashed in his eyes. After abandoning his mother, this person still didn’t let her go and forced her to death. After that, he indulged his true love and let her harm him again and again. If not because this man found out that he became sterile and cannot get another child, Wenren Ling afraid that he would have long killed by these 2 people!

"You’re back. So, have you thought about the things I said?" Although Wenren Ling is now neatly dressed, Wen Hao can still see the bruises on his body in some places. As expected, he has been given a severe lesson yesterday.

"I have already considered it," Wenren Ling chuckled, but the smile on his face was full of malice. "Father, I have already made a will. The moment I died, everything under my name will be donated to the charity organization. So father, pray for me to live well!"

Didn't these two people always thinking about his wealth, and even wanted to take his life for that little wealth? In that case, he will make them understand how it feels like ‘using a wicker basket to draw water’!

"You, you, you rebellious son!" Originally, Wen Hao thought that after yesterday's events, Wenren Lan would understand his current situation and would give up everything to him. Wen Hao did not expect Wenren Lan would strike first and gain the upper hand, "Why did you do this? How would your mother in Heaven think about it, have you ever thought about that?!"

"Heh, Wen Hao, do you still have the face to mention my mother?" Finally, the peace on Wenren Ling's face is completely broken by Wen Hao’s words, "If mother in heaven knew what I did, she would definitely clap her hands and applaud! Don’t forget how you forced my mother to divorce, and how you forced my mother to die for your true love! You are just a ‘married in’ son-in-law!"

‘Married in’.

Wen Hao's entire face turned blue when he heard this label again. It is what he hated to hear the most for so many years. At that time of marriage, due to his poor family background, he had to marry into the family instead. Finally, after waiting so long for the old master to die, Wen Hao divorced his wife and finally married his beloved woman. When he thought everything would go well, he found out that he can no longer have more children. To add to that, that old man actually given all his family property to his son, Wenren Lan. Neither he nor his ex-wife got any of the inheritance.

"Father, you'd better not make any unwise actions at this time. Otherwise, you might not live in this villa tomorrow." Wenren Ling is not joking. The moment he dies, everything under his name will be donated to non-profit organizations. Then, Wen Hao will really have to eat grass!

"You unfilial son, you will be punished by Heaven sooner or later!" Hearing Wenren Ling's words, Wen Hao felt like he is going crazy, but he can’t do anything about it. He believes Wenren Ling will act on his words. Wen Hao couldn't afford to gamble. If Wenren Ling died, the inheritance will really be donated. Then, they won’t have anyone to cry on.

"That... Xiao Lan, he is your father, why do you treat him like this?!" When the father and son are facing off each other, a beautiful woman walked down from the second floor. Her gaze looked at Wen Hao carried an obvious heartache.

"Heh, what are you?" Wenren Ling looked at the beautiful young woman, his disdain in his eyes can’t be more obvious, "Don't think you are really the madam in this family. If I want to, I can get you two to scram at any time!"

The woman's face turned dark, and Wen Hao stopped her when she wanted to say something. Right now, they really can't afford to offend this kid!

Back in his room, Wenren Ling lay on the bed and fell asleep unknowingly. A few minutes later, the person who was sleeping opened his eyes again. At this time, there is no madness in his eyes, just dead silence.

Obviously, the personality switched and this person is no longer Wenren Ling, but Wenren Lan.

Taking out his mobile phone and looking at the newly added number, Wenren Lan hesitated a bit. Through the memory of his other side, Wenren Lan knew who this person is. And now, he just wanted to find someone to talk to, but he just doesn’t know if he should trouble that person at this time. It's just that Wenren Lan didn't expect that his actions would be faster than his brain's reaction. When he came to his senses, a gentle voice rang in his ears.

"Hello? Mr. Wenren, do you have anything to ask?"

At the moment when he heard Lin Zisheng's voice, Wenren Lan felt his brain turned blank. The gentle voice washed away all the irritability like cool spring water and calmed him down. He opened his mouth but couldn't make himself call the other person Ah Feng, "Mr. Lu, do you have time later? I hope to meet, maybe it should be said, I need a psychiatrist."

In fact, both he and Ling hate psychologists very much. Although those people strongly said there would be a solution, they always looking at them with a different gaze from ordinary people like they are not normal. It's really disgusting. But if it’s this person, Wenren Lan thinks they should be able to accept it.

"I’m alright to meet and chat, but I don’t think meeting as a psychiatrist is necessary. I think Mr. Wenren is in a very healthy state of mind." Lin Zisheng sat on the balcony and picked up a cup of coffee. He took a sip, and squint his eyes with enjoyment. The fragrant coffee and the rich chocolate aroma are really enjoyable indeed.

[Host-daren, are you spouting nonsense with your eyes open now? How does the male lead healthy?] The man has split personality disorder, how can he be healthy?

"If not considering the split personality, Wenren Lan's condition is very good. Even Wenren Ling gave off a stable feeling. Hence, saying that they have no problem is not a lie." Lin Zisheng's answer made 001 really weak, and it could only sigh and squat in a corner.

"Then, I will wait for Mr. Lu today." After the two agreed on the location, Wen Renlan's mood is obviously much better. Seeing that the time is about to come, he went out of his room. In the living room, he saw the disgusting couple talking closely to each other. Wen Renlan sneered and prepared to go out without saying anything.

"Stop right there!" Seeing that Wenren Lan wanting to leave without saying anything, Wen Hao's expression became gloomy again, "Didn't you see that your parents are here? Wenren Lan, where are your manners?"

Looking at the two acting like his elders, Wenren Lan felt disgusted in his heart, "Parents? Are you worthy? All I see is a person who forced my mother to death and a shameless woman."

After saying this, Wenren Lan slammed the door and left. As for whether the two people got angry to death or not, what does it have to do with him?

Arriving at the promised coffee shop, Wenren Lan found that Lin Zisheng had arrived early.

"I'm sorry to come late even though I’m the one who invited you." Looking at Lin Zisheng sitting there quietly, Wenren Lan apologized. If he had known, he would come out earlier.

"It's okay, I just arrived too." Then, Lin Zisheng asked with a smile as Wenren Lan ordered coffee, "Why is Mr. Wenren looking for me?"

Hearing Lin Zisheng’s voice, Wenren Lan subconsciously raised his head to see the person in front of him. He is wearing a white casual suit with a light gray shirt inside and a pair of light blue water-brushed jeans underneath. His appearance looked refreshing and gentle.

"Mr. Lu, you are not nearsighted so why do you wear glasses?" Although looking through the lens is a little blurry, Wenren Lan could still see that Lin Zisheng had a pair of beautiful eyes.

"It's nothing, I just got used to it," Lin Zisheng didn't explain much about why he wears glasses. "Mr. Wenren still hasn't said why you want to see me?"

After hearing Lin Zisheng’s words, Wenren Lan is a little nervous, "I... what I said earlier is true. I think I need a psychologist because I have a split personality disorder. Although... although it doesn’t affect my normal life, I don’t want this to be an excuse for ‘that person’ to attack me."

After saying this, Wenren Lan lowered his head. Although he had decided to tell this person about his own affairs, he is still afraid of seeing a look of disgust in his eyes.

"Then you... aren't Wenren Ling?" Lin Zisheng frowned and asked. Although there is no disgust in his eyes, the originally gentle and comfortable aura became a lot stiffer.

"I, I'm Wenren Lan," Wenren Lan seemed to think of something, and then hurriedly continued, "Actually, we met. You lent me an umbrella when it rained a few days ago."

Similarly, it is also because that umbrella allowed Wenren Lan to find his future direction again. That so-called father could not even be compared to an outsider. What qualifications does such a person have to be his father? What qualifications does he have to obtain everything from the Wenren Family?

"It turns out that it was you that day," Lin Zisheng's coldness disappeared a bit after hearing Wenren Lan's words. Then he pushed his glasses and slowly said, "Your body is very important. Don't abuse yourself because of certain things."

Hearing Lin Zisheng's words, Wenren Lan is taken aback. Then, he put on a happy smile on his face, Lu Feng is indeed a warm person.

"As for the treatment," Lin Zisheng frowned. He took out a business card and handed it to Wenren Lan, "In private time, I don't talk about official business. So if you want to talk about treatment, please come to my private clinic on Monday."

"Okay, I will definitely come." Although Wenren Lan has a meeting on Monday, it is not very important, at least not as important as getting along with this person.

The two went home after drinking afternoon tea. As for what happened after Wenren Lan returned home, there’s nothing to mention about. At least, he wouldn't be the unlucky person.

On Monday morning, Lin Zisheng drove to his private clinic. Unexpectedly, the first person he saw when walked in is Bai Qing.

Lin Zisheng: ...hehe, it should be said that this world is really persistent.

Originally, Lin Zisheng thought that the female lead would not appear in front of him after these two events. What he didn't expect is that the world revised the plot again, and Bai Qing eventually became the receptionist of his clinic.

"Mr. Lu, you… are you coming to see the doctor?" Looking at the gentle Lin Zisheng, Bai Qing's eyes are full of surprise. In her mind, a gentle person like Lin Zisheng should not have any mental illness.

Lin Zisheng didn't answer but smiled. Then he went straight to the room at the end of the corridor. After he came out, Lin Zisheng had put on a white lab coat and looked like a doctor. At this point, even Bai Qing is stupid, she also understood who is Lin Zisheng. She had heard that the owner of this private clinic is a doctor with the surname Lu, but she did not expect this person to be Mr. Lu.

Looking at Bai Qing blushing with embarrassment, Lin Zisheng just told her to work hard and entered his room, waiting for the patient to arrive.

The location of Lu Feng's clinic is very hidden. Basically, no one will come except acquaintances, and Lu Feng only accepts one patient a day. Unless an appointment is made in advance, Lu Feng will not accept anyone even if they come to the clinic. After Lin Zisheng came to this world, he thinks that Lu Feng's decision regarding the appointment are very good, so he continued the tradition. Hence, Lin Zisheng is feeling very leisurely.

Bai Qing watched Lin Zisheng walk into the room, with a bit of disappointment in her eyes. Young, excellent, and rich. Although his job as a psychiatrist makes her heart feels a little creepy, but he is indeed a very good candidate. It's a pity... But since she is working here now, it is still possible for her to get familiarized with him first. Just when Bai Qing is thinking about it, someone walked up to her. Before she could see who came, she had already spoken, "Hello sir, do you have an appointment?"

"Appointment? I don't know, Mr. Lu asked me to come today." After hearing Bai Qing's words, Wenren Lan frowned. He doesn't know the rules here. Does he need to make an appointment?

"That..." Bai Qing raised her head and is about to say something like ‘it is very regrettable but I can only ask you to leave first’ but found that the person standing in front of her is that young man that she encountered twice. Bai Qing asked, "You, hello, why are you here?"

"Mr. Lu asked me to come over today, can you please help me to ask him?" Although it is not him but Ling who faced this person yesterday, Wenren Lan still has no good feelings for her.

"Please wait a moment, I'll go ask."

At this moment, the door of the room suddenly opened. Lin Zisheng stood at the door and looked at the two people. "In the future, just let him come in directly without an appointment." In order to complete the task, Lin Zisheng needs to have more contact with the male lead. He doesn't want to suddenly hear the news that Bai Qing got dismembered by Wenren Ling.

"But Dr. Lu..." This order made Bai Qing felt difficult, "If someone gets special treatment, other patients will find it unfair."

"I'm not having a competition here that I need to be fair. If they really feel unfair, they don't need to come. I’m not forcing anyone." Lu Feng opened this clinic only because of his own interests, while Lin Zisheng simply needed this status so as not to be too OOC with his character.

"Yes, I understand." Since the boss already said so, what qualifications does a small employee like her have to talk about?

Lin Zisheng glanced at Wenren Lan, then turned his head towards the room to beckon him to follow, and then walked into the room.

"Mr. Lu, can you tell me about the treatment process? I hope I can understand more to facilitate cooperation." Wenren Lan closed the door smoothly, and then sat on the sofa opposite Lin Zisheng, relaxing his body.

"Truth to be told, I didn't want to treat you for that. Although you have a split personality right now, according to my observation, both personalities are very stable and have no tendency to violence." After saying this, Lin Zisheng looked at Wenren Lan and smiled. He said, "Actually, you don't want to cure this little problem yourself too, do you?"

Lin Zisheng can feel that Wenren Lan’s feelings for his alter are very different, it’s like they are brothers. Although they used to be one person, they have now become independent personalities, that is, two people. Trying to cure the disorder would mean either Wenren Lan and Wenren Ling murdering the person closest to him.

"That's right. For us, we are each other's relatives." Wenren Lan is shocked. Anyone who knew that he had a split personality disorder doesn’t know about this truth. In fact, he didn't want the other personality to disappear at all. Only this person in front of him realized, no one else.

"So, what do you need me to do for you?" Lin Zisheng sat there casually, with a gentle attitude and being very relaxed, as if he was facing a friend, not a patient who might be mentally abnormal.

Wenren Lan felt very comfortable with Lin Zisheng's attitude because, in Lin Zisheng’s eyes, he is a normal person, not a patient with possible mental disorders, let alone a crazy person.

"My request may be too much, but I hope you can think about it," Wenren Lan paused, then said to Lin Zisheng in a sincere tone, "I hope you can help me adjust and let other people know that my symptoms have been properly handled. Although my disorder will reoccur, there is no frequent personality change any more."

"I’m fine with it," Lin Zisheng nodded. In fact, he can feel it. Although Wenren Ling is a bit dangerous, the alter still tries to imitate the main personality in front of people, so he should be able to guarantee that he will not be discovered. "In the future, if you have any questions, you can come to me at any time, you don’t need to make an appointment like others."

"Okay, thank you." Wenren Lan felt very happy to get this permission. In his and Ling's hearts, this person is special. Now that this person behaves like this, can they also expect that they are special in this person's heart?

And so, Wenren Lan can be seen appearing in Lin Zisheng's clinic every day. Other patients who come to their therapy will feel very uncomfortable at the beginning, but fortunately, he never enters the treatment room with them, so everyone does not have any negative feelings. As for later… everyone gets used to it. Sometimes, they even teased Dr. Lu before the treatment, asking if the young man outside is his suitor, and every time Lin Zisheng heard it, he don’t know if he should laugh or cry.

During this period, Lin Zisheng also discovered that Wenren Lan paid too much attention to him. No, not only Wenren Lan, but also Wenren Ling, but because they both didn’t have any special expressions, Lin Zisheng couldn’t say more. He can only accompany the ‘two people’ to dinner every day. Yes, two. Wenren Ling and Wenren Lan seem to have come to an agreement. If the person who had dinner with him today is Wenren Lan, then tomorrow will definitely become Wenren Ling. This alternate appearance makes Lin Zisheng a little bit dumbfounded.

"Where do you want to go for dinner today?" Lin Zisheng heard the other person's voice after opening the door of the passenger seat. In an instant, he understood who this person is.

Needless to say, it must be Wenren Ling. As 001 said, since he took Wenren Ling home from that alley, he seems to have really tamed the alter personality. This wild person will be very well-behaved whenever he appeared in front of him. Lin Zisheng could imagine if Wenren Ling had a tail, this person would wag his tail rapidly every time he saw him.

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