I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 30 (Part 1)


Fu Yangxi’s sudden use of such greasy English instantly pulled Mingxi back from the illusion.

He Yang couldn't help but roll her eyes. She said to Ke Chengwen, “Do all of you from the International Class act like him?”

Ke Chengwen took advantage of Fu Yangxi's lack of time to berate him and covered his mouth to whisper to He Yang, “To be honest, I am the most normal one, and I am also the handsomest guy in class.”

He Yang: “...”

Forget it, she shouldn’t have had any expectations.

None of them are normal.

Mingxi returned from the state of falling into a dream. She got out of the car and couldn't help but to hold her breath.

She looked at all the familiar but also slightly unfamiliar things in front of her. Her adrenal hormones secreted very quickly, and her heart thumped loudly.

She looked at everyone and couldn't help but to ask, “How did we get here?”

Ke Chengwen said, “There’s no runway in your town, so the plane drove to the city center first, and then Xi ge booked two cars. We drove on the mud road for four hours before we got here."

Mingxi looked at Fu Yangxi.

It was difficult for her to describe how she felt at this moment. It was as if someone brought charcoal and lit up a pit of fire during the coldest time and gathered clothes for her, telling her that everything went well.


There was something stirring in her throat. Mingxi wanted to say something, but she felt  that saying thank you at this time was too strange.

Fu Yangxi, with a sharp and sloppy breath of vitality, was so pompous and enthusiastic that he could be picked out from the crowd at one glance.

Mingxi used to approach him purely for luck, but now he was a very important person for Mingxi, even if he didn’t have any luck.

Very important. Mingxi quietly made this decision in her heart.

Due to Zhao Mingxi’s stare, Fu Yangxi's face became hot all of a sudden.

“Well, there is nothing difficult in the world so long as you are rich.” Fu Yangxi tried his best to calm down. He stroked his hair backwards with one hand. Then, triumphantly, he put on a cool expression saying ‘this was just a piece of cake. I'm just doing it out of convenience so you don't have to be too touched’.

He took Zhao Mingxi's school bag out of the car with one hand.

As soon as he was done being proud, Ke Chengwen suddenly complained, “By the way, Xi ge, you are really good at making last minute decisions. Any day would have been fine, but you just had to come over here in the middle of the night last night! It was just after a downpour, so there is mud everywhere. I almost fell apart. And Zhao Mingxi, how heavy are you? Xi ge said that you were too heavy and we couldn’t even move you. We had to—”

Fu Yangxi's ears became red all of a sudden. He interrupted him roughly, “You sure do talk a lot, don't you? Would you like to sign up for the one-million-words per hour contest?”

Ke Chengwen: “...”

He Yang asked in surprise, “Is there really such a contest?”

Mingxi couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, alright, everyone get in. The wind is so strong here.” Fu Yangxi urged as he glanced at Zhao Mingxi's earlobe which had gone white due to the cold.

Mingxi nodded and took a deep breath. She mentally prepared herself to walk towards the dilapidated courtyard deep in the alley.

As for Fu Yangxi, he went around and said a few words to the two drivers.

There was the sound of the engine starting, and the two drivers quickly drove their old cars away from the bumpy road.

Jiang Xiuqiu fell behind. He rubbed his palms together. He wanted nothing but to pull his sweater collar over his head right now as he trembled with the cold. He walked to Fu Yangxi and asked with a cold breath, “So when will they come over and pick us up?”

“Tomorrow morning at seven o’clock.”

Jiang Xiuqiu said in a low voice, “Then doesn’t it mean that we have to spend the night here?”

Fu Yangxi glanced at Zhao Mingxi who was walking in front and said casually, “It’s rare for my Little Mask to come here, and besides—” Fu Yangxi glanced left and right before saying in a low voice, “I checked, the green leather train that can bring us back only operates once every day at seven o'clock in the morning.”

“Wait.” Jiang Xiuqiu's sleepy eyelids suddenly twitched, “Don't tell me we have to take a train when we go back. Where’s the private plane which we used when we came?!”

“My grandfather was notified as soon as we got off the plane.” Fu Yangxi took out his phone and glanced at it. “30— Now 52 missed calls. I didn't answer them, so he cancelled my permission— What are you doing? Jiang Xiuqiu, what’s with that look? Have you been poisoned?”

“You're playing with death,” Jiang Xiuqiu said. “He’ll teach you a lesson the moment you get home.”

“That's my business.” Fu Yangxi didn't take it seriously. In fact, he continued in a justified manner. “Look at the beautiful scenery here. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have had the chance to come out and see the great rivers and mountains of our motherland!”

Jiang Xiuqiu glanced at the poor countryside around him: “...”

Then I really have to thank you, Young Master.

Mingxi walked into the yard.

The familiar small tea table made out of bamboo in the yard was gone. It was left in the corner under the eaves. No one had moved it for a long time, leaving a layer of dust.

The window paper she had pasted on the glass window was peeled off as well, leaving only a mark.

The gardenias were gone too, and the earth was covered with rough and crude marble bricks.

The earth-red courtyard wall has also been rebuilt.

To be precise, this area was not owned by Mingxi and her grandmother, but by Aunt Li's family who lived next door. It used to be rented out. After her grandmother passed away, Aunt Li renovated the small yard.

Everything remained the same, but the people have changed.

Nonetheless, Mingxi's mood was completely different from that of her previous life.

After her grandmother passed away in her previous life, she always came back alone. Not to mention how desperate she was when she came back after knowing she had terminal illness.

As she walked through the crowd, she felt that she did not belong anywhere.

But this time, perhaps it was because of the sound of a group of friends mucking around, the courtyard became lively.

Mingxi's mood also became bright and cheerful, full of hope for the future.

Fu Yangxi walked over with her schoolbag. He had one hand in his pocket, and the other handing her Yunnan Baiyao’s steam eye mask. He looked around, trying his best not to look at her and pretended to be nonchalant about it. “Put it on, your eyes are swollen.”

Mingxi unpacked the disposable eye mask and found that it was a steam eye mask with a hollow-out design, and the eyes could be exposed.

After she put it on, Fu Yangxi glanced at her.

Zhao Mingxi had fair skin, jet-black eyes, long black eyelashes, and the whites of her eyes were red like a rabbit’s.

After putting it on, the two pointed tips on the corners of the blindfold were lifted up, making her look even more like a dazed rabbit.

Fu Yangxi almost could not maintain his cold expression.

“Is it funny?” Mingxi pressed the hot part around her eyes with her hand in order to warm her hands as well. She asked, “Where did you get it from?”

Fu Yangxi took out a similar pack. “I just got it on the way.”

Jiang Xiuqiu who was standing at a corner in the cold: ...

Who was the one who asked the driver to park the car for almost half a day at the passenger terminal?

As Fu Yangxi was carrying her school bag in one hand, he spent a long time struggling to open the packaging with one hand.

Mingxi reached out her hand and opened it for him. Then, she went on her tiptoes and put it on him. “Don't move.”

Fu Yangxi held his breath suddenly.

The air was chilly, and Zhao Mingxi's pale face became even whiter due to the cold.

In just the span of one night, her face seemed to have gotten a little smaller. Most of her face was covered by the eye mask, with only light pink lips and a white chin exposed.

She leaned in.

Fu Yangxi swallowed, feeling his blood rush to his scalp.

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