I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 30 (Part 2)

Ke Chengwen jumped to them like a monkey and yelled, “It's not fair. I didn't sleep well either. Jiang Xiuqiu took the back seat for himself, causing my legs to go numb and my dark circles to come out. Why do I have no part in this?!”

The atmosphere was instantly destroyed.

“Aren't your f*cking eye circles usually dark?!” Fu Yangxi pushed his head away angrily. “There’s none left. I only bought two.”

Ke Chengwen: “...”

Mingxi received so much help from them last night. She felt that she had developed a revolutionary friendship with them.

She shyly took off the eye mask from her face and said, “Why don't I give mine to you? I've slept enough, and my eyes don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Ke Chengwen was just about to happily accept it.

Fu Yangxi slapped his hand away.

With a long face, Fu Yangxi took out another three from the bag. “Here.”

Ke Chengwen: “???”

Mingxi asked, “Didn’t you say that there’s only two?”

Fu Yangxi's face didn't flush, his heart didn’t skip a beat nor did he blink. “I forgot that there was another box.”


All five of them put on the eye mask, causing them to look like Jiang Yang thieves who broke in and robbed people. It shocked Aunt Li who was on her way to wash the vegetables with a porcelain basin.

Mingxi quickly took off her eye mask and walked over. “Aunt Li, it's me. I’ve come back for a quick visit.”

“It's Mingxi?!” Aunt Li recognized Mingxi and immediately put down the porcelain basin. She came over and pulled her closer to look at her carefully. Then, she said with a heavy emotion, “Mingxi has become prettier.”

Aunt Li was very enthusiastic. She coaxed the five of them to stay for dinner. She set the brazier on fire, allowing them to surround it and warm their hands. After she was done with her work, she dragged Mingxi aside to talk for a long time.

Mingxi stayed in her old room for a long time, picking up the things that she did not have the time to take with her previously one by one.

For lunch, they ate a big pot of rice from Aunt Li’s house. Although it was steaming hot, the rice was hard and the taste of the dishes was average.

But Fu Yangxi and Jiang Xiuqiu did not say anything. Ke Chengwen and He Yang also actively helped Aunt Li wash the dishes.

In the blink of an eye, evening had arrived.

Mingxi planned to pay respects to her grandmother. Except for Jiang Xiuqiu, who was extremely cold and inseparable from the brazier, the other three went with her.

They bought lighters and colorful paper money from a store in town, stuffed them in a red plastic bag, and walked up the mountain through the muddy terrain.

There were many graves on the mountain. This kind of small town was not as particular as how people would be in a big city, as seen from how the graves were scattered everywhere.

Mingxi’s grandmother’s grave was in a remote corner on a relatively sloping hill. As it was currently raining and the ground was slippery, one could easily fall with a slip of the foot.

After they paid their respects which lasted only 10 minutes, Ke Chengwen and He Yang had each slipped at least once.

Thus, Mingxi said to He Yang, “The three of you should head back first.”

He Yang looked at the muddy water on her body. They had no choice but to go back, else the muddy water would soak into their clothes and it would be immensely uncomfortable.

Besides, they were done paying their respects, and outsiders like them ought not prolong their stay, so they said, “Then we’ll head back first. You should be careful not to fall as well.”

“Alright.” Mingxi nodded.

Fu Yangxi pretended not to hear her. He said, “I didn't fall. I'll wait for you.”

The mountain was remote and secluded. It simply wasn’t a place suited for a girl on her own. Thus, Ke Chengwen said, “Then, Xi ge, stay with Zhao Mingxi for a while. He Yang and I will go down first.”

The moment the two of them left, the mountain instantly fell quiet.

Mingxi burned the paper money silently.

Fu Yangxi stood aside and looked down at her. He scratched the back of his head, distraught as he did not know how to comfort her. In fact, he almost wanted to call Ke Chengwen back.

Mingxi was the first to look up at him. She smiled. “There’s no need for you to comfort me. I'm not sad. Are we going back to school tomorrow?”

“Yeah—” Fu Yangxi let out a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to talk about going back with the train, both of them heard the continuous sound of a dog barking.

It’s barks were too intimidating, as if it was going to rush over at any time.

Mingxi was taken aback. She quickly put down the paper money and stood up. “Since when was there a dog on this mountain?!”

She grabbed Fu Yangxi's wrist and was about to drag him away.

Mingxi didn’t know if it was her misperception, but Fu Yangxi was staring at the Tibetan mastiff. His body was extremely stiff, and the palm of his hand which was held by Mingxi was full of sweat.

It was the first time Mingxi saw him like this. There was no expression on his face. In fact, it was mixed with a little coldness.

He stubbornly bit his lower lip.

"Fu Yangxi!" Mingxi yelled. She was shocked by his behaviour.

Fu Yangxi reluctantly withdrew from that state and his Adam's apple bobbed. After he realized what was going on, he said, "Oh no" before he quickly pulled Mingxi around and ran.

Due to their one moment of hesitation, a tall Tibetan mastiff rushed towards them with a toothy grin.

The dog had a strong spine and its eyes were black.

In an instant, the sharp fangs in its mouth got closer to them, and the pungent heat overwhelmed their senses.

Fu Yangxi stood in front of Zhao Mingxi.

The two slipped on their feet and suddenly lost their footing. They stepped on the slippery soil and fell to the bottom of the hillside.

As the soil was soft, they were not injured.

However, they could see that the dog was about to rush down again.


The dog barked and bared its teeth fiercely at them. Soon a local farmer came over and stretched out a hand at them apologetically. “I'm sorry. The two of you, quick, I'll pull you up.”

Fu Yangxi helped Mingxi up. “Are you hurt?”

Mingxi shook her head. “No.”

Fu Yangxi pulled a long face. He was furious at the middle-aged man who was holding the dog. “Don’t bother about us. Just tie your dog up and pull it away!”

When Fu Yangxi and Mingxi returned, there was more muddy water on their bodies than He Yang and Ke Chengwen that they practically became clay figures.

Aunt Li was taken aback. She quickly asked them to take a bath.

As Mingxi was more familiar with the facilities here, she washed up quickly. After she was done, she changed into the clothes Aunt Li gave her and came out.

Fu Yangxi was comparatively slower.

“You guys met a giant dog?” Jiang Xiuqiu walked over and asked.

“Yes.” Mingxi thought of Fu Yangxi's reaction in the afternoon and felt that something was wrong. She asked out of worry, “Does Fu Yangxi have some kind of phobia against dogs?”

His reaction today was very abnormal. Even when he came back to take a bath, he remained silent. There was a huge difference as compared to his usual arrogant self.

“It's not a big deal, it's just—”

Just as Jiang Xiuqiu was about to speak, he was interrupted by Fu Yangxi who came out of the shower. “F*ck, you got caught. Don't speak ill of me behind my back!”

Fu Yangxi's short red hair was dripping wet and his hair was not quite dry. He hurriedly pulled Zhao Mingxi behind him, away from Jiang Xiuqiu.

He returned to his usual cocky personality and looked at Zhao Mingxi in a displeased manner. “Little Mask, enough. You said that you only recognize me as the boss, yet you still talk bad about me with other people!”

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