Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 3- Name (Part 2)

Chapter 3- Name

In the dark and windy night, between the green bricks and gray tiles, several eerie figures quickly shuttled through and stopped at the roof of a mansion in the West City.

“Boss, what are we going to do?”

The cat asked the big black cat who was in a hurry in front of him.

“Shut up!”

The black cat gave him a slap and quickly leaped onto the roof, arriving before that high and mighty kitten, and sniffed the tip of his tail to show submission.

The golden kitten flicked its tail, “Old Hei, how have you been?”

“Well thanks to your blessing.”

The big black car bowed his head, and his younger brothers didn’t know why but they also followed their boss and lowered their heads.

“The day before yesterday, you were almost bitten to death by Wang Cai of the East City…”

On the other side, the civet cat that came with a group of younger brothers also spoke coldly.

“It’s none of your business!”

The big black cat was suddenly displeased, showed his teeth and made a threatening “Hiss” sound, and the civet cat was not to be outdone and raised the fur on the back of its neck preparing to fight.


The kitten shook his tail with a headache, hanging out with these wild cats who had yet to open their minds really couldn’t set off his brilliance, but what could be done about it?

As a cat, at the present, he could only use this “miscellaneous army”.

Having the civet cat find the yard of Yu Laosi, his Majesty the cat was in a bad mood decided to teach the mortal that dared to kick him a lesson.

Su Yu bought fish early because there was not enough seawater at home to store marine fish, and if they were left overnight they might die.

As an experienced fishmonger, Yu Laosi wouldn’t get up early in the morning to catch the morning market like Su Yu, but he would buy fish caught during the day at dusk, and he had several large tanks at home to store those fishes.

The water tanks made of rough pottery were very thick, although a three-foot-tall water tank wasn’t too high for a cat, the water inside was deep enough that a group of wild cats circled around the fish tank a few times, but couldn’t get in.

The impatient ones had already jumped onto the water tank and slapped the emerging fish with their paws.

The big black cat let out a low whine, and all the cats suddenly quieted down, turning their heads in unison to look at the golden kitten who claimed he would take them to a feast.

They saw that little one squatting on a bench, with amber eyes calmly watching them toss and turn.

When they finally had enough, he then got up with pleasure and went to the side of the water tank with his tail in the air swaying rhythmically and gently.

The tip of the golden-yellow tail had a pinch of white fluff, and there was a faint halo that emerged during the swaying.

Then, the tail swung towards the water tank like a steel whip, and the two-finger thick water tank suddenly had a fist-sized gap where the salty sea water surged out.

Needless to say what the cat's reaction was when they smelled the fishy scent, he believed that the expression of Yu Laosi on the next day would be very wonderful.


Su Yu came out of his mother’s courtyard and couldn’t help sighing.

The situation at home was too complicated, he was a son of a concubine, and it was difficult to inherit the title smoothly.

The identity of his uncle was not much stronger than his, it was just that his aunt’s family had some relations with the emperor’s uncle, so he had more connections than him.

The Furen, Zhao Shi, wasn’t a vegetarian either, because of her poor health recently, she had no strength to fight with them, but once her body gets better the family would be noisy again.

To tell the truth, as a modern man, he doesn’t care much about the title, as long as he had money he could live a comfortable life.

As a noble, he would still live a miserable life without any income.

Not wanting to participate in any house fights, Su Yu just wants to sell his seafood well. His current goal was to save enough money to rent a shop so he could open a small restaurant.

He went back to his courtyard and searched around but couldn’t find the kitten, then he remembered that he had forgotten the kitten in the kitchen so he hurried back to look for it.

The plate containing the seafood noodles was still on the ground, and the few clam shells were left alone.

After he searched the whole kitchen he still couldn’t find the little fur ball, and Su Yu couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

That kitten was the most spiritual cat he had ever seen.

Su Yu thought that he could become good friends with him and live together, but who would have thought that he would leave without even saying goodbye…

Lying on the cold bed, Su Yu suddenly felt a little sad.

Living in this different time and space, he always felt that he had no sense of belonging, because he thought that he might one day go back, he didn’t dare to communicate too much with the people around him , for fear of leaving behind any ties.

And after finding that kitten, he for the first time gave birth to the intention of living a serious life, but it disappeared without a sound.


In the dark alley, the street lights were dim, and Su Yu had just finished feeding the wild cats when he suddenly heard a loud noise, it seemed that several hooligans were fighting.

Not wanting to get involved, Su Yu planned to leave quickly, when suddenly a beer bottle flew over and his head hurt.

“My mother is about to become a general’s wife, we must sell this donkey in exchange for a carriage…”

“Give it back, give it back to me…”

He didn’t know who was arguing, the sky was spinning around him, and with a ‘Dong’ sound, he slammed on the hard steps.

Su Yu opened his eyes and found himself in an ancient room with the same face and name, but everything else had become different.


Su Yu felt breathless and struggled to open his eyes.

What he saw in the dimly lit bedroom was the top of the old wooden bed, and his chest felt very stuffy.

When he looked down he saw a small golden hairball nestling in his chest sleeping warmly. His yellow fur shone a glamorous gold in the early morning light.

“Little villain.”

Su Yu stretched out his hand and poked at the warm fur ball.

That little guy was sleeping on his chest, no wonder he felt a ghost pressing the bed.

The kitten seemed to be very alert, and immediately woke up when he touched him.

He stared at him dissatisfied, got up and stepped on his chest to find a comfortable position, laid down again, and looked straight at Su Yu with both eyes, as if warning him to not move, if he affected the cat’s sleep, he will die very ugly way.

Su Yu couldn’t help curling his lips, and put his hand behind his head to look at it:

“You came back, does this mean you agree to stay with me? Then I’ll give you a name.”

The kitten gave him a contemptuous look, if not compeled, who would want to live with you, you stupid slave.

“Let’s call you Sauce.”

Su Yu said with a smile, a cat who likes to eat sauce so much must be commemorated.

“Hmph, if you want to know my name, just say it.”

The kitten stood up, looked at him sideways, then squatted down and pressed Su Yu’s chin with a meat pad like he was giving charity.

“Remember, my name is An Hongche!”

However, this mighty and domineering announcement was just a string of “meow meow meow” in Su Yu’s ears, so he patted the cat’s head:

“Since you like it so much, then it’s a happy agreement, Sauce!”


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